12 Jul 2014

Pornstar : Paddy O’Brian Gets Gang Banged

Catégorie: Jack-off material : Pornstars



Hey guys, there’s a new scene on MEN with Paddy O’Brian where he gets hang banged by Alex Brando, Allen King, Damien Crosse and Gabriel Vanderloo. Prisoner Of War 4 is a quite spectacular scene being that it is shot in a bunker and all the guys are wearing army outfits. Who doesn’t love a army man?

Check out the trailer here and see few pics below!

Have a great weekend!


5 Jul 2014

Jack-Off Material : Gay Of Thrones

Catégorie: Fantasy : Jack-off material




Here’s a little teaser from Gay of Thrones, the new Series by MEN.

Check out the video here and the images below. Pretty sure you will like it if you follow the series Game of Thrones on TV.

Enjoy your weekend!


24 Jun 2014

Pornstars : Bisexual Charlie Pattinson

Catégorie: Jack-off material : Pornstars



(Photo: Randy Blue)

This hot little fucker is one big ball of energy. As soon as Charlie landed in L.A., he was recruited by Randy Blue and could not wait to get started. He was looking at everything as one big new fun experience. To the question “are you gay or straight?”,  his answer was that he has only dated girls, but considers himself a little bisexual. He basically is open to any new fun experience that comes his way. And doing some hot gay porn is one of those things he wants to check off of his bucket list.

This dirty blonde haired 19 year old stud has a body to die for. With those broad shoulders and bulging pecs and biceps, he is the classic definition of a dream boat. Check him out under the jump as he beats his meat and shows off his hot pink butt hole off to the camera. If you like dirty talk, then check his solo video on Randy Blue.


20 Jun 2014

Pornstars : Bareback?

Catégorie: Fantasy : Gay Stuff : Pornstars



(Photo: RawFuckClub)

There seems to be more and more of the old time porn stars being lured into do bareback porn. What is it that is making them decide to do this all of a sudden: the money or the notoriety? I read a story where Lucas Ridgestone was brought out of retirement to do a new film, a bareback film. 

Interesting enough but what I found more interesting was the comments people were leaving. One poster was disgusted by the fact he would consider doing bareback porn, really? I bet he downloads the first copy.

16 Jun 2014

Stories : Erotic Moment Not Involving Sex

Catégorie: Stories


This has got to be one of the most erotic moments in my life, and its a long one.  I’m in my 50′s, look younger.  Honest.  I live in a small community where there are university students and some of them share a house up the hill.

I was in my front garden minding my own business when up comes a really hot hunky young boy whose got to be in his 20s on his way to the local gym.  He was wearing those nylon gym shorts along with a tank top.  His skin was tanned and glistening with sweat on that bubble boy body.  The weather was in the high 80s. He came to me to welcome me to the neighborhood.  I mean he just came up to me with a killer smile and we were “conversating.”  Yes, conversating.  Thats new vernacular for having a spirited conversation.  We were talking about my battle with crabgrass and we talked about plants.  He was a botany major at one time.  We went further into the yard and talked about the different types of flowers.  ”Is it carnivorous or is it just a lily?”

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