25 May 2015

Gay Stuff : Your Score on What Turns You ON or OFF

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(Photo : GayRoom)


How Did You Score on What Turns You ON or OFF?

There were 84 respondents to the survey by Sunday evening, May 24th. Of the responses tabulated, only 60 answered all of the items in order to be tabulated on a scale of 1-5 that in turn provided the importance of the following averages:

    • 4.4 Touching each other
    • 4.1 Foreplay
    • 4.0 Safe Sex or Anything Goes Practices
    • 3.9 Kissing
    • 3.8 Desire for Fellatio
    • 3.5   Importance of anal penetration
    • 3.1   Getting acquainted before first play session
    • 3.1   Cum delivery in mouth
    • 3.0   Cock size
    • 2.8   Significance of seeing a prospective playmate in street clothing
    • 2.8   Desire for an LTR
    • 2.6   You Initiate contact
    • 2.5   Shaven versus Unshaven genitals
    • 2.3   Cut versus Uncut cocks
    • 2.3   Role Playing
    • 2.2   Age difference more than 10 years apart
    • 2.1   Shaven versus Unshaven body
    • 1.8   Body ink art
    • 1.7   BDSM
    • 1.4   Body piercings
    • 57.3 Average (Highest: 79 Lowest: 21)

14 May 2015

Celebrity : Chris Hemsworth Has A Huge Penis!

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Actor Chris Hemsworth (born 11 August 1983) is best known for playing the role of Kim Hyde in the Australian soap opera Home and Away and Thor, the Marvel Comics character. The Ex-horticultural labourer with an imposing frame has a new film out, it’s a remake of the 1983 Chevy Chase movie “Vacation“. And *SPOILER ALERT* the best part of it is that Chris is showing off his giant penis in it.

I am serious guy! That’s one of the yummiest bulge I’ve ever seen and I’m so in love right now!!!  I’m usually not a fan of guys of my age, but he is THE exception to the rule! This blue eyed massive hunk would be perfect as my husband, just sayin’ !

Check out Chris in the trailer video below and enjoy the show!!!


1 May 2015

Jack-Off Material : Hard Hookup On A4A!!

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HardHookupA4A (12)


We are honored that GayRoom decided to produce a hot scene featuring 2 pornstars hooking up on Adam4Adam! The scene called “Hard Hookup” features the hot and sexy top Aspen browsing for ass on A4A and chatting with twink Robb Johnson. Submissive bottom Robb shows up at Aspen’s place for the fuck of his life! He really gets his face and ass fucked hard by agressive Aspen. At the end of the scene, Aspen shoots on Robb and send him back home…

Is this the kind of hookup you like? I do! And I didn’t know Aspen before this scene and let me tell you that I’ll remember his name from now on! I even contacted our GayRoom rep to ask where he is from… Sadly for me, he doesn’t live in Montreal!

GayRoom is exclusively offering all A4A members a 40% discount to celebrate the launch of this new scene!

Click here to save!


(Check out all the pictures after the jump!)

27 Apr 2015

Stories : Besotted For Life By Pheromones

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(The preface to this tale can be found in the story “So Very Close” and was written by a member of A4A. If you wish to submit a story, send it to blog at adam4adam dot com)


The early summer of 1988 is permanently etched in my memory.  I met a stunning man who would become my friend with benefits — right up to the current time.  This man who I shall call Zham would become my lover and steadfast friend — on the side —  through two long-term relationships for both of us!  Don’t judge what you don’t know.

Zham and I encountered each other at a popular Central Florida bar near closing time — he was standing alone, looking rather bewildered.  Damn he was so hot.  Zham at 10 years younger than I, had just turned 19 and had the stunning body of an ardent dancer.  To say it was love with a strong dose of lust, at first sight would be accurate.  Uncharacteristically I approached him and engaged him in conversation to find out — he had been stranded by his friends and did not have any way home, other than walking.  I determined Zham lived not that far away and I offered to take him home — no strings or expectations attached.  Much to my astonishment he accepted.

To this day I don’t really know why I approached him so boldly as that simply was not in my nature, but I was certainly glad I did.  The drive was no more the 15 minutes, and we pulled into his driveway.  I left the car running for the A/C and turned off the headlights.  Zham seemed reluctant to leave the car, so we sat and chatted a little while longer.  Phone numbers were exchanged and he gave me a tantalizing kiss on the lips.  Oh my, I was besotted — for life.

25 Apr 2015

Jack-Off Material : The Best Porn Ever!

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Hey guys, I know how much you like porn, I read your comment and watch you react to the porn content I put on our Twitter account every day and today,  I have a big surprise for you…

I asked most of our friends in the porn industry to give A4A members big discounts for their websites. Most of them accepted. MEN offers you 70% and many others 50% OFF. The sites that were offering you under 50%, I am not gonna list them here. I only want the best savings for my people!!

So browse below, I listed them all by name with the discount beside, simply click on the name and it will lead you directly on the site.

Happy porn shopping guys and have a wonderful weekend!


(Check below for the complete list)

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