16 Jul 2014

Music : Adele’s New Album, 25

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Adele is preparing the release of her third album later this year and yes, it will be called 25 - which falls in line with the singer’s first two efforts, 19 and 21. On Tuesday The Wolrd Muisc Award made a tweet confirming that Adele will embark on a tour in 2015.

“The album is written, recorded and finished” said a source to the The Daily Star.

“The plan is to release internationally on iTunes as a complete surprise without any previous promotion or build-up publicity campaign. The shock tactics worked amazingly well for Beyoncé and the feeling is Adele’s new album is so widely anticipated it doesn’t need a long promotional build-up.”

Will you rush to iTunes when it will come out? Are you a fan of the singer?



15 Jul 2014

Watch This : Naked In The Streets Of L.A!

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VH1 went viral when they launched this commercial for Dating Naked, the new reality show featuring willing singles wearing nothing else than their birthday suit.

Watch the sexy commercial after the jump and watch these dancers fully naked as they dance in Los Angeles streets to “I’m Just Wild About Harry“,  as bystanders smile at the sight of genitals bouncing around!

Dating Naked premieres on July 17 at 9pm on VH1, will you watch it?


14 Jul 2014

Gay Stuff : Straight?

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Hey guys, I hope you all had a great weekend!

Today, I would like to talk about “straight” guys who are having gay sex! I want to talk about this because this weekend I met a “straight” guy from Jordan, he was beautiful (you know how gorgeous Jordanians are….) and he was calling himself “straight”. Is it me or these guys are not so straight? I mean they call themselves straight, but they get their dick sucked or get their ass fucked…. In my book this is being gay, or at least bi.

I know we have “straight” guys having gay sex reading our blog…guys let me know why you still consider yourself straight? I don’t want to label anyone here, I just want to know why? Is it to get guys easier? Because you know that some gay guys are attracted by a man who say he is straight… Or is it because you are living a straight life (wife and kids) but you love having gay sex on the side? Or is it because mentally, you cannot consider yourself gay because for you, it is not ok to be gay?

Let us know… because we like our bi guys…well, I do!


12 Jul 2014

Pornstar : Paddy O’Brian Gets Gang Banged

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Hey guys, there’s a new scene on MEN with Paddy O’Brian where he gets hang banged by Alex Brando, Allen King, Damien Crosse and Gabriel Vanderloo. Prisoner Of War 4 is a quite spectacular scene being that it is shot in a bunker and all the guys are wearing army outfits. Who doesn’t love a army man?

Check out the trailer here and see few pics below!

Have a great weekend!


10 Jul 2014

Photography : Rick Day + Dave

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Hey guys, last month I was in NYC to meet one of my favourite photographers, Rick Day. I contacted him, thinking he would never reply, asking if he would like to take nice pictures of me. He answered me within 5 minutes ” Are you free tomorrow at 6:30pm? ”

I jumped in a plane and the next day, I was shooting almost naked in his East Village studio. I was very stressed at first, even had to go to the bathroom, to concentrate and pinch myself, telling myself I was here, shooting with Rick Day. When I came in his studio, I was like “maybe he didn’t see properly the photo of me that I sent him” or  ”he probably regrets inviting me” etc.

We were suppose to shoot for 45 minutes, and ended up shooting for 3 hours. We had a blast! I wanted to show you our work and of course to know your opinion about it. I won’t put the photos that are tooooo suggestive (frontal nudity) but I don’t mind showing a bit of butt. I think that Rick (and I) made something beautiful! So click “more” to see the photo I selected.

Thanks guys!


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