27 Apr 2015

Stories : Besotted For Life By Pheromones

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(The preface to this tale can be found in the story “So Very Close” and was written by a member of A4A. If you wish to submit a story, send it to blog at adam4adam dot com)


The early summer of 1988 is permanently etched in my memory.  I met a stunning man who would become my friend with benefits — right up to the current time.  This man who I shall call Zham would become my lover and steadfast friend — on the side —  through two long-term relationships for both of us!  Don’t judge what you don’t know.

Zham and I encountered each other at a popular Central Florida bar near closing time — he was standing alone, looking rather bewildered.  Damn he was so hot.  Zham at 10 years younger than I, had just turned 19 and had the stunning body of an ardent dancer.  To say it was love with a strong dose of lust, at first sight would be accurate.  Uncharacteristically I approached him and engaged him in conversation to find out — he had been stranded by his friends and did not have any way home, other than walking.  I determined Zham lived not that far away and I offered to take him home — no strings or expectations attached.  Much to my astonishment he accepted.

To this day I don’t really know why I approached him so boldly as that simply was not in my nature, but I was certainly glad I did.  The drive was no more the 15 minutes, and we pulled into his driveway.  I left the car running for the A/C and turned off the headlights.  Zham seemed reluctant to leave the car, so we sat and chatted a little while longer.  Phone numbers were exchanged and he gave me a tantalizing kiss on the lips.  Oh my, I was besotted — for life.

14 Apr 2015

Stories : The College Roommate…Revisited

Catégorie: Stories

I recently had a run in, with an old friend of mine. He and I attended the same school together in college, and from the beginning I thought he was Adonis. Tall, toned body with olive skin and sexy thick black hair that he always kept high and tight and pushed back. He loved to show off his legs and was forever in basketball shorts and Vans. His legs were very furry, which until I had met him, I wasn’t a leg man, game changer. He had a very sarcastic yet crude sense of humor that was only understood by people who spent time around him and made most people nervously chuckle at its intensity sometimes. He and I bonded during college and became friends and actually enjoyed living together. He was always the pot head straight guy who seemed to have all the girls yet none at the same time. I was the bookworm who went the extra mile to get my work done before anything else. Somehow, our personalities meshed.

One night, he and I had a brief tussle at school involving him winding up naked and drunk in my bed and we ended up making out for an hr after he woke me up. So school finished up and we went about our separate ways and fell out of touch after school. Until recently… I checked an unused folder for my gmail and found a message from him. He wanted to get together and see how life was with me and catch up. So I met him at his house and we sat and talked, rolled up and smoked and had a few laughs hanging out and going over life. At some point, he stands up to grab himself something to drink and asks me if I wanted anything and I paused briefly, and being much more forward than I was back then when I was shy and timid to everything I looked him straight on and said “you…” as he was standing up before me, there was a brief pause and a tension in the air, I looked up and saw a very evil and sexual grin creeping across his face and from my peripherals I saw his basketball shorts growing a bit snug rather quickly.

18 Mar 2015

Fantasy : Teacher/Coach/Daddy

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(Photo : IconMale)

“Lucca is in the change room at the school gym and runs into his beefy coach, Rock. Lucca can’t help but watch his hot, older coach undress and hit the showers. He nervously steps into the showers and starts soaping up his body as well, and gets caught sneaking a peek. Embarrassed, he turns away until he feels a tap on his shoulder. Lucca turns around slowly, frightened of what he might see, but soon he is grabbed into a hot kiss under the shower stream. In seconds both guys are rock hard, kissing up against the wall. R

Rock grabs Lucca’s wet hair to pull him in deeper. Rock pins Lussa against the shower wall and starts teasing his hole and stroking his dick from behind. Lucca spins around, drops down and starts worshiping his coach’s cock. The coach and his student start fucking standing up in the shower, and reaching back to meet each others lips under the water. Lucca lays back on a bench near the lockers and Rock drives into him over and over until they’re practically both falling off onto the floor.”

That is a great story right? I remember when I was younger, I had a crush on my phys.ed. teacher. Oh how I wish this would have happened to me at the pool, when I saw him naked in the locker room…. Damn, gets me hard to think about it! Have you ever fantasized about a situation similar to this one? Do you like hot older men?

(Click here for the video and more photos)


13 Mar 2015

Stories : After Match

Catégorie: Fantasy : Jack-off material : Pornstars : Stories


( Photo credit : Next Door World )

Good friends Mark Long and Brandon Moore are returning from a messy game out on the pitch, and their clothes show it. Muddy and sweaty, and not wanting to track a mess all over the house, Brandon tells Mark they’ve got to strip down before they can sit anywhere. Mark seems a bit incredulous, and also a bit worried of Brandon’s motives, but he figures it’s no big deal and comes out of his skivvies.

Moments later, Brandon can tell Mark is visibly cold, and in need of a warm up. Resorting to a tried and true method, Brandon nudges Mark’s leg in a suggestive gesture, and moments later he’s sucking off his friend right there on the couch. Mark is hesitant at first, but he figures what the hell, and besides, Brandon’s mouth feels absolutely amazing, so Mark decides to throw his head back and enjoy it.
Brandon takes the opportunity to live out his fantasy with his straight friend, and begins downing his giant cock, choking on it down to the base of the shaft and then spitting and working the head until Mark can no longer hold out. Mark turns Brandon over on his back and begins to pump him full of hot hard cock, as Brandon closes his eyes and absorbs every deep inch of Mark’s pounding thrusts. The two guys switch and Mark lets Brandon ride his cock, which Brandon does enthusiatically, grinding on Mark’s pelvis as his own hard dick flops against his stomach in a rhythmic cadence, until he takes hold of his dick and lets fly a massive load all over his living room, before getting down on his knees and taking Mark’s hot load straight to the face.

Looks like they made a mess afterall.

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5 Mar 2015

Stories : So Very Close

Catégorie: Jack-off material : Stories

In the fall of 1980, I was busy as all get out — I had my first home, I was in college struggling towards a degree and working 30 hours or more a week.  To say time was a luxury would be accurate.


Oh something else happened in September of 1980 — I was no longer a virgin.  I had a boyfriend.  I shall call him Mac for the purposes of this story.  Mac had just turned 18 (I was 21), I had known him since he was 16 — and had watched him mature.  Mac at 18, was six foot even, with a very lean build, a well formed arse (he loved to play racket ball!), a mostly hairless torso — with a nice ‘happy trail’, a gorgeous smile, and brown/gold eyes topped off with a mop of straight light brown hair that had a tendency to fall over his eyes.  He was one handsome young man.  While I had watched him mature — it was strictly hands off as I did not want to risk legal entanglements with an underage minor.


The first time we had sex happened after I had invited him over for pizza and one thing led to another and we ended up sitting very close to each other on the floor looking at the fish in a 55 gallon aquarium.  As our knees touched I noted the bulge in his shorts and was actually bold enough to ask him, if he wanted to play.  His response of “hell yes!”  was nice to hear!  He climaxed in seconds, but the second time was much better — as was the third.  I think he may have managed  fourth go around if he had not noticed what time it was.  He was one very horny guy!

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