23 Apr 2014

Pornstars : Dominic Santos – Selfsucking

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Dominic Santos is half black, half italian and 100 percent hot. This boy has a lean and toned body and one of the biggest dicks you have ever seen at Randy Blue. This limber adonis has a few tricks up his sleeve but we did not know just how amazingly talented this guy was….until he told us he could suck his own dick. Now a lot of people say they can suck their own dick, but they end up looking very strained as they barely lick the tip of their head. This dude can fucking suck his own dick for real. When he said he would show us, it took him only a few seconds to get hard. He just had to think about having some hot public sex in the gym, and the next thing we knew he was hard as a rock and sucking down on his own shaft. He is a versatile performer and loves to top and bottom. He showed off his bottoming skills by turning over and finger fucking the hell out of himself. Finally he lays on his back, finger fucked his ass and sucked his dick until he came in his mouth. This man will blow you away. Literally. You are about to witness the start of a big gay porn star. I hope you are ready.

Check out his latest photo shoot below and check out Randy Blue here for more hot pornstars!


21 Apr 2014

Hot or Not : Cock Docking

Catégorie: Fantasy : Hot or Not


Cock Docking : The act of placing the head of ones penis inside the foreskin of another’s penis. (Urban Dictionary)

Have you guys ever tried cock docking? What do you do when you do it? Do you jerk off until you cum? Is it the first that you hear about this sexual practice? Do you find it hot or not?

I personally never experienced it but looking at it looks great, I might consider it one day. But I guess you have to do it with a fuckbuddy not a random hookup because it can be dangerous for STDs.

Let me know your thoughts on this!


18 Apr 2014

Jack-Off Material : Stepfather’s Secret, The Scene

Catégorie: Fantasy : Jack-off material : Stories


What a coincidence… Over the past few weeks, one of our member, Enzo, wrote 3 hot sex stories about a step-dad having sex with his step-son. Well today, MEN is launching an amazing scene about a hot muscle step-dad destroying his step-son’s ass and throat in the family garage. I have to be honest, I could not keep my pants buttoned up while watching the scene…The dad (Dirk Caber) is totally the type of daddy I enjoy in my ass!

So I asked the guys at MEN if A4A members could have a special Easter promo for you to be able to watch the full scene and they offered Their $1 Unlimited Trial only for you guys. So hurry up and check out the scene and many more scenes for $1 (Usual price is $19.95).

Click here to see the full scene and check out few of the photos below….


8 Apr 2014

Hot or Not : Smelly Cocks

Catégorie: Fantasy : Hot or Not : Jack-off material


Hi guys, today is a delicate subject! It might gross you out or you might get hard very fast. If your biggest fetish is smelly cocks, you will like the post, if you like a cock to smell soap, you will want to throw up!

Last night, I was browsing on A4A, I don’t know if there will be a full moon soon, but my hornyness was extreme! I was talking with this bisexual dude, he was hot. We were chatting, you know, the usual stuff, “age, cock size, top/bottom?”, when he asked me if he could suck my cock after the gym tomorrow. I’m like why tomorrow? He said he didn’t want me to wash my cock for few days and hit the gym and be all sweaty when we meet. He was in love with man smells, especially dirty cocks, sweaty crotch.

At first, I found it kinda weird, but then I was like, to each his own fantasy right?! Who am I to judge….

So this brings me to ask you the question. Smelly cocks, Hot or Not?

Please also tell me why? Is it a sign of extreme submission? Is it because you really love manly smells? If you don’t like, please also tell me why?

Thanks guys!




2 Apr 2014

Fantasy : Prison Sex

Catégorie: Fantasy : Jack-off material



MEN just released their 1000th scene this week, it is “part 2″ of their most successful scene where Johnny Rapid met Rafael Alencar and his hole was double penetrated by Rafael and a night stick in the prison shower.

In the new scene, Johnny is back in jail and he and Rafael pickup right where they left off but this time Johnny takes it deeper and harder!

Check out the photos of the scene below and let me know your thoughts!

Congratulations to MEN for their 1000th scene!


(To see the full video, click here!)

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