16 Jun 2014

Stories : Erotic Moment Not Involving Sex

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This has got to be one of the most erotic moments in my life, and its a long one.  I’m in my 50′s, look younger.  Honest.  I live in a small community where there are university students and some of them share a house up the hill.

I was in my front garden minding my own business when up comes a really hot hunky young boy whose got to be in his 20s on his way to the local gym.  He was wearing those nylon gym shorts along with a tank top.  His skin was tanned and glistening with sweat on that bubble boy body.  The weather was in the high 80s. He came to me to welcome me to the neighborhood.  I mean he just came up to me with a killer smile and we were “conversating.”  Yes, conversating.  Thats new vernacular for having a spirited conversation.  We were talking about my battle with crabgrass and we talked about plants.  He was a botany major at one time.  We went further into the yard and talked about the different types of flowers.  ”Is it carnivorous or is it just a lily?”

28 Apr 2014

Fantasy : Sex At Work?

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Hi guys, I hope you are all having a great Monday!?

Today I want to ask you a question, because I happened to experienced it today… And I want to see if I’m the only crazy sex maniac out there! LOL

Have you ever had sex at work? Yes, I work for A4A but you probably didn’t know that I also own a clothing store as well… I closed it for 30 minutes and had amazing fun with a regular fuckbuddy in the backstore. It was great. It’s great to have a little cocksucking action and butt licked in the middle of the afternoon! A bit stressful when people were trying to get in the store, even though the doors were locked.

Let me know if you ever experienced such experience. In your office? In the bathroom at work? In your boss’s office?


(photo credit : MEN)



24 Apr 2014

Stories : A4A Summer Fling – Part 1

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(photo credit : Baskit)

It was the summer of my third year in college and I had recently come out to my friends. I was eager to explore the possibilities with other men, more importantly I was eager to feel what people felt when they were involved with someone. Through high school and my first years of college I had only known to discretely hook up through adam for adam. The usual casual encounter left for more to desire.

My University is located in a very small city where the usual count on adam for adam never reaches 100 gay men in a radius of 50 miles. Sexually frustrated and egger for a summer fling I decided to return home for the summer. A couple months before moving home I began browsing my hometown’s a4a page. In my search I found plenty of good looking men in the many pages, but one caught my eye. He was a white boy, with a hairy body and facial hair, beautiful brown eyes, a smile to die for. I immediately sent him a message, with the usual “Hey, how is it going?” I waited for a response and kept browsing, but somehow all I wanted was for that guy to message me. There was no response.

Summer finally arrived and I moved to the Hot dessert area of southern California with my parents. Hot summer nights only meant id be in my room masturbating. The summer heat always induced me to pleasure myself. The white sheets of my bed where the only touching my body as I stroked my uncut cock inside my pants. I could only imagine of a guy to come into my room and lay on top of me. I could imagine two sweaty bodies kissing, touching, and becoming one. I could not help but to ejaculate thinking of how hot a summer fling could be. The idea that I could sweat off the heat with sex turned me on.

18 Apr 2014

Jack-Off Material : Stepfather’s Secret, The Scene

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What a coincidence… Over the past few weeks, one of our member, Enzo, wrote 3 hot sex stories about a step-dad having sex with his step-son. Well today, MEN is launching an amazing scene about a hot muscle step-dad destroying his step-son’s ass and throat in the family garage. I have to be honest, I could not keep my pants buttoned up while watching the scene…The dad (Dirk Caber) is totally the type of daddy I enjoy in my ass!

So I asked the guys at MEN if A4A members could have a special Easter promo for you to be able to watch the full scene and they offered Their $1 Unlimited Trial only for you guys. So hurry up and check out the scene and many more scenes for $1 (Usual price is $19.95).

Click here to see the full scene and check out few of the photos below….


14 Apr 2014

Stories : Horny For My Step-Dad – Part 3

Catégorie: Stories


I know I’m insane to be doing this, but here I am jacking off and licking my step-dad’s chest while he is passed out in his bed: The bed my mother slept in up until she left Mitch and I last month for some guy in Utah. I know it’s wrong on so many levels, but I’m getting close to shootings and can’t stop.

My eyes are locked on the growing bulge in Mitch’s white boxer briefs. I move to rub his crotch when he wakes with a gasp and grabs the back of my head before I know what is happening. He holds my head against his chest as his eyes slowly focus on me. I can’t bring myself to take a breath.

“Kevin?” Mitch mumbles, sounding somewhat like an accusation rather than a question. “What the fuck are you doing?”

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