29 Jun 2015

Jack-Off Material : Hot Fuckin’ Porn!

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Hey guys, once again I asked all our friends in the porn Industry to give YOU guys the best discount ever for their porn sites. I know how much you like porn, I read your comment and watch you react to the porn content I put on A4A Twitter account every day!

Most of the porn sites accepted to offer exclusive discounts to A4A members. 40%-50%-60%-70% OFF on the regular price is what you get on the tops 40 best gay porn sites …..and there’s even $1 subscriptions for some of them!!! If you don’t know a site, simply click on the photo or name and take a tour to discover which ones you prefer. There’s something for everyone: fisting, big cocks, twinks,  jocks, bareback sex, vintage porn, huge wet asses and everything in between!

So browse below, I listed them all by name, simply click on the name and it will lead you directly on the site.

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Have fun!


14 Jun 2015

Gay Stuff : Experimenting With Your Sexuality

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Having sex with other guys at first was generally confusing.Some guys kissed weird.  Some guys were a lot more rough than I anticipated.  Some guys just laid there.  Some guys slobbered all over my face and told me how hot it was.  I licked one guy’s nipple and he came on the spot then threw me out because he was embarrassed.  I had to make one guy leave because the way he delivered blowjobs reminded me of a dog going after his chew toy.  At some point I thought to myself “First off, guys don’t know what they’re doing and secondly…what exactly do I WANT them to do to me?”

Exploring your sexuality isn’t always a straight guy wondering what it’s like to be with another guy.  (or conversely, gay guys wondering what it’s like to be with a woman).  That’s just sexual curiosity and I’m sure at some point everyone at least considers what the other sexualities do exactly.  I watch straight porn because I think it’s hot, but sometimes when I’m watching it I think to myself “so…I’m supposed to punch a woman’s vagina?  That’s what girls like?” – It’s all very strange to me, but it’s still just a curiosity.  Although I did have sex with women early on I’ve never felt a romantic or emotional/sexual attraction to women.

9 Jun 2015

Speak Out : What’s Your Coming Out Story?

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(Photo : Andrew Christian)

Coming out can be a tough thing, especially if you live in a small village or in a part of the world where it is illegal to be gay. It can also be hard for teenagers at school because sometimes when they come out, they get bullied. It is also hard for people who come from religious families where if you are gay, you are sentenced to “burn in hell”.

Andrew Christian Underwear just created a video that shows their models discussing about their coming out story. At the beginning of the video, they all describe what it was like for them to come out and the designer himself shared his story about how his fears and the anxiety was simply in his head, because when he came out, people didn’t care about it and most of his friends already knew.

In the second part of the video, they all give their suggestions on what to do, how to do it and I think it is great to hear other gay men’s point of view on that subject. If you are still in the closet and didn’t come out yet, I strongly suggest you to watch the video. If you did come out, it would be great to share your story with other members below in the comment section.


(Watch the video below and shop for Andrew Christian Underwear here!)

8 Jun 2015

Gay Stuff : Kinky Sex

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(photo : Raw And Rough)

Kinky includes anything that deviates from the straight and narrow. From playing doctor, to spanking, to BDSM and fisting, kinky sex is the contrary of missionary position. It’s important to be on the same sexual wavelength as your partner though. Unfortunately, most gay guys don’t discover their partner’s fantasies until later in the relationship. So communication is key!

What is the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done? What do you consider kinky when it comes to sex? What are u willing to do and how far are u willing to go and with whom? What taboos would you break?

Discuss below!


(Kinky video under the jump)

3 Jun 2015

Stories : Another Round….

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(photo : MEN)

I saw him behind the bar making about five different drinks at the same time. Standing maybe about 5ft 8 inches tall give or take the shoes he was wearing. His dirty blonde colored hair pulled back into a ponytail exposed his chiseled yet handsome face.  His smile was wide and inviting, his deep brown eyes seemed to sparkle as he talked. Immediately I thought,  “I wanna fuck him…..tonight.” I walked over to the bar with a plan forming in my mind about how I’m gonna stick my dick in this guys ass. And speaking of ass, boy did he have a nice one. At one point he turned around and the slim fit jeans he wore showcased a nice, plump ass that was on display for all to see. It was at that point I thought, “I’m fucking that pussy tonight.”


Once he got around to taking my drink order, I decided to turn on the charm. “What can I get you?” he asked. “Rum and Coke.” I replied, looking him in the eye and smiling. He smiled back. “Coming right up.” I then took my seat at the bar directly in front of his station where he was serving from. In a matter of minutes I had a very strong Rum and Coke sitting in front of me. Heavy on the rum mixed with a splash of coke. “I forgot to warn you, I’ll get you fucked up.” he replied with a smile. “A man after my own heart.” I replied. “Cheers.” I said after raising my glass before downing this powerful drink.

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