24 Feb 2015

Stories : How I Became A Cock-Sucker

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In Europe one time with some gay Dutch friends, we entertained ourselves one cold night with a game called “How I Became a Cock-Sucker.”  The only American at this gathering at my friends’ home in the Netherlands, I told them how it happened to me.


The beginning of my cock-sucking began when I was a young teenager in the 1970s.  Many of you were born way after that time, and so you might find this “ancient history.”  We didn’t have cell phones, personal computers, or faxes in those days.  We didn’t even have answering machines.  If you needed to get hold of a person on a phone, you called them on the rotary phone and talked to a person or you didn’t.


It was a much simpler time:  good in some ways, not so good in other ways.  Not so good was the “closetness” of gays.   Some gay guys were out, but in small Midwestern towns, for the most part, if you were gay, you were not out.  Being gay and young in a small Midwestern town was not easy.  There were no gay characters on TV, no gay magazines you could buy in my small town, and “gay marriage” would have been laughed at or been an idea most people thought too horrible or sinful to contemplate.

19 Feb 2015

Stories : Father David

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I was filling my car with gas.  In a churchyard across the road, I saw a man in black shorts and shirt unloading what looked like shrubs or small trees with large root balls from a pick up bed.  Leaving the pump, I pulled into the church parking lot and asked if I could help a little.  He thanked me and said he didn’t want to be a bother, but “Yes, please.”.

   He spoke with what I thought was a Mexican accent, that turned out to be Brazilian. And closer, I saw the little white square on his collar that told me he was a priest.  He had beautiful dark eyes and a big smile; I liked him right away.
     He was very talkative and friendly and a couple hours passed before I knew it. We were finished  planting 9 or 10 shrubs and were both wet and dirty when he said, “Let’s clean up and have a drink.”

15 Feb 2015

Stories : A4A Member Is A Published Novelist

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Chris Burrow aka Gerpsy on Adam4Adam is a 23 years old published novelist. He sent me an email a while ago and I decided to show you guys what he does. He is extremely talented!!! Growing up, Chris loved comic books. He was completely enamored with the tales of the Fantastic four, Avengers, Spiderman, etc. He knew he was gay and that he had to keep it a secret from his incredibly conservative family, so he felt completely alienated and alone growing up. He clung to his comic books because they gave him an escape. As he grew older and became more perceptive, he realized there weren’t any heroes like him out there in the comics; no one who was attracted to the same sex was saving the day. Recently more characters in comics have “come out,” and it’s wonderful. There still aren’t any pivotal characters- like Captain America, Spider Man, Wolverine- who are openly gay. So he decided to create his own hero, who happens to be gay, in the form of the novel. He hope readers will take from reading that the narrative is not about a gay hero, rather it is about a person who tries to do the right thing who happens to be gay. Here is the synopsis to his book:

3 Feb 2015

Stories : And It Rained…

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This story, has only ever been told to two people and frankly I am not sure they believed me — but it actually happened in the early Spring of 1988, when I was a much younger and single man.  An unfortunate set of circumstances had converged — I was unemployed and had a lot more free time on my hands than I had had in the previous 10 years.

Late one Monday afternoon as I was returning from a long weekend in South Florida to see an ill relative, I was driving into my subdivision after a 4 hour haul — mostly on the Turnpike.  As I am making the short drive to my residence in the subdivision I notice a very nicely built, blond 20 some year old wearing a white tank top walking on the sidewalk in the direction I was heading.  Apparently he saw my head swivel — as I noted in the rearview mirror his hand go up as to signal me.  That was an unexpected reaction, but I really needed to get to my bathroom, so I continued the very short drive home and parked in the driveway.  He had to have seen me turn into my street.  As I was unloading the car, I noted the blond walking past my development without so much as a backwards glance.  Disappointing but oh well, I was not expecting anything anyway!

30 Jan 2015

Stories : The Blacker The Berry, The Sweeter The Juice

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(This story was written by a member, if you wish to submit a story too, send it to blog@adam4adam.com along with your username, or not, if you wish to remain anonymous)

I’ve always had a thing for black men. It’s probably because of my slightly — kinda sorta — racist mom, who repeatedly told me she didn’t have any issues with black people, but she’d prefer if I married a white woman. So I went and fucked a black man. Sorry, ma.

But all jokes aside, I’ve always found black men breathtaking and connected with black culture from a young age. I think Lenny Kravitz and Usher made the late ‘90s quite an impressionable time. I’m open to all races, of course, but as they say: the darker the chocolate, the richer the taste.

While living in rural Texas, I had fun with some white and Mexican guys, many were closeted in the conservative town, but I didn’t get much action with what I was really looking for. So you can imagine whenever a black guy popped up or Adam4Adam, my priorities changed quickly.

During one of those instances, I had a thin-framed black gentleman, 22 or 23 in age, swing by my apartment for some drinks and friendly conversation. At least that’s how it started off.

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