2 Dec 2014

Stories : Kneading What You Want – Chapter 2

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After that afternoon, I didn’t see much of Ward for a couple days and since we had many mutual friends I began to wonder what might happen to my new-found social circle if he told people about our encounter.  I cautiously broached the subject with a friend we both knew and asked if he had heard from Ward in the past few days.  I brushed the request off casually, ending with, “I just haven’t seen him around.”  Kevin said Ward looked after his mother and sometimes was out of touch for a few days or that he may have had another fight with his girlfriend.  He assured me that Ward would resurface when he felt like being around people again.


I was still not comfortable with my sexuality and was always sensitive to situations that could become physical with

retaliation.  So it was with some trepidation that I responded to a phone call I got a couple days later.  “I want to come over and talk to you about the other night,” he said rather gruffly when I answered.  I swallowed with anxiousness, but agreed.  Shortly thereafter, Ward showed up at my apartment dressed in a nylon running jacket and pants.

30 Nov 2014

Stories : Kneading What You Want

Catégorie: Stories

There have been several, he said feigning modesty, occasions of note in my sexual history; like the time I spent part of a summer as a caretaker in a gay nudist colony, or the guy I picked up by leaving a note on his car windshield wiper,  or the twins whose natural body tempt was 100 point 5  (talk about a hot lover), but I think the best example would be to tell you about Ward.


I guess I should preface this by telling you that although I had had sex with other males since I was 13,, it was not until I was 25, in college, still having sex with men while dating a wonderful girl, did I decide to finally face who I was.  I was engaged to a wonderful woman and could not go through with it, as much as I really wanted to.  I knew I could never love her in the way that she needed to be loved.


I graduated college with my new self-accceptance (kind of) and made my way to a job in Chicago that was almost too good to be true — and it was.  I was soon unemployed and later found a job at a radio station in a suburb.  I was making friends, being new in town and got invited to a party by one of my recent acquaintances.  When I walked in, there, slouched in an easy chair, was an extremely handsome, black, to-the-point-of-nubian-blue stud with a crotch that looked like someone’s fist was stuffed in his Levi’s.  He had a scowl on his face that looked like he was ready to rip off someone’s head so I didn’t try to engage him in conversation.  It was just a straight, friendly get-together, bar-b-que kinda thing and I went to mingle with the few I knew and maybe meet a few others.

19 Nov 2014

Stories : Gotta Love Those Younger Black Men

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I’ve always had this thing for younger black men.  I grew up near an air force base in Michigan where there plenty of black airmen running about and driving me wild.  I will always regret when I was walking down a road one day on my daily walk when a hunky, cute black airman asked if I wanted a ride.  I froze and shook my head no.  What can I say?  I was young and not too bright.


Through the years, I’ve traveled throughout the world and encountered plenty of young black men.  I just love the color and texture of their skin, the contrast between their darkness and my lightness, and, of course, their deep voices, their big cocks.  They have the most luscious huge cocks, and I haven’t met a black cock I didn’t like — or didn’t like me.


I was traveling for work in Chicago a few years ago, staying in a great hotel overlooking beautiful Lake Michigan.  Black men were everywhere I went in Chicago:  running the shoreline, hurrying to work, going about their business — driving me wild.  I swear I had an erection for the whole six weeks I was in Chicago as the cute young black men were everywhere.


One night, alone in my hotel room, I decided to go online as I was in a pent-up frenzy with these black men driving me crazy.  Out of the blue, a younger black man started chatting with me.  He asked my age and I said that I was in my later 40s.  He was in his mid-20s and he loved older men, he said.  He was just a couple of miles away and said he could come to the hotel room, if I wanted.  I saw his photo, and he looked absolutely gorgeous. I said, sure, come on over.  Anticipation entered ever pore of my body.  A gorgeous six-foot four-inch 20-something black man was going to be over soon, I hoped.  You never know with online hook-ups, so one can never be sure, but ten minutes later, there he was.

3 Nov 2014

Stories : Poolside Quickie

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(photo : Sean Cody)

I decided to escape reality for a day, so I drove the 90 miles to Palm Springs and got a room at one of the city’s clothing-optional gay resorts. The cute blond boy at the counter jokes about me having the resort to myself, as it appears I am one of only seven guests staying at this 30-room hotel tonight. That’s fine with me: It’s 112 degrees and I am more interested in relaxing by the pool than cruising random guys.


I step into my room and am blasted with the cool air of my large suite. I toss my bag on the dinning room table, peel out of my sweaty clothes and drop onto the large bed with a sigh.


I didn’t intend to take a nap, yet wake to the heavy shadows of sunset. Looking through the curtains, I see the place is still deserted: I’m guessing the few people staying here are probably at dinner. Dinner sounds good but the pool sounds better, so I step out of my room and jump into the pool. The water is warm and I float on my back to admire the sunset-streaked sky.

29 Oct 2014

Stories : Alexander The Great

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I’ll remember that spring day 5 years ago for the rest of my life.  My boss, our company’s CEO, called a meeting for the management team at 4pm that Friday afternoon…and here’s how it all went down.


We all suspected something was up because of the number of closed door meetings, so we were all hopeful that we’d find out what was going on.  I have worked at this company for ten years (ever since graduating college) and had just recently been promoted into the management ranks.  I knew that our CEO didn’t really owe anything to me at that point to let me in on what was going on, but damn, I was really curious. There’d been a bunch of new faces around the office, most of whom had been wearing suits and ties or sports jackets which is definitely not the norm around our mostly blue collar manufacturing company.  So 4pm came and we all assembled around the board table – present were our CEO Walt, David our Operations Manager, Steve in Quality, Laura in HR, Carl in Finance, and me, Avi, our Sales Manager.  And joining us were two of the new faces I’ve seen around the office the last month or so plus one new one.

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