17 Apr 2015

Contest : Become A Pornstar For One Day!

Catégorie: Contest : Pornstars

(Photo : ManRoyle by GayRoom)

To experiment with a new level of reality in porn, megasite GayRoom is soon to begin production on series that will feature real porn fans! If you’ve ever thought you’d be in porn but only without anyone finding out, well this is for you!

GayRoom is offering you the chance to fuck your favorite porn star on film while keeping your identity secret!  The scene will be filmed from your point of view with all images of your face removed from the scene.  If you’re a horny exhibitionist with a hard-on for hot porn stars, let anonymity be your friend and submit an application today!

14 Apr 2015

Stories : The College Roommate…Revisited

Catégorie: Stories

I recently had a run in, with an old friend of mine. He and I attended the same school together in college, and from the beginning I thought he was Adonis. Tall, toned body with olive skin and sexy thick black hair that he always kept high and tight and pushed back. He loved to show off his legs and was forever in basketball shorts and Vans. His legs were very furry, which until I had met him, I wasn’t a leg man, game changer. He had a very sarcastic yet crude sense of humor that was only understood by people who spent time around him and made most people nervously chuckle at its intensity sometimes. He and I bonded during college and became friends and actually enjoyed living together. He was always the pot head straight guy who seemed to have all the girls yet none at the same time. I was the bookworm who went the extra mile to get my work done before anything else. Somehow, our personalities meshed.

One night, he and I had a brief tussle at school involving him winding up naked and drunk in my bed and we ended up making out for an hr after he woke me up. So school finished up and we went about our separate ways and fell out of touch after school. Until recently… I checked an unused folder for my gmail and found a message from him. He wanted to get together and see how life was with me and catch up. So I met him at his house and we sat and talked, rolled up and smoked and had a few laughs hanging out and going over life. At some point, he stands up to grab himself something to drink and asks me if I wanted anything and I paused briefly, and being much more forward than I was back then when I was shy and timid to everything I looked him straight on and said “you…” as he was standing up before me, there was a brief pause and a tension in the air, I looked up and saw a very evil and sexual grin creeping across his face and from my peripherals I saw his basketball shorts growing a bit snug rather quickly.

9 Apr 2015

Speak Out: Deliciously Disabled & Disrobed

Catégorie: Sex



(Photo credit: Alejandro Santiago Photography 2015)

Every time I see those obligatory bathroom shots of the really attractive guy posturing at his mirror in the hopes of enticing a part time lover for the evening, I let out a wee smirk of excitement and giggle. This is primarily for two reasons.  First, I must admit, I love seeing people own their sexuality, and whenever someone has the stones (puns intended) to be that bold, it is a turn on of epic proportions. It’s like they’re saying, “this is who I am. Deal with it.”   Confidence is one hell of an aphrodisiac in my books.

The second reason that I gleefully grin at these types of photos is because I am extremely envious of the ease with which they were taken, how simply the individual whipped off their clothes without a second thought, and took the picture. In a matter of 20 seconds, the guy is completely au naturel. He is baring all in the buff, independent of anyone else’s hands or help.  What I would give for it to be that easy.

6 Apr 2015

Stories : My Adonis

Catégorie: Sex

It happened a few days ago! While visiting some friends, their house guest came into the room unannounced and my eyes were immediately drawn to his magnificent body. I immediately felt that he was my Adonis! (For those of you unfamiliar the term, Adonis was a demi-god of beauty and desire in Greek mythology.) Once we were introduced, I felt a strong aura around him as conversation began and I learned his name was DAKOTA.

Dakota is 25 years old, 5 ft. 9 inches tall, slim waist and a physique to die for! He was sporting a goatee of reddish brown hair and wearing a tee shirt through which the outline of his nipples protruded. As we were getting acquainted, I suggested to everyone in the room that it was near lunch time and offered to get “carry-out” lunch for the entire group—because I was definitely feeling the emotional impact of Dakota in my presence within “touching distance.” Of course, the next statement was to ask him to accompany me to retrieve lunch. He agreed and we went to a nearby Subway and ordered lunch.

31 Mar 2015

Sex Toys : Nick Capra And The Ultra Bator!

Catégorie: Sex Toys

Have you seen Pornstar Nick Capra using the Ultra Bator in A4A toystore? Check him out in the video above as he enjoys this amazing new sex toy! Nick said that this is the hottest masturbation toy out there and he is right!

You simply stuff your cock into the Ultra Bator’s tight hole and let it do the rest of the work. The inner chamber spins dozens of soft nubs while stroking up and down your cock. It offers three speeds of stimulation for an intense sensation overload that you can watch through the clear windows.

For the best sensations, use lots of water-based lube. When you’re done just twist off the black entryway and remove the soft elements. You can clean them with soap and water or give it to a hungry cocksucker -like me.

Get yours here and save 25%!


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