12 Apr 2014

Pornstars : Randy Blue Models – Tribute To Beyoncé

Catégorie: Pornstars : Watch this !


Randy Blue porn stars are back!! in 2010, they made a tribute to Kylie Minogue, this time they are lip-syncing on BLOW by Queen B herself, Beyoncé.

Watch Diego Sans, Jarec Wentworth, Colby Keller, Kurtis Wolfe, Justin Owen, Abele Place and Austin Wolfe moving their butts and singing the song below.

Let me know which one is your fave!

I personally like them all :)


7 Apr 2014

Photography : Dylan Rosser Shoots Belami Models For Addicted

Catégorie: Photography : Pornstars


Famous photographer Dylan Rosser shot Belami models for Addicted’s new campaign. Florian Nemec, Kevin Warhol, Adam Archuleta, Robin Michaux, Hoyt Kogan and Joel Birkim flew to Cape Town with Dylan to create spectacular “wet” images of the sexy collection.

Three new collections that the company is presenting are the most daring ever, when it comes to the designs. For this reason we needed a strong and a recognisable worldwide image and this was why we contacted the wonderful team at BelAmi to propose this collaboration. Without hesitation they responded with an emphatic “Yes!”. Working together on this project has been an incredible experience that we will never forget”, said Héctor Aguilar, Campaign Production Manager.

The company recently revealed the photos for Wet Me Up campaign, check out the result of this fantastic collab between Addicted and Belami below and let me know if you like!



18 Feb 2014

Pornstars : Colt Rivers

Catégorie: Jack-off material : Pornstars


MEN.COM just released a new scene and it features the amazing Colt Rivers’ first sex scene as Colt Rivers after making a name for himself as the power bottom Ryan at Sean Cody.

Check out this hot scene here and let me know your thoughts ! You can also view the sweaty pictures of the hot man after the jump below while he is getting fucked by Tommy Defendi.


13 Feb 2014

Fantasy : Olympic Hockey Players

Catégorie: Fantasy : Jack-off material : Pornstars




With the olympics in Sochi and all the hot male athletes that we see online and on TV, I think I have to do a “fantasy” post about them, right?

Have you ever fantasize about having fun with a sport athlete? Have you ever had fun with one?

Every time I watch hockey, I can’t help myself but think about it. I remember when I was a teenager, I was playing hockey and one night, I had a dream where I was sucking Chris Chelios’s dick loll. When I think about it now, it’s a bit absurd, but eh, I was a kid.

For me, the ultimate fantasy would be to get gangbanged in a hockey locker room after a game. I know it will never happen but it’s kinda hot to dream about it. Hot sweaty sex!

Have you ever had sex after a game? In the locker room? With other players?

My friends at MEN sent me these images of a hot hockey player (Jaxton Wheeler) getting throat and ass and I really have to share them with you!

Feel free to watch the video here as well! Have fun!


(See images below)

9 Feb 2014

Pornstars : Mike Dozer Was Arrested!

Catégorie: Pornstars


Porn star Mike Dozer was arrested recently for having sex with someone underage. He was arrested on charges of statutory rape, involuntary deviant sexual intercourse, and aggravated indecent assault for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old boy he met online

Now we all know that all sites and apps require us to enter a birth date and we have to agree that we are over a certain age so we can join.  Obviously this kid lied. 

I was out this weekend with my boyfriend and a friend of his.  This friend recently met a guy on line and he joined us for a drink.  All was good until we decided to head to a different bar.  As we were walking to the door I said for everyone to get their ID’s out.  The new guy looks and said he left his ID at home.  Hmmmm, who does that.

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