23 Jul 2015

Fantasy : Gloryholes

Catégorie: Fantasy : Jack-off material


(Photo : Next Door Buddies)

I was always fascinated by gloryholes. I dont know if I’ll ever use one though?! It would scare me out a bit not to see the face of the guy I’m sucking… Personally, I rather have sex with a guy that has a cute face but average cock than having sex with a guy with an ugly face and big nice cock.

But I kinda like the anonymity of it and it turns me on to watch videos of guys having their cock blown through this dick-hole! What about you? Have you ever tried? Are you curious to try? Would you suck or get sucked? Would you do anal too?

Check out more pics of amateur glory holes after the jump!


22 Jul 2015

Stories : Still Hot In Toronto

Catégorie: Stories


(photo : High Performance Men)


After my first experience with an escort, I was so sexually aroused and satisfied, I decided to pursue this newfound delight just a little further. In fact, I was infatuated with the fact that I could be with such hot muscled men (who typically were way out of my league). Don’t get me wrong, I get plenty of hookups. But, they are very average guys (like me) and I discovered that I didn’t have to settle.


For those who may not have read the first installment, I am your very average 45 year old gay male. I’m 5’9, 200 lbs. (got a small gut – not obese), brown hair, green eyes, and a nice 7” cut cock. In fact, I’ve always thought that my cock is really my best feature. Most guys I hook up with are hooking up with me because of my cock pic. My best feature is hidden, so I usually haven’t much luck picking up guys in the bars or even in the baths. On my last visit to Toronto, I hooked up with a very hot escort who gave me the ultimate sexual arousal and satisfaction. I actually shot my load without any touch to my cock. I’ve NEVER had that happen before this experience. So needless to say, I was VERY aroused with this hot fucking man and after having him, I decided I wanted more.

16 Jul 2015

Stories : Hot In Toronto

Catégorie: Stories


Written by A4A member, Dickken

I live in western New York and it’s very rural. Most people hear NY state and they think the city. Not so here where I live. So every now and then I travel to Toronto for some hot sexy fun. This particular trip was the most outstanding trip of all so I have to share the experience!

First off, I’m a 45 year old gay man who is very average and never had much luck picking up guys. I’m just too average and after all these years, it’s no big deal to me. So I get to Toronto and check into a hotel room that is centrally located in the gay village. I love that you can walk to everything in Toronto and just leave the car parked in the garage. Once everything is put away, I’m ready to go walking and find what I can in beautiful Toronto. It was early afternoon and off I go to explore!

As I’m walking around the village, I come to a restaurant that had various local gay magazines right in front of the entry, so I picked up a few of those to take back to the hotel with me. I visit Hernando’s Hideaway, my favorite Mexican restaurant in Toronto for a bite to eat. Then it’s back to exploring the village on my way to my hotel room. I see a few places I want to check out later when I hit the bars and make note of them.

Back in my room, I start perusing the gay mags I picked up. I notice right away they are loaded with ads for “escorts”. Intrigued, I continue to look at the various ads and just the thought of not having to try and pick up a guy at the bar is very interesting to me. I see a guy that is all muscles in the ad and he said his rates were $80 for an erotic massage. I’ve never had an erotic massage and his rate was fantastic, so I gave him a call. His name is Mark and yes, he does the erotic massage totally naked. I asked if he would answer his door naked as well, and yes, that was no problem either. So he gives me his address and I shower and then I’m off to meet Mark – a sexy muscled rent boy. How exciting!

15 Jul 2015

Fantasy : “Fuck A Pornstar” With Billy Santoro

Catégorie: Fantasy : Pornstars


Do you remember a few weeks ago, GAYROOM created Fuck a Porn Star contest to find a porn fan that would anonymously become a porn actor for one scene? Fuck a Porn Star is a hot series where regular guys hookup with top porn stars and let you watch! Well Christian Taylor is the winner and he registered to the contest from my post right here, on A4A blog!

The winner of the contest was offered to choose with whom he would fuck. Christian decided to get fucked by Superstar Billy Santoro and also chose not to hide his face. The full porn star experience!

Check out the full scene by clicking here and get 40% on a membership at GAYROOM. Get ready for some steamy (and sticky) action! You can see Christian above thanking A4A for the opportunity and also after the jump with Billy Santoro.

Have a great day everyone!

10 Jul 2015

Fantasy : Voyeur Or Exhibitionist?

Catégorie: Fantasy : Watch this !



When you workout in a gym, you get to see hot men in underwear, wrapped up in towel or even naked. Many guys at my gym are not shy at all…some are maybe overconfident or simply like to show what they’re packing! At my gym I see naked hotties all the time and wow…. I like it a lot! I guess I’m a bit voyeur!

I have many fantasies in my head like this hot straight hottie that I see every day at the gym. I fantasize (and jerk off at night) thinking about having sex with him in the locker room. You know the saying “your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.” So who knows, maybe one day it will happen!

So in the comment section below, let me know if you are more voyeur or exhibitionist and give an example that explains your choice.


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