11 Dec 2014

Watch This : Shake That Assssssss

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Julian Serrano posted a video of himself dancing on his favorite song “Booty” by J-Lo and Iggy Azalea. It is becoming viral on gay blogs and social media all across the web. Do you like his rendition? He is definitely jiggling his jelly out there! I think that the girls in the video should have been boys though!

Check out the video and let me know your thoughts!

14 Nov 2014

Music : Taylor Swift And Greg James Lip-syncing

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I love Taylor Swift’s new album “1989”. The sound is so 80s yet very modern and the arrangements are so nicely done. Who bought the album? Her sound on this album is not pop country anymore, it is pop pop!

Since this morning there is a video that’s going viral of the pop star lipsyning on her latest single “Blank Space” with BBC Radio 1 DJ Greg James, in a car. It is very funny and you can see her having fun and laughing…seems like they had a blast recording this.

Check it out under the jump!


7 Nov 2014

Travel : Beautiful Chicago By Eric Hines

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This timelapse video of Chicago took photographer Eric Hines 2 years to film. It captures the city in a unique way from new perspectives. The sequences in this video were all shot with a Canon 5D Mark III and the music is “Signaling Through the Flames” by ‘The American Dollar’.

I have to admit that this video really makes me want to visit Chicago. I’ve never been but many friends told me it is a beautiful and fun city. It looks beautiful for sure!

Have you guys ever been? Are you from there? Chicago is one of the cities where we have the most members. So shout out to everyone in Chicago!


30 Sep 2014

Watch This : Naked Boys To Raise Money

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Above is the trailer for the calendar and making of film Ripped and Stripped.

What you get to see in the 2 minute trailer video is a glimpse of the day photographer Nick Baker spent with hot ripped amateur models. In the full length 60 minute film, you will get to see what they can’t show us in the trailer and it is why the film is classified by the BBFC as 18+.

Seems like they had a great time in Dorset making this 2015 calendar. You’ll get to see the photos being taken, the lads playing around with each others rather than posing for the pictures.

Pre order this 60 minute video and it will be available to download tomorrow.  The calendars are being dispatched already. They are also donating 20% of the price of the items you buy among three charities:

14 Sep 2014

Watch This : Anaconda Cock…

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Guys, I’m in NYC all weekend so I’m just posting a little video for you today. It’s a fitness dude who is showing his Youtube followers how to do an ab exercise….The thing is that…. he is packing a huge anaconda in his pants and it is very ….but very distracting.

I bet you would workout more if he was your trainer!

Check him out below!

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