25 Jan 2016

Fantasy : Spit-Roast

Catégorie: Fantasy
">TourOfDutyPart3DMH09"> http://blog.adam4adam.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/TourOfDutyPart3DMH09-500x332.jpg

(Photo : MEN)

Have you ever fantasized about getting spit-roasted? But first, what is a spit-roast? No it’s not when you cook meat on a spit – a long solid rod used to hold food while it is being cooked over a fire in a fireplace or over a campfire, but it definitely comes from that image.

A spit-roast is a slang for a sexual activity involving 3 people, two active males and one passive (male or female). Man 1 pentrates person 2 from the rear (anal or vaginal) while he/she sucks the penis of person 3.

Have you ever tried it? Is this something that you think of doing? I personally thought about it many times, it is actually an image that I see in my head when I jerk off. The idea of submitting to 2 men is a big tun-on. I never tried it though. Why? Usually power tops don’t like to share a bottom and I usually hookup with 100% tops.

What about you?


(Check out more image of spit roast on our Twitter account!)


16 Jan 2016

Fantasy : Hot Threesome Turns Into Intergalactic Orgy!

Catégorie: Fantasy : Jack-off material
">Image from Brad Picken"> http://blog.adam4adam.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Image-from-Brad-Picken-500x333.jpg

(Photo : MEN)

Paddy O’Brian is back for an intergalactic fuckfest in the finale of this epic Star Wars parody. Just when you thought he was lost in deep space, Paddy arrives with his fat cock in hand to drill Luke’s bubble butt. Of course, we can’t disappoint Hector De Silva and the other troopers, who have been searching far and wide for the perfect ass to plow. Luke is gangbanged and bathed in hot trooper cum in this truly monumental Star Wars parody.

Check out the full scene here!


5 Jan 2016

Jack-Off Material : Legs Up or Behind Head!

Catégorie: Fantasy : Hot or Not : Jack-off material
">tumblr_nxximsN1DJ1qg5k17o1_500"> http://blog.adam4adam.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/tumblr_nxximsN1DJ1qg5k17o1_500-478x350.jpg

Imagine all these men lined up, legs behind their head, ready to get fucked, begging for your cock! Woooooof! I’m pretty sure many of you get instantly hard at the sight of these photos! (below)

Is this your favorite position to fuck a hole? I’m curious to know. I like the eye contact in this position, it is amazing and you can also kiss the partner that is fucking you, I personally love that as a bottom.

See more pics below


25 Dec 2015

Fantasy : Watch Star Wars Porn Movie!!!

Catégorie: Fantasy : Jack-off material


MEN just released their Star Wars Porn Parody this morning, right in time for XXXmas and you know what? All A4A members can get the exclusive 50% OFF membership! We partnered with MEN to offer you guys this low price so that everybody can watch that amazing video! And it’s exclusive to members of A4A!

Simply click here to register and let me know if you liked the scene!!!

Merry Christmas guys!!!


22 Dec 2015

Fantasy : Coming December 25th, Star Wars XXX

Catégorie: Fantasy


December 25th, MEN is releasing their gay parody of Star Wars! I posted photos on Twitter already and it went viral. The production is amazing and I saw videos and photos and I have to say that it is CRAZY hot!

I am telling you in advance because I want you all to know. It’s definitely one of the hottest porn scene EVER! Get ready to see Luke Skywalker “mentored” by experienced Jedi Obi-Wan!

For the special scene MEN is offering A4A members 50%. You simply need to click here and register for the special price.

Will you watch the scene?


(Check out photo previews below)