19 Mar 2014

Sex Toys : Solo Anal Fun

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So I caught a Speak Out piece here the other week about how this guy just hated anal, and to be honest I could kinda relate. Growing up I wasn’t too interested in anal play while alone, I was having much more fun with my penis, so I never really bothered. High school and college it was all, “Whoa that’s a great dick, you’re a top, right?” so I just enjoyed the rides. Now at 27 I’m realizing that “Top Only” dudes, myself WAY included just may not have had the opportunity to be locked up alone with a good sex toy long enough.

Course through the years I’ve tried bottoming for guys, even have with a few. It was fun but took time and was plenty painful, so I shied away. Though I’ve decided that this year I’d make an effort to explore my bottom side and get myself a little anal starter kit for someone with my level of experience.

Going into this, it really seems clear to me now that the fear of the “pain” of anal sex is really over exaggerated.

So for my little kit I ordered a few toys, these consisted of:

The Devi Big Glass Plug – It was on sale, it was glass and it was a great size. So I thought it would make a good first buttplug. I went with a width plug, opposed to length due to I wanted to work on stretching more in my first phase.

The Manticore Anal Plug – Again, on sale. On top of that, I didn’t want your typical beads and the beads seemed like a good size and I loved their details and textures.

And last and once I got it, not least, The Veiny Victor (Ultra-realistic suction cup dildo) – AGAIN, it was on sale. I’m broke a lot of the time, so starter toys on sale sounded like a win to me. It was bigger than most wimpy started dildos and of course had a suction cup, which is important in my search.

20 Feb 2014

Sex Toys : The Palm-Tech LX20

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Hey Guys,

I’m excited to say that I’m having a whole new branch of reviews I’ll be writing for items here for our Adam4Adam Store. So as an everyman, I’m gonna examine and test and review these toys for you to show what can be offered and if it’s worth buying.

That being said though, this is MY review. MY opinion. Doesn’t have to be yours. If you want an opinion to really listen to, buy it and get your own :)

The Palm-Tech LX20

 This is a great toy. Let me just start off saying that.

Picking it up and unwrapping you feel it’s heavy but still very squishy. But don’t let that fool you, it’s VERY tight.

When you first take it out of the box, you may be concerned about size and it fitting, don’t you worry. Vigorous lubrication of course is recommended and greatly encouraged.

The entry point is lined with rubber nubs and the taut center is a finely threaded ribbed alley that feels astounding.

It feels a little large in hand at first, but once you get used to it, you don’t notice.

Clean up is easy and simple and it’s such a small toy that you can stash it anywhere if you must.

On the whole, well I guess shaft, this is a toy I highly enjoyed and recommend.

Some statistics:

  • Size: 5.88 inches long, 2.65 inches in diameter

  • Material: TPR

  • Color: Clear

  • Stroker has ribbed middle and nubbed entrance for max pleasure

  • Stretchy material helps to work with the cock contour

  • Open ended design makes clean up quick and easy

It’s on sale right now and you can find it in the  Adam4Adam Store !

Easily a 5 out of 5 from me.
27 Nov 2013

Sex Toys : The Holiday Erection Collection

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Black Friday is right around the corner and we thought about offering you a nice promotion on a selection of items in our Toys Store!

With coupon code “A4ABF”, get 50% off on all selected merchandise! It’s our gift to thank you guys for making A4A #1 across the planet!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Shopping on A4A Store!

A4A Team


15 Oct 2013

Sex Toys : Cockrings

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Hey guys, I hope you are all having a wonderful day!?

Today I want to get your opinion on cockrings. I want to know if you guys use them?

Personally I never tried any…

Maybe because I don’t really know what it is for?! What does it create when you have it on? Do you feel better when you cum?

Anyone here addicted to cockrings? Who always have sex wearing one?

Let me know…maybe I’ll become a cockring lover too!

For those of you who wants to buy cockrings, visit our Toystore, we have some for every budget.

Also our friends at Freshpair are offering a FREE cockring with every purchase of 65$ of underwear. It is a nice promo, treat yourself!


23 Aug 2013

Hot or Not : Prince Albert Piercing

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The Prince Albert is a ring-style piercing that extends along the underside of the glans from the urethral opening to where the glans meets the shaft of the penis. Did you know that the Prince Albert healing time can take from 4 weeks to 6 months and that a fresh Prince Albert piercing may cause bleeding, swelling and inflammation. I heard that that Prince Albert invented the piercing that shares his name in order to tame the appearance of his large penis in tight trousers…

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