1 Sep 2015

Travel : Provincetown For Labor Day Weekend?

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Hi Guys, I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far. I will be in Provincetown this weekend and I was wondering if some of you might be around? It would be nice to go for a coffee or a drink or if we are a big group, we could all go for dinner. Nothing sexual don’t worry, it is not my thing to do an orgy anyways, but simply a get together and talk over good drinks and food!

Who’s in? Let me know in advance below in the comment section and if we are a large enough group, I’ll do the reservation. Please make sure to mention your username so that I can reach out to you on A4A to confirm everything!

Have you ever been to Ptown before? Do you live there?

Have a great day!

16 Aug 2015

Travel : Happy Pride Montreal!!!

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Hi guys, I hope you are all having an amazing weekend! You all know that A4A is located in Montreal and this week was Pride in Montreal. Today is the last day, the Parade and the famous T-Dance at Park Emilie Gamelin. If you are in town, let me know, I will make sure to dance with you and celebrate!

Now, I have to get ready for the T-Dance, I need to find myself something to wear! #GayBoyProblem

Happy pride Montreal!


16 Jun 2015

Travel : Summer Vacations?

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Hey guys, today I want to ask you all if you’ll be taking a vacation this summer?! If yes, will you stay in your city or going to travel? Let other members know where and what you are planning on visiting while away and maybe write your username at the end of your comment so that other guys can contact you and maybe get together for a drink …or more!

I am going in NYC Friday until Tuesday night, if anyone is around let me know! I’ll still be posting daily on the blog though, but feel free to send me blog articles that you want me to publish. (blog at adam4adam dot com)

7 Nov 2014

Travel : Beautiful Chicago By Eric Hines

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This timelapse video of Chicago took photographer Eric Hines 2 years to film. It captures the city in a unique way from new perspectives. The sequences in this video were all shot with a Canon 5D Mark III and the music is “Signaling Through the Flames” by ‘The American Dollar’.

I have to admit that this video really makes me want to visit Chicago. I’ve never been but many friends told me it is a beautiful and fun city. It looks beautiful for sure!

Have you guys ever been? Are you from there? Chicago is one of the cities where we have the most members. So shout out to everyone in Chicago!


15 Aug 2014

Travel : Montreal Pride 2014

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After a record-breaking year in 2013, Montréal Pride is back for a 8th fabulous edition. The 2014 program has something for everyone with free shows and activities at Place Émilie-Gamelin, conferences, cultural activities and lots of great parties.

Community Day will be held on this Saturday, along Sainte-Catherine Street in the Village and the ever-popular Pride Parade will be held on Sunday, on René-Lévesque street. Will then follow the Mega T-Dance in Emilie Gamelin Park from 2PM to 11PM with the best DJs. Of course there are many parties this weekend, check out their website!

Who’s in MY city?

(For more info click here !)