20 Apr 2016

Stories : The Northernmost Nag – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 – Can’t Top This

The cool concrete floor had remnants of sand from the dunes. I was underneath the water’s spray looking down at three sets of bare feet. Thinking about our layers of skin that must have washed off, I hoped this could mean a smooth finish to the rest of our week. On my right side was a man who fell into my world easier than I could have expected with our diverse backgrounds. To my left his buddy, who knew how to calm the raging tides with a mixture of muscle and wit making me feel completely at ease. In between two hot men and trying to gain control, I turned the shower nozzle on both my new friends. The water in the outdoor shower was very cold and could make you jump when not prepared for it. Samson made me pay for that shock to his system by pushing me over into Marcus. He spanked my ass red hot while Hendrix grabbed my wet head smacking his semi-erect dick on my lips.

Caught in the middle was more than just pleasurable; it was downright gluttonous this close to lunch time. And I had forgotten that our three comrades we left behind because they did not want to do the hang gliding thing were preparing us a massive feast by the pool. Samson had decided to start with my ass as an appetizer. He spread my cheeks apart and spit cold shower water on my hole. Marcus leaned against the wooded wall and watched while his buddy stuck his long tongue deep inside my ass. He knew how to eat my ass sending shivers up my spine. I should have known Samuel would rim me with the same intensity that he performed on the football field. His fingers spread me apart wide and he buried his head in between my cheeks to go deep. Pushing back hard against Samson’s wet tongue inspired me to grab his smooth bald head and move my hips like I was a Salsa dancer. My asshole was hot, wet and weeping for more of his tongue lashing. Suddenly, he withdrew his long tongue and inserted two fat fingers with ease. I moaned loudly as Samson added a third finger, his teeth biting my cheeks lightly sending me over the edge.

14 Apr 2016


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Andy has received an offer from the biggest law firm in Los Angeles that he simply couldn’t refuse. As he and his wife get ready to leave to meet Adam Russo, the man who made their dreams possible, Andy begins to feel a little anxious.

In his office, Adam admits that he’s been watching Andy closely, impressed about all the hard work he’s been doing. As they continue to discuss about his past achievements, one of Adam’s employees, Billy Santoro, walks in to drop off some files. He looks over at Andy, and takes this occasion to introduce himself. Shortly after, Adam concludes his meeting with Andy.

One day, while working late at the office again, Andy hears a peculiar sound coming from the office across the hall. He makes his way to the window to have a look, and catches Adam making out with Billy.

Billy stands half naked in Adam’s office. He gets down on his knees, pulls his boss’s pants down and sucks on his big dick. Andy can’t seem to look away. He watches as Billy gets on a chair with his ass open. Adam stretches his hole with his hands and plays with it with his tongue. He reaches inside, tasting that hairy hole. After loosening him up, he takes his cock and pushes it inside of Billy’s ass, fucking him hard while pounding on those ass cheeks. Trying to get deep inside of Billy, he flips him over on his back, while holding his legs up. He thrusts his hot cock back in and fucks him harder than before, making Billy moan even louder now. Adam pulls his dick out and jerks himself off, while watching Billy do the same. They both shoot their loads on Billy’s furry body. Stunned with what he just witnessed, Andy leaves quietly and in a hurry before someone notices the Peeping Tom.


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4 Apr 2016

Stories : One Hell of Night

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 As I lay on my back on top of the crisp white bed sheets, my legs were opened and arched as I feel Barry’s thick fingers moving in and out of my asshole. At some point he began massaging my prostate which made my dick rock hard. Veins popped out of my bulging cock as I was extremely turned on from being finger fucked by Barry. I thought to myself that this was the release that I needed after a stressful 30 days of no absolutely sex, not even me jacking off, on top of working around the clock for my lazy fat ass bastard of a boss. I needed a good fuck and a good fucking. I needed to taste a dick or two, eat an asshole, get fucked by a huge dick, and fuck an equally willing ass. I needed it all and tonight I was determined to get that and a whole lot more. After finger fucking my hole until my asshole was wet, Barry then bent his head down and swallowed my throbbing cock. It felt so good feeling his thick wet lips swallowing my cock all the while feeling his wet tongue lick the tip of my cock. Too bad I couldn’t scream with pleasure because Dean’s 7 inch thick cock was rammed down my throat. I loved sucking Dean off because he always squealed with excitement. I always say suck Dean off really good, and his mind and body are yours to do with whatever you like.

28 Mar 2016

Stories : The Northernmost Nag – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 –  Catching My Fall


Hang gliding was a hoot. Marcus did not have any fearful hesitations partly due to the huge amount of pot we all smoked and the shots of tequila we consumed after breakfast. Our scheduled time to glide was ten in the morning. Thank God nobody lost their eggs and bacon while harnessed to the manmade wings. These gliders were made from parachute style fabric and reminded me of a huge kite. They carried us high enough in the sky to have both ocean and sound views. When it was time for our last flight, I gave up my turn so Hendrix and Samson could kiss the sky with reckless abandonment.

Left alone with Konni was strangely uncomfortable this morning. I sensed some negativity aimed at me. I felt we were trying to keep our footing on sinking sand like the time we had played tennis on clay courts. Timing is everything when hitting on clay. Sliding can be a constant handicap if you don’t prepare for it. When it came to Jimmy, I was not that good at preparing for his mood swings. Chancing it I tried to use humor to get Konni to brighten up a bit. With my acting skills in tow, I faked a tumble down the dune and did my best I Love Lucy slap stick routine back up beside him. He didn’t even offer me a hand. Nor did I get a chuckle out of him either. The only option left was to ask him a loaded question, “Marcus and me want to challenge you and Jordie to a doubles match. Are you guy’s game?”

15 Mar 2016

Stories : The Northernmost Nag – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – Flying High


After we left Pirate’s Perch Oyster Bar, everyone paired off comfortably to do their own thing. Konni and Jordie hit the tennis court to give Jordie much needed lessons. I whispered to Hendrix that this match might last five minutes. Jimmy was never very patient with other players who did not meet his expectations. Carrot, Glen and Samson were going to sit on the beach and play cards until the orangey sunlight burnt out and the huge round moon rose up over their heads. Marcus had rolled us a fat blunt with expertise. Taught by his Rasta Uncle when visiting Jamaica for the summer months, he could roll a spliff, which was his Uncle’s favorite thing to do, like a pro.

Our plan was to walk along the beach until dark. Once we found the perfect place to skinny dip under the full moon, we would keep each other warm by floating together, ass high, on the raft we found underneath Konni’s house. All seven of us made a pact to meet back at the pool by the bewitching hour. Once there, plans would be made for tomorrow’s excursion to hang glide off the dunes at Kitty Hawk. Then we would snack on pot brownies made by Fangool’s talented hands, drink sweet after dinner elixirs, and sit in the hot tub until things started boiling over.