20 May 2015

Gay Stuff : What Turns You On Or Off?

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(photo: RandyBlue)

Guys are sexy males—not robots—when it comes to sexual preferences! A4A members have their own personal desires and preferences in determining what turns them on and off! Here is a list of preferences and variances. Please comment, score yourself on the importance of each item, and add to the list of desired: (Copy/paste the list, then score each item 1-5, with 5 being the highest.)

  • ___Significance of seeing a prospective playmate in street clothing
  • ___You Initiate contact
  • ___Getting acquainted before first play session
  • ___Touching each other
  • ___Kissing
  • ___Foreplay
  • ___Cock size
  • ___Cut versus Uncut cocks
  • ___Shaven versus Unshaven body
  • ___Shaven versus Unshaven genitals
  • ___Body ink art
  • ___Body piercings
  • ___Importance of anal penetration
  • ___Desire for Fellatio
  • ___Cum delivery in mouth
  • ___Safe Sex or Anything Goes Practices
  • ___Role Playing
  • ___BDSM
  • ___Desire for an LTR
  • ___Age difference more than 10 years apart
  • ___ _________________

Please submit answers below with your total score and comment. (If you consider every item to be a five (5) your total score would be 100—although not probable for any healthy male.) Results will be shown on the blog Monday!

DAVID M in Texas

18 May 2015

Music : Taylor Or Beyonce & Nicki

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Last night was the Billboard Music Award where Taylor Swift officially launched her highly anticipated music video for Bad Blood. The super high-tech video features a bunch of celebs including Cindy Crawford. Taylor plays the role of what seems to be a Superwoman with crazy powers.

During the Billboard, Nicki performed with David Guetta but that is not what everybody’s talking about today, the performance was simply too average. The buzz today is around her latest music video with Beyonce for Feeling Myself. The Queen of Rap and Queen B released their music video exclusively through Tidal, Jay Z’s streaming music service. The video, which appears to be filmed entirely at this year’s Coachella festival, shows the two megastars relaxing in one-piece swimsuits, lounging in a chic pad, chowing down on hamburgers and discussing bubblegum…

Check out Taylor’s video in its entirety and Nicki/Beyonce’s video teaser below. If you you are a member of Tidal, click here to get access to see the full video.

Let me know which one you like best! I personally like both, but I have a thing for Nicki. I think she is super talented and I always love her lyrics and how she doesn’t care about what other people say.


17 May 2015

A4A : Homophobia

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Stop Homophobia

Homophobia is an insidious phenomenon that often succeeds in taking hold in a subtle, discreet and often invisible ways. Nobody is immune from hostility and hurtful acts  directed towards homosexuals and homosexuality itself. Even we as homosexuals may adopt homophobic behaviors to shield ourselves from the hate and aggression that comes from homophobia.

The International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) strives to fight all forms of Homophobia. Large scale, world-wide efforts like this are needed, as 1.5 billion people globally still live under regimes which criminalize gay relationships.

16 May 2015

Entertainment : Beauty & The Beast Got Gay!

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Todrick Hall adapted a Disney Classic and changed its name to “Beauty and the Beat Boots”. In his latest video, Hall is featuring RuPaul, Lance Bass, Ross Matthews, Frankie Grande and a bunch of other YouTube sensations. The video also stars YouTube celebrity Colleen Ballinger (aka Miranda Sings) as Belle.

Throughout the video, she goes through WeHo getting insulted by all the drag queens who sing “she really is a basic fish Miss Belle.” Watch the hot muscle guys in the video as well….very sexy!

According to Entertainment Tonight, Hall’s next video will be “Titanic” inspired and will feature pop superstar Ariana Grande! I wish my Celine would be in the video. Todrick, if you read this, contact René and Céline, I’m sure they’d love to do it!

Stay tuned!

Watch the video after the jump!


15 May 2015

Gay Stuff : Cum Delights

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Now that many of you have seen the article on “Fellatio Pleasures” we should follow up with “Cum Delights” because tops, bottoms, and versatiles are enjoying fellatio pleasure with great satisfaction! This is especially true of guys who aren’t into anal penetration—but are among thousands of mouths and throats being filled with delicious cum to the delight of both the givers and the receivers.

The sexual pleasure derived from having a hard cock in your mouth and throat is very stimulating and rewarding—especially when the giver’s cock starts to pulse at the time his cannon fires and the receiver’s mouth anticipates the cum explosion. In all probability, you will never have anything in your mouth approaching the significance of semen—a vital part of your life on earth that can be experienced in the velvety-smooth cum as it slides down your throat.

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