22 Feb 2016

Speak Out : Would You Wear Butt Enhancing Underwear?

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Dear Dave,

I was browsing through the selections Freshpair when I came across an interesting item for purchase, butt enhancing underwear.

Now, I knew that this kind of item existed. Remember the scene in “Another Gay Movie” when Griff does his dance at the bar/club only to have his butt padding deflate in front of everyone? Not to mention that pop culture– the gay porn industry especially– has driven many men to go to any means necessary to obtain the perfect posterior.

So, with all that in mind I would like to ask the A4A community a couple of questions:

10 Nov 2015

A4A : Your Suggestions To Create The Best App!

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Hey guys, we are in the process of completely redesigning our iOS and Android apps and we want YOU to tell us what YOU want! In the comment section below, leave your suggestions, your comments, what you would like us to add and remove in terms of functions, features and design. We would also like to know if you would like us to create a new functionality to help you find what YOU need.

Remember when geo localisation was brand new? Well now, we want you to tell us what’s next. Let’s innovate and find ideas to create the best app so that you can meet the guys you want to meet. It is your turn to create something, a new function, the floor is yours. Shoot your ideas! Ready, set, go!



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6 Oct 2015

A4A : Radar Android App Is Backkkkk!!!

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Do you know a hookup App that has 9 million members? On which you can start a conversation on your mobile, continue in the subway on your tablet and carry on the conversation on your desktop when you get home? On which you can see as many members as you want on the grid? Browse quickly by swiping left to right between profiles for free? In which you can get up to 6 photos in your profile for free? Unlock full size photo album for free? Search by ethnicity, age, dick size, sexual role and many more for free? See EVERYONE who visited your profile for free? Delete your trace if you wish to remain anonymous after visiting a profile, for free…. And I could continue on and on and on…

Many of our users will be happy to learn that our Android App is back on Google Play after a small hiatus! We had a little problem with the previous App and now, we are back, stronger than ever! Simply download it by clicking here.

IOS users (iPhone/iPad), you can download or update your App by clicking here!



3 Dec 2014

A4A : Our Android App Is Back!!!

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Attention all Android users! We are pleased to announce a significant update to our Android App, now available on Google Play.

We spent a lot of time listening to your concerns about our Android app. We’ve spent time rewriting the app from the ground up. You’ll find it way faster than before and you’ll also notice that it’s more stable and everything works!

If you like the app or have a suggestions, help us out by posting your comments in the review section at the bottom of the A4A Goggle Play page and we’ll do our best to implement them.

17 Mar 2014

A4A : Did You Know?

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Hey guys, I hope you had a great weekend!

Some of you probably don’t know, but not only Adam4Adam has an iOS app (iPhone, iPad) and Android app, but we also have the Mobile version of our website!

Adam4Adam Mobile offers all the options our desktop version offers AND your sexy photos are not censored.

As you know Apple and Android market dont authorize nudity AT ALL! Not even underwear or pubic hair or anything sexual.

That’s why our customer support who authorizes your photos has to be very punctilious! If a sexy photo is reported to Apple or Android market, our App could be forbidden for download.

All that to say that if you want to see all the xxx hot pictures from all members, you can use Adam4Adam Mobile at m.adam4adam.com using your web browser on your phone. You can even create an icon for it by clicking the arrow in the middle of your iPhone screen when you are on m.adam4adam.com and then click “Add To Home Screen”  so you can quickly access the website. (See below for pictures)

-To download the iOS App, click here using your phone!

-To dowload the Android App, click here using your phone!

-To access Adam4Adam Mobile, Click here using your phone! (m.adam4adam.com)

Happy male hunting!