16 Jan 2015

Sex Toys : Inception Fuckhole Sheath

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So most of the comments below this article will probably claim that nothing is better than the real thing, but let me assure you the Inception Fuckhole Sheath is a pretty damn good way to take a dick. I bought my Fuckhole Sheath on a Black Friday sale in the A4A Store over the holidays – a “from me to my ass” gift if you will.I am not the best at bottoming, primarily due to the fact that I don’t last long when I am having sex. However, the Inception Fuckhole Sheath makes for a more comfortable experience and one that will allow me to last as long as my top partner. Since most guys I chat with online don’t know what the Fuckhole Sheath is, I’ll attempt to illustrate what it is and my experience.

The Inception Fuckhole Sheath is a very soft, but strong butt plug that combines the fucking feature of a jack-off toy. With a lot of lube (inside and outside the sheath), I use a 7 inch dildo to insert the sheath in my ass until I feel the knotted base. I slowly remove the dildo and with my hands push the knotted base in my ass until the soft sheath is completely inserted and the opening is firmly fixed in place. If you’re tight like me, then you may find it is best if you stretch out your asshole with a normal plug or dildo to allow the knotted base to insert comfortably. Now you’re ready to go make some lucky guy’s day.

4 Dec 2014

Sex Toys : Would You Fuck With Him?

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Have you ever seen a male “sex doll”? Some of them can be hyper-realistic toys! The proof with Gabriel, a completely handmade model manufactured since 2013 by Californian company Sinthetics whose motto is “the devil is in the details”.

It is clear that the details are particularly carefully done! Multi-articulated, these dolls are able to adopt postures that make them almost lifelike. But perfection comes at a cost: the basic model is priced $5900 and prices go up if you succumb to all the customization options available: you can add hair, tattoos, choose the color of the skin and eyes and of course order sexes of different sizes, soft or in erection, that you just clip in the crotch of the doll!

Would you buy one of these?


(More photos after the jump)

5 Jun 2014

Sex Toys : Meet Victor!

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Hey guys,

So two months ago, I wrote about a journey into solo anal play and exploration with some toys that were on sale, and taking them at my own pace.

First there was the Devi, slowly and subtly opening you up. A lot a fun and great for just a nice session, or as an opening act.

Then last month I wrote about gaining those extra inches and loosening up inside for real penetration. The Manticore and it’s bumps and ridges was a happy act one finale, be it alone or with a friend on the handle.

So now I’m gonna talk about the show stopping awesomeness that is Victor.

1 May 2014

Sex Toys : The Manticore

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Hey guys,

So last month I wrote about a journey into solo anal play and exploration with some toys that were on sale, and taking them at my own pace.

First there was the Devi, slowly and subtly opening you up. A lot a fun and great for just a nice session, or as an opening act.

So then I wanted something fun to gain some length and enjoy textures. I found The Manticore. At first I was put off by it. But it was on sale and the textures in the picture looked great and with it’s 8 inches, could definitely help me go deep. The pictures are awesome and do the detail justice. The ridges, bumps and spikes were all great and fantastic

19 Mar 2014

Sex Toys : Solo Anal Fun

Catégorie: Sex Toys


So I caught a Speak Out piece here the other week about how this guy just hated anal, and to be honest I could kinda relate. Growing up I wasn’t too interested in anal play while alone, I was having much more fun with my penis, so I never really bothered. High school and college it was all, “Whoa that’s a great dick, you’re a top, right?” so I just enjoyed the rides. Now at 27 I’m realizing that “Top Only” dudes, myself WAY included just may not have had the opportunity to be locked up alone with a good sex toy long enough.

Course through the years I’ve tried bottoming for guys, even have with a few. It was fun but took time and was plenty painful, so I shied away. Though I’ve decided that this year I’d make an effort to explore my bottom side and get myself a little anal starter kit for someone with my level of experience.

Going into this, it really seems clear to me now that the fear of the “pain” of anal sex is really over exaggerated.

So for my little kit I ordered a few toys, these consisted of:

The Devi Big Glass Plug – It was on sale, it was glass and it was a great size. So I thought it would make a good first buttplug. I went with a width plug, opposed to length due to I wanted to work on stretching more in my first phase.

The Manticore Anal Plug – Again, on sale. On top of that, I didn’t want your typical beads and the beads seemed like a good size and I loved their details and textures.

And last and once I got it, not least, The Veiny Victor (Ultra-realistic suction cup dildo) – AGAIN, it was on sale. I’m broke a lot of the time, so starter toys on sale sounded like a win to me. It was bigger than most wimpy started dildos and of course had a suction cup, which is important in my search.

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