30 Jul 2015

Stories : Ginger Spice

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(photo: NextDoorBuddies)

I was on A4A cruising the ads for a possible hookup, when I came across one for a sexy hot redhead who just happened to be online. I started chatting with him and he was looking for a hookup, too, so we worked out the details and he was coming over to my place for a little play.

I tidied up my bedroom and got the lube, condoms, and towels ready for our session. I was freshly showered and douched, so everything was ready for his arrival.

It wasn’t long until I heard him pull up in the driveway, so I went to the door to greet him. Talk about a hot fucking ginger! Damn! He came inside and I extended my hand to shake his, and said, “Hello, I’m Kevin,” and as he shook my hand, he replied, “I’m Chris.” I then started walking back toward my bedroom and he followed. We entered my room and I began undressing and so did Chris. He was not only very handsome, but, a nice stocky body. I love stocky men. He was about 5’10, 190, and a nice 7” cut cock that was “as big around as a toilet paper roller,” according to Chris. We both kept our underwear on, as he told me that was a fetish of his.

22 Jul 2015

Stories : Still Hot In Toronto

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(photo : High Performance Men)


After my first experience with an escort, I was so sexually aroused and satisfied, I decided to pursue this newfound delight just a little further. In fact, I was infatuated with the fact that I could be with such hot muscled men (who typically were way out of my league). Don’t get me wrong, I get plenty of hookups. But, they are very average guys (like me) and I discovered that I didn’t have to settle.


For those who may not have read the first installment, I am your very average 45 year old gay male. I’m 5’9, 200 lbs. (got a small gut – not obese), brown hair, green eyes, and a nice 7” cut cock. In fact, I’ve always thought that my cock is really my best feature. Most guys I hook up with are hooking up with me because of my cock pic. My best feature is hidden, so I usually haven’t much luck picking up guys in the bars or even in the baths. On my last visit to Toronto, I hooked up with a very hot escort who gave me the ultimate sexual arousal and satisfaction. I actually shot my load without any touch to my cock. I’ve NEVER had that happen before this experience. So needless to say, I was VERY aroused with this hot fucking man and after having him, I decided I wanted more.

16 Jul 2015

Stories : Hot In Toronto

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Written by A4A member, Dickken

I live in western New York and it’s very rural. Most people hear NY state and they think the city. Not so here where I live. So every now and then I travel to Toronto for some hot sexy fun. This particular trip was the most outstanding trip of all so I have to share the experience!

First off, I’m a 45 year old gay man who is very average and never had much luck picking up guys. I’m just too average and after all these years, it’s no big deal to me. So I get to Toronto and check into a hotel room that is centrally located in the gay village. I love that you can walk to everything in Toronto and just leave the car parked in the garage. Once everything is put away, I’m ready to go walking and find what I can in beautiful Toronto. It was early afternoon and off I go to explore!

As I’m walking around the village, I come to a restaurant that had various local gay magazines right in front of the entry, so I picked up a few of those to take back to the hotel with me. I visit Hernando’s Hideaway, my favorite Mexican restaurant in Toronto for a bite to eat. Then it’s back to exploring the village on my way to my hotel room. I see a few places I want to check out later when I hit the bars and make note of them.

Back in my room, I start perusing the gay mags I picked up. I notice right away they are loaded with ads for “escorts”. Intrigued, I continue to look at the various ads and just the thought of not having to try and pick up a guy at the bar is very interesting to me. I see a guy that is all muscles in the ad and he said his rates were $80 for an erotic massage. I’ve never had an erotic massage and his rate was fantastic, so I gave him a call. His name is Mark and yes, he does the erotic massage totally naked. I asked if he would answer his door naked as well, and yes, that was no problem either. So he gives me his address and I shower and then I’m off to meet Mark – a sexy muscled rent boy. How exciting!

14 Jun 2015

Gay Stuff : Experimenting With Your Sexuality

Catégorie: Gay Stuff : Stories

Having sex with other guys at first was generally confusing.Some guys kissed weird.  Some guys were a lot more rough than I anticipated.  Some guys just laid there.  Some guys slobbered all over my face and told me how hot it was.  I licked one guy’s nipple and he came on the spot then threw me out because he was embarrassed.  I had to make one guy leave because the way he delivered blowjobs reminded me of a dog going after his chew toy.  At some point I thought to myself “First off, guys don’t know what they’re doing and secondly…what exactly do I WANT them to do to me?”

Exploring your sexuality isn’t always a straight guy wondering what it’s like to be with another guy.  (or conversely, gay guys wondering what it’s like to be with a woman).  That’s just sexual curiosity and I’m sure at some point everyone at least considers what the other sexualities do exactly.  I watch straight porn because I think it’s hot, but sometimes when I’m watching it I think to myself “so…I’m supposed to punch a woman’s vagina?  That’s what girls like?” – It’s all very strange to me, but it’s still just a curiosity.  Although I did have sex with women early on I’ve never felt a romantic or emotional/sexual attraction to women.

3 Jun 2015

Stories : Another Round….

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(photo : MEN)

I saw him behind the bar making about five different drinks at the same time. Standing maybe about 5ft 8 inches tall give or take the shoes he was wearing. His dirty blonde colored hair pulled back into a ponytail exposed his chiseled yet handsome face.  His smile was wide and inviting, his deep brown eyes seemed to sparkle as he talked. Immediately I thought,  “I wanna fuck him…..tonight.” I walked over to the bar with a plan forming in my mind about how I’m gonna stick my dick in this guys ass. And speaking of ass, boy did he have a nice one. At one point he turned around and the slim fit jeans he wore showcased a nice, plump ass that was on display for all to see. It was at that point I thought, “I’m fucking that pussy tonight.”


Once he got around to taking my drink order, I decided to turn on the charm. “What can I get you?” he asked. “Rum and Coke.” I replied, looking him in the eye and smiling. He smiled back. “Coming right up.” I then took my seat at the bar directly in front of his station where he was serving from. In a matter of minutes I had a very strong Rum and Coke sitting in front of me. Heavy on the rum mixed with a splash of coke. “I forgot to warn you, I’ll get you fucked up.” he replied with a smile. “A man after my own heart.” I replied. “Cheers.” I said after raising my glass before downing this powerful drink.

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