2 Dec 2015

A4A : Thanks To Everyone Who Donated, We Raised…

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Hi guy!

Two days ago I had the idea that A4A should donate an amount to help people living with HIV/AIDS in honour of World Aids Day. Yes I know, I was very last minute! I talked about it to A4A owner and he suggested something else. He said that we could offer 100% of the VIP sales on December 1st! So I took my pen, designed the mailer that you received yesterday in your A4A mailbox, asked our graphic designer to create it along with few images for a social media campaign. I was determined to raise the more possible!

Well you guys didn’t deceived! With your help, we raised in 24 hours, an astonishing $3,430! Today, we are very proud to donate that amount to The Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation who helps people living with HIV/AIDS. We selected this foundation because 100% of the money goes towards helping people living with HIV/AIDS as Ms. Taylor’s trust pays for all the operation costs.

Once again, thanks very much to everyone who donated yesterday!


1 Dec 2015

Health : How Can We Help On World Aids Day?

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Today is WORLD AIDS DAY, It has been 34 years since the first reported cases of HIV/AIDS in 1981. The intention of the day is to raise awareness, increase donations for HIV/AIDS related causes and to simply remind people that HIV/AIDS has not gone away.

How can you concretely help? It’s simple. At midnight (technically Tuesday morning) until 11:59 Tuesday night, when you become a VIP member on A4A, 100% of the SALES will be donated to the Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation. We selected this foundation because its operating costs are paid by Ms. Taylor’s Trust; therefore, 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to helping people affected by HIV/AIDS.

So click here and simply select your plan: VIP at $10 or $25 or VIP+ProAD at $30 or 75$ and the full amount will be donated. Not only you’ll help people living with HIV/AIDS but you’ll get a VIP membership at A4A, giving you access to nice features, more photos in your profile, ads free mobile, priority support and more!

I’ll let you know tomorrow how much you guys donated! Surprise me! I’d love if we could send few thousands, that would be amazing!!!

Thanks guys!


17 Nov 2015


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Charlie Sheen sat down with Matt Lauer on NBC’s Today Show to reveal his HIV-positive status. The interview had been billed as a “revealing personal announcement,” and sites like the Daily Mail and TMZ were reporting that it would be about his HIV status.

Last week, several news outlets began running salacious headlines about a Hollywood A-lister who has been trying to keep his HIV status a secret for years. Several prominent HIV-activists have criticized the reporting as fear-mongering and stigma-fueled rhetoric that is often become standard for mainstream HIV reporting.

I watched the Interview and have to admit that I liked it. Matt’s questions were on point, they even invited Charlie’s doctor to talk about transmission and the virus itself. Even though Charlie was obviously stressed about revealing his status, I feel that it was done properly. This interview will certainly educate people on how transmission is done and it’s a good thing they decided to invite his doctor to talk about it. I hope that it will also warn people on dangers to mix unprotected sex and drugs.

Watch a part of the interview below and let me know your thoughts!


15 Nov 2015

News : Paris, Beirut, Baghdad, Humanity…

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I put up a Paris selfie yesterday with a simple message of sending love to those in Paris and Beirut. I later removed it because of all the judgmental posts regarding slacktivism, the ignorance of Facebook not recognizing other tragedies and the media selectively covering Paris. Then I’ve thought about it a little more. What’s not being told is just as telling as what is. There are constant wedges trying to divide and segregate us from one another. But why? Governments only addressing France, Facebook only offering the France flag overlay and the media focusing on Paris are all statements that divide us. I also can’t help but observe how these messages align with and feed the industry of war.

We are all disturbed by the news from ‪‎Paris‬. I understand Paris is a beloved and familiar space for a lot of people, but it troubled me that ‪Beirut‬, had received so little attention after the horrific bombings two days earlier. It also troubled me that ‪Baghdad‬ received even less attention after the senseless bombing that took place there last week. Worst of all, I found the understanding of the refugee crisis skewed and simplistic. If you’ve been following the journeys of the people leaving their homes around the world right now, perhaps you’ll understand why the words ‪#‎SyrianRefugeeCrisis‬ are just as devastating as ‪#‎PrayForParis‬. It’s time to pray for humanity. It is time to make all places beloved. It’s time to pray for the world.

It’s too easy to hate. Its too easy to point the finger. It’s time to learn how to love. It’s time to create new messages that unite instead of listening to the messages that divide us. Peace!


19 Oct 2015

Music : Adele Is Back!!!!

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During last night’s X Factor, everyone’s TV screen went dark and then…this amazing snippet from what will be Adele’s first single: “Hello, It’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet? To go over everything. They say that time’s supposed to heal ya, but I ain’t done much healing…”

To be honest that was incredible! Nothing on screen said her name, but how can you mistake that voice?

Check out the snippet below!

I was so moved by that song snippet that I decided to record my own little version and I posted it on my Instagram, check it out if you want.

And let me know how you like Adele’s new song!