17 Mar 2014

A4A : Did You Know?

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Hey guys, I hope you had a great weekend!

Some of you probably don’t know, but not only Adam4Adam has an iOS app (iPhone, iPad) and Android app, but we also have the Mobile version of our website!

Adam4Adam Mobile offers all the options our desktop version offers AND your sexy photos are not censored.

As you know Apple and Android market dont authorize nudity AT ALL! Not even underwear or pubic hair or anything sexual.

That’s why our customer support who authorizes your photos has to be very punctilious! If a sexy photo is reported to Apple or Android market, our App could be forbidden for download.

All that to say that if you want to see all the xxx hot pictures from all members, you can use Adam4Adam Mobile at m.adam4adam.com using your web browser on your phone. You can even create an icon for it by clicking the arrow in the middle of your iPhone screen when you are on m.adam4adam.com and then click “Add To Home Screen”  so you can quickly access the website. (See below for pictures)

-To download the iOS App, click here using your phone!

-To dowload the Android App, click here using your phone!

-To access Adam4Adam Mobile, Click here using your phone! (m.adam4adam.com)

Happy male hunting!


1 May 2013

A4A : Amazing Updated App Available on iTunes

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Attention all iPhone, iPad, and iPod users! We are pleased to announce a significant update to our Native App, now available on iTunes.

This new redesigned version includes a much smoother interface, vertical scrolling and other various bug fixes and it is much more fast!

Get the update now! (Android update coming soon)

For those of you who are still wondering why our app doesn’t show XXX photos, it is simply because Apple doesn’t authorize nudity.

If you wish to view all the photos, even the X rated ones, feel free to use our mobile app by typing m.adam4adam.com in Safari!


5 Apr 2013

Health : Vaccines Produce Homosexuality?

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One of our members sent me an article in which an Italian scientist, Gian Paolo Vanoli, is arguing that vaccinations produce homosexuality. Vanoli told the  Vice Italy’s Matteo Lenardon about this and in an interview with Huffington post they claim that :

29 Aug 2011

Sex Toys : The Joy Ride Fucking Machine

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Words can’t quite describe how crazy awesome the Joy Ride Fucking Machine is, but we’re going to try. So, as you can see, this is a dual cocked sex scooter, and that would have been cool on its own, but there’s so much that goes into this machine.

The front dildo thrusts up and down at speeds up to 350 strokes per minute, and you control the speed by twisting the handle bar, just like on a motorcycle. You can even change the angle of penetration a little bit by pulling up on the hand bars. There are all kinds of controls on the handle bars. If you’re ready for it, you can hit a button and the dildo will thrust up into you and ejaculate whatever liquid you filled it with. So it will fuck you as fast as you want it and then come in your ass.

5 Jul 2011

A4A: RADAR is now available on Itunes!

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Yep, there is an app for everything, even Adam4Adam!

If you are one of the many iPhone, iPad, and iPod owners you can now download the Adam4Adam app from the Apple Store, and the best news is that, as with all Adam4Adam products, RADAR is 100% free!

Adam4Adam RADAR is a location-based app, using GPS technology to help you find other Adam4Adam members that are near you! With RADAR you can search for guys down the street, or from across the world.

Access your email, browse members in your area, or do a detailed search by location and find exactly who you want! RADAR brings the best of Adam4Adam to your mobile device.

Because all RADAR apps and the mobile site (m.adam4adam.com) are extensions of the website, millions of Adam4Adam members are available to you wherever you are and no matter how they connect.

Don’t have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod? Want to view adult images?

The web-based version of our RADAR app provides you with the same location-based version of Adam4Adam as the downloadable app, but you can view the adult images. The web-based RADAR application is available through all mobile phones with internet access. Just point your mobile phone’s web browser to RADAR.Adam4Adam.com to access the web-based app, use the apps geolocation features, AND view adult images. Have questions about our mobile site and applications? Read more here.

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