29 Jun 2016

Stories : I Love Young Black Men!

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Photo : Reality Dude

I’ve always had this thing for younger black men.  I grew up near an air force base in Michigan where there plenty of black airmen running about and driving me wild.  I will always regret when I was walking down a road one day on my daily walk when a hunky, cute black airman asked if I wanted a ride.  I froze and shook my head no.  What can I say?  I was young and not too bright.

Through the years, I’ve traveled throughout the world and encountered plenty of young black men.  I just love the color and texture of their skin, the contrast between their darkness and my lightness, and, of course, their deep voices, their big cocks.  They have the most luscious huge cocks, and I haven’t met a black cock I didn’t like — or didn’t like me.

I was traveling for work in Chicago a few years ago, staying in a great hotel overlooking beautiful Lake Michigan.  Black men were everywhere I went in Chicago:  running the shoreline, hurrying to work, going about their business — driving me wild.  I swear I had an erection for the whole six weeks I was in Chicago as the cute young black men were everywhere.

One night, alone in my hotel room, I decided to go online as I was in a pent-up frenzy with these black men driving me crazy.  Out of the blue, a younger black man started chatting with me.  He asked my age and I said that I was in my later 40s.  He was in his mid-20s and he loved older men, he said.  He was just a couple of miles away and said he could come to the hotel room, if I wanted.  I saw his photo, and he looked absolutely gorgeous. I said, sure, come on over.  Anticipation entered ever pore of my body.  A gorgeous six-foot four-inch 20-something black man was going to be over soon, I hoped.  You never know with online hook-ups, so one can never be sure, but ten minutes later, there he was.

28 Jun 2016

Sex Toys : A4A Is Feeling Generous!

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Once again this month, A4A wants to treat you and give you a gift from our sex shop, for FREE! The Double Trouble Compact Crystal Dildo is yours with ANY purchase in the A4A Store.

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This dildo is fun with a little bit of lube (crystal gets ridiculously slippery) and you’ll feel how different it is in your ass compared to regular dildo or dick. You can also reach your prostate with it, it’s the perfect size for that!

But hurry, you have 2 days to get it, the promo expires June 30!

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23 Jun 2016

Pornstar : Meet Dato Foland

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(Photo : MEN)

Today’s hottie of the Day is Dato Foland. Dato is one of my favorite porn star but unfortunately for me, he is taken! He is also one of MEN’s favorite as well, he did many scenes with the studio. Dato is 5’8″, weight 178 lbs, his dick size is 7.5 inches uncut and he is sexually versatile. Here are few things I learned about him:

  • Meat (cut or uncut?LOL)
  • Sunset Boulevard
  • Madrid
  • otography
  • Holiday or sea
  • Mornings
  • Passionate
  • Look too serious
  • Coffee and sun
  • You can do anything but not everything!
  • Check out below for some hot #NSFW pictures of Dato in his birthday suit!

    10 Jun 2016

    Fantasy : Straight Guy Tricked Into Gay Sex

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    (Photo : Bait Bus)

    Many gays have this fantasy of sucking a straight man cock. This porn site called Bait Bus, relaunched few weeks ago with new hot scenes featuring straight guys and hungry gays. Check out the scene and let me know if you like!

    “We are here on The Bait Bus with Rock and he’s looking for some tight young fit guy to turn gay today. We drove around for awhlie until we spotted this dude on the phone. I offered him $50 to get in the van and do an ‘interview’. What an easy catch this guy was. He was stupid, straight and about to get his dick sucked by a gay guy for the first time. He got mad as hell but after I offered him $3200 he was ready to fuck Rock in his big muscle ass, AND he busted a nut all over it! ”

    Check out the full scene here or check out the photo set below!


    9 Jun 2016

    Sex Toys : Hood

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    Hoods or masks were created to restrain your partner during sex. BDSM fanatics or even just your regular guy, use them to spice up their sex life. Whether it is to restrain your partner from seeing you with just the mouth exposed for your pleasure or simply a total mask, hoods and masks come in all shapes and fabrics.

    This spandex and nylon open mouth hood has an extra padding blindfold that ensures that your slave can’t see anything. He can only wait to feel what’s about to happen to him. You can hogtie him and leave him on his knees waiting for your cock to press into his eager mouth. There are so many scenarios that are just better when he doesn’t know what to expect. (see photo below)