29 Oct 2014

Stories : Alexander The Great

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I’ll remember that spring day 5 years ago for the rest of my life.  My boss, our company’s CEO, called a meeting for the management team at 4pm that Friday afternoon…and here’s how it all went down.


We all suspected something was up because of the number of closed door meetings, so we were all hopeful that we’d find out what was going on.  I have worked at this company for ten years (ever since graduating college) and had just recently been promoted into the management ranks.  I knew that our CEO didn’t really owe anything to me at that point to let me in on what was going on, but damn, I was really curious. There’d been a bunch of new faces around the office, most of whom had been wearing suits and ties or sports jackets which is definitely not the norm around our mostly blue collar manufacturing company.  So 4pm came and we all assembled around the board table – present were our CEO Walt, David our Operations Manager, Steve in Quality, Laura in HR, Carl in Finance, and me, Avi, our Sales Manager.  And joining us were two of the new faces I’ve seen around the office the last month or so plus one new one.

17 Sep 2014

Stories : Hospital Fuck Buddies

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(This story was written by a member, if you wish to submit a story as well, please email it to me at blog@adam4adam.com)


My name is jay and my friend name is mike. We had worked with each other in a hospital for three years. One day after work we went out to the gym to workout. He played basketball and I went for a jog. While he was playing basketball his cellphone fell out and I saw the A4A app on his phone. It freaked me out because im not out and I thought he was going to out me. Then I said why would he be on a gay site? Then the next day at work I started taking to co workers about Mike. Every female staff called him a dog and a hoe. One girl told me that she slept with Mike and he had a really big black dick and that when she had sex with him it hurt because he was to big for her.

11 Aug 2014

Stories : Hung Airport Stranger

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We’d had a good holiday, my wife and I. A couple of weeks spent lazily wandering around the Venitian islands and soaking up the sun had been just what we both had needed after a few crazy months at work.

Thanks to the hot weather I was also a lovely shade of brown; I’d been able to show off my reasonably defined hairy chest plenty of times on the beach at Lido and had met with a few admiring glances from both guys and girls so was feeling pretty good about the way I looked.

It was our last morning in Venice and we’d packed up our things and were ready to head to the vaporetto stop to meet the boat that would take to the airport. While my wife fixed her make-up in the room, I took the luggage downstairs and went to pay to hotel bill. Outside it was raining hard, the weather had finally broken and ominous rumbles of thunder were coming from the other side of the lagoon. We said our goodbyes to the hotel staff and made a dash for it. Within seconds, the crisp white linen shirt I was wearing was drenched, it stuck to me uncomfortably and turned embarrassingly transparent as we dashed through the streets, trying to avoid both people and puddles. When we reached the canal, the boat had just arrived so we clambered aboard and made our way down the few stairs that lead to the seating area. It was packed with people, so my wife and I had to sit separately, she found a seat at the back next to an old lady reading an italian newspaper and I was a few rows in front, facing the opposite direction. My seat directly faced two guys, obviously british and apparently a couple. There was obviously a few years between them, the younger guy was in his late 20s he was slim, dressed in a t shirt and shorts and had a trendy hair cut and a rather camp air about him. The other guy was probably about 40, his short dark hair had started to go grey at the temples and he had a few days stubble growth on his chin. Wearing a well fitting blue shirt that showed off what seemed to be toned body, he was handsome and beautifully tanned.

8 Aug 2014

Stories : He Fucked My Throat

Catégorie: Jack-off material : Stories


Last night, I was having Portuguese chicken with my friend on a terrace when suddenly I saw this gorgeous tall black muscular man passing right beside the terrace. He entered the shop beside the Portuguese restaurant, a gay XXX store where you can mainly rent videos but also calendars, dildos, lube etc. I was hard already…

I told my friend that we need to hurry, pay our bill and then go inside that video place, I wanted to see this dark skinned man. He was hot, tall, muscular, oversized clothes, Nike basketball shoes, Nike cap, very clean hip hop style. I got closer to him, pretending I was looking for something. He was looking at bareback porn video, in the interracial section. It made me even harder.

He took this gang bang video where a group of dudes was fucking a lucky bottom. He paid and left. I got outside and my friend asked me if I wanted to follow him. I said no, but guys, you have no idea how I love my black men. African, Haitian, Puerto Rican, as long as they are dark, they all make me crazy!

I told my friend that I needed to pick up something at the pharmacy, so he said he would go home.

I got in the pharmacy and as soon as I was in, I got back out and followed that hot man! He was walking down on Sainte-Catherine street. Few blocks later he turned right and then I walked faster to get to him. 

16 Jun 2014

Stories : Erotic Moment Not Involving Sex

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This has got to be one of the most erotic moments in my life, and its a long one.  I’m in my 50′s, look younger.  Honest.  I live in a small community where there are university students and some of them share a house up the hill.

I was in my front garden minding my own business when up comes a really hot hunky young boy whose got to be in his 20s on his way to the local gym.  He was wearing those nylon gym shorts along with a tank top.  His skin was tanned and glistening with sweat on that bubble boy body.  The weather was in the high 80s. He came to me to welcome me to the neighborhood.  I mean he just came up to me with a killer smile and we were “conversating.”  Yes, conversating.  Thats new vernacular for having a spirited conversation.  We were talking about my battle with crabgrass and we talked about plants.  He was a botany major at one time.  We went further into the yard and talked about the different types of flowers.  “Is it carnivorous or is it just a lily?”

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