22 Jan 2015

Stories : The Twins – Part One

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My highschool years were not a lot of fun.  My folks went through a divorce and my mother learned to love her little helper pills after work.  Rather than mellow her out they made her loopy and whining.  I ended up living with friends most of the time and ended up moving into my best friend’s house for a while at the end.  His older, gay brother initiated me into gay sex but personally he freaked me out.

School ended and I struck out on my own.  I did not have a car so I traveled on bicycle to a small town where I had relatives.  I got an apartment above a shop downtown.  It was small.  Hell, it was tiny!  The living room was only about seven feet wide but ran the length of the apartment. Off to the side was a small nook and then the kitchen in what looked to be a converted closet.  Upstairs was a loft with the bedroom and a bathroom.  The building had been built in the 20’s with tall ceilings and radiator heat.  But, it was cheap and I could walk to work.

I did not have a lot to do once I got settled in.  I worked and sometimes saw my aunt, but for the most part I was a new kid in town and didn’t know anyone.  So, with little else to do, I would walk through the downtown neighborhood.  With no particular purpose, I would just wander and look. I was looking for something. . . anything.  If you took my sexual experience in religious terms, I was one light bulb away from being Amish.

17 Jan 2015

Stories : The Straight Boy Next Door

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All right, I’ll be honest about this part. I am between apartments at the moment, and its driving me nuts. The guy I am staying with is a good friend from the early days of me living here and he is like family. But not having any privacy but for the few wee hours of the morning when I get home from work, thats all the quiet time I have to myself. This being said, I have a high sex drive to begin with and this is frustrating not having time to have the time I need to get a good finish.

Frustrated, I took a walk for a pack of smokes last night and came back. Upon my return, I find the next door neighbor and a guy whom I haven’t met before. The new guy was totally handsome, tall, long thick hair tucked beneath his ball cap, and a very fitted pair of jeans that drew the attention painfully and longfully downward…I didn’t even catch his name because I couldn’t stop staring at his eyes, they saw something, carnal. I said my goodnight and thought ‘Damn, that is FIIIIINE standing on the porch, something a schmo like me can’t even get. Cause he’s straight. I sat back down, wondering what stayed zipped behind his fly…but alas, I reminded myself the moment had passed. So few and far…but I turned my fingers to the web and struck up a conversation with a very local guy who was interested in getting sucked. We met in this car, which he had kindly warmed up before texting me to come find him, and he was sitting in the front seat kneading this crotch as I walked up…I sat in the passenger seat and turned. It was the guy I had been staring at earlier on the porch, and he greeted me with “so you wanna choke on some nutt boy?”. I sat momentarily, frozen and aroused like never before…I looked him on, and without pause, I deepthroated him down to his balls. I came up after a few seconds for air and pause, and replied to the earlier question with “I think the real question is, are you ready to know how a guy does it, straight boy?”

8 Jan 2015

Stories : No Power

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Here’s a story that happened to me a few years back.

Ok I’m not going to stretch the truth. And I’ll be as descriptive as possible..
First and foremost im a 37 year old white male 100% bottom. I’m 6 ft 230lbs and your typical middle aged body. Not quite a spare tire but no 6 pack either. I Have the deep voice shaved head with goatee that stays trimmed close.

Now it was on a Saturday evening and it was raining hard. So I decided to just stay in for the night and let the fem come out for awhile. So I put some candles out on the tub and got a bottle of wine and slid into a nice warm bubble bath. As the bottle got empty and the bubbles where no more I figured it was time to get out. I got out and and began to put lotion on my now smooth just shaved body when I noticed there was no power.

2 Dec 2014

Stories : Kneading What You Want – Chapter 2

Catégorie: Stories

After that afternoon, I didn’t see much of Ward for a couple days and since we had many mutual friends I began to wonder what might happen to my new-found social circle if he told people about our encounter.  I cautiously broached the subject with a friend we both knew and asked if he had heard from Ward in the past few days.  I brushed the request off casually, ending with, “I just haven’t seen him around.”  Kevin said Ward looked after his mother and sometimes was out of touch for a few days or that he may have had another fight with his girlfriend.  He assured me that Ward would resurface when he felt like being around people again.


I was still not comfortable with my sexuality and was always sensitive to situations that could become physical with

retaliation.  So it was with some trepidation that I responded to a phone call I got a couple days later.  “I want to come over and talk to you about the other night,” he said rather gruffly when I answered.  I swallowed with anxiousness, but agreed.  Shortly thereafter, Ward showed up at my apartment dressed in a nylon running jacket and pants.

30 Nov 2014

Stories : Kneading What You Want

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There have been several, he said feigning modesty, occasions of note in my sexual history; like the time I spent part of a summer as a caretaker in a gay nudist colony, or the guy I picked up by leaving a note on his car windshield wiper,  or the twins whose natural body tempt was 100 point 5  (talk about a hot lover), but I think the best example would be to tell you about Ward.


I guess I should preface this by telling you that although I had had sex with other males since I was 13,, it was not until I was 25, in college, still having sex with men while dating a wonderful girl, did I decide to finally face who I was.  I was engaged to a wonderful woman and could not go through with it, as much as I really wanted to.  I knew I could never love her in the way that she needed to be loved.


I graduated college with my new self-accceptance (kind of) and made my way to a job in Chicago that was almost too good to be true — and it was.  I was soon unemployed and later found a job at a radio station in a suburb.  I was making friends, being new in town and got invited to a party by one of my recent acquaintances.  When I walked in, there, slouched in an easy chair, was an extremely handsome, black, to-the-point-of-nubian-blue stud with a crotch that looked like someone’s fist was stuffed in his Levi’s.  He had a scowl on his face that looked like he was ready to rip off someone’s head so I didn’t try to engage him in conversation.  It was just a straight, friendly get-together, bar-b-que kinda thing and I went to mingle with the few I knew and maybe meet a few others.

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