13 Apr 2015

Speak Out : Exploring My Bisexuality

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I have read some of the comments on A4A concerning str8 and bisexual activity among males. I still believe the vast majority of Str8 guys would engage in sexual activity with other males if the right opportunity presented itself. I am clearly a defined bisexual male. From the time I had wet dreams as a teenager until now, I knew that I could be aroused sexually by males and females. I have always been mesmerized by beautiful bodies—male or female!

My Str8 orientation led me to marry a beautiful 20-year-old female when I was approaching my 26th birthday. We had two children, a son and a daughter, who are now grown. I cannot remember a time when I was not attracted to my wife, and we had a very active sex life until she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at an early age. That diagnosis was several years ago and I have turned to male sexual activities to satisfy my needs in the absence of my wife.

10 Apr 2015

Gay Stuff : Your Ideal Man

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It’s Friday! I hope you guys had a great short Easter week…

Today I’d like to know what is your type of man? Over the years managing the blog, I’ve read from many of you that you are “tired of the gay stereotypes”, that there are “not enough average guys in porn”, that “the gays are too plastic and all about the look and muscles” , that “there isn’t enough diversity in the community” etc.

I want to know what gets YOU off? What kind of man do you like the most? I am not only talking looks here, “envelope” and personality! His shape, his ethnicity, his size, his height, his sex role and age, but also his education, his values, his humour, how extroverted/introverted he is etc.

Is he short, Asian, bottom, shy and submissive? Is he a tall bear, versatile and goofy? Is he Black, with a nice bubblebutt and a big heart? What is your ideal, the man of your dream? Make sure to leave your username at the end of your comment, maybe your ideal man will read it and will want to chat with you or even meet you, who knows?!

Have a good Friday!


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9 Apr 2015

Speak Out: Deliciously Disabled & Disrobed

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(Photo credit: Alejandro Santiago Photography 2015)

Every time I see those obligatory bathroom shots of the really attractive guy posturing at his mirror in the hopes of enticing a part time lover for the evening, I let out a wee smirk of excitement and giggle. This is primarily for two reasons.  First, I must admit, I love seeing people own their sexuality, and whenever someone has the stones (puns intended) to be that bold, it is a turn on of epic proportions. It’s like they’re saying, “this is who I am. Deal with it.”   Confidence is one hell of an aphrodisiac in my books.

The second reason that I gleefully grin at these types of photos is because I am extremely envious of the ease with which they were taken, how simply the individual whipped off their clothes without a second thought, and took the picture. In a matter of 20 seconds, the guy is completely au naturel. He is baring all in the buff, independent of anyone else’s hands or help.  What I would give for it to be that easy.

8 Apr 2015

Speak Out : I Have A Small Penis!

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(photo : ItsGonnaHurt)

Hi guys, I received this message from a member who would like to get your opinion about small penises so I am just posting the entire message he sent me, let’s discuss about it and comment below!

“Allo Dave, I am aware of an interesting situation right now and wondered if you could bring it towards group discussion. Can we discuss the topic of men with small penises, how it affects their social / dating life / sense of self / sense of manhood? Can we discuss with the group if they would or would not have a man with a small penis as a sex partner / life partner. How do men who are average to above feel about men with smaller penises? Do you reject such men? Can we hear from men with smaller penises about how they cope with any perceived or self perceived pressure about the small size of their penis? How are they treated by other men?
Thank you Dave “

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7 Apr 2015

A4A : Suggestions For The Blog?

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Hey guys,

I would like to get your suggestions. I have created this blog 5 years ago and sometimes it is hard to get new ideas for posts and always be fresh and relevant. Do you have any suggestions? Any opinions you would like to have from other members? Any “hot or not” suggestions? Any porn stars you would like me to interview? Do you have any sex stories you would like me to post on the blog? Would you like to submit your profile as a member of the week? Would you like to share with other members something important that happened to you recently? Would you like to see more porn? More videos?More A4A members? Please write your suggestions in the comment section below and send your text or profile submission to blog@adam4adam.com ! Would you like contests?

I was thinking about having a page with all the access and promo to porn sites, would you like that?

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Have a great week guys and thank you so much:)


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