5 Jul 2014

Jack-Off Material : Gay Of Thrones

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Here’s a little teaser from Gay of Thrones, the new Series by MEN.

Check out the video here and the images below. Pretty sure you will like it if you follow the series Game of Thrones on TV.

Enjoy your weekend!


20 Jun 2014

Pornstars : Bareback?

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(Photo: RawFuckClub)

There seems to be more and more of the old time porn stars being lured into do bareback porn. What is it that is making them decide to do this all of a sudden: the money or the notoriety? I read a story where Lucas Ridgestone was brought out of retirement to do a new film, a bareback film. 

Interesting enough but what I found more interesting was the comments people were leaving. One poster was disgusted by the fact he would consider doing bareback porn, really? I bet he downloads the first copy.

3 Jun 2014

Promotion : Free Porn Membership For First 50 Members!!!

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Hey guys, a porn site called 1GayPass was relaunched recently and it gives access to 6 amazing porn sites: Circle Jerk Boys, Extra Big Dicks, Men Over 30, Boyz Party, High Performance Men and Dylan Lucas.

Since Adam4Adam has been a long time partner with the studio, the owners gave us 50 free memberships for our members! With over 10,000 readers every day on blog.adam4adam.com, I’m pretty sure this will go very fast, so hurry and register on 1GayPass with promo code adamoffer for your free trial membership!

Being a size queen, my favourite of them all is definitely Extra Big Dicks but Men Over 30 is also a great one and features hot older men which I really like as well! Check them out and let me know your thoughts.

Again, this free membership is for A4A members only and you need to enter promo code adamoffer to get the FREE trial membership.

Let me know if you are one of the lucky guys who was able to get your membership for free!



28 May 2014

Fantasy : Are You Voyeur Or Exhibitionist ?

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Have you ever stared at guys changing in the locker room of the gym? Do you like to walk naked in your house while curtains are open? When you pee in a public restroom, are you like 4 feet away from the urinal to show what you’re packing? Do you like nude beaches? Are you the type of guy who likes to see or likes to be seen? Are you more voyeur or exhibitionist?

30 Apr 2014

Jack-Off Material : Live Cam

Catégorie: Fantasy : Jack-off material : Pornstars



Live web cam shows are really the ultimate in adult entertainment and they can be addictive!

Cam sites and the hot naked cam models behind them are nothing new, they have been around since the Internet was young, but what is new is the variety of the shows, the models and the extremely high quality of the video.

Sites like Adam4AdamLive offer models from all over the world in HD, many from their own bedroom. Some have two way radio where you can control the models and give them direct commands while keeping your hands free. :)

Some of the cam models are not only super hot and sexy but they are also a lot of fun to chat with.

Have you ever tried ?

Click here to try now !



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