13 Dec 2014

A4A : Want To Help A Gay Singer?

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Hi guys, many of you already know that I sing, but I have a dream to record my first album in 2015. Since I’m a kid, I always dreamed of being a singer. I was singing in the church choir, doing singing contests around the country, getting singing lessons with the best coaches….but to have a back up plan in my life, I studied Business. I ended up working in that field all my life to pay my bills!

At 32 years old, I want to focus on my first love, music, by creating my first original songs album. And this is where you can help me. I’m actually writing the songs with musicians and friends who believe in my talent, but recording an album requires money for Recording Studio time, musicians and technicians. You can donate few dollars to contribute and help me producing my album (if you like my voice or believe in my talent) by going to my social campaign page on Indiegogo. You will also be able to listen to my first cover demo and see a full description of the project.

All the money will go to pay the studio expenses: Musicians, technicians, equipment etc. The more money we get, the nicer the album will be. Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to hire a full choir or a string quartet or to record the first single’s music video? Every dollar will help!

11 Dec 2014

Watch This : Shake That Assssssss

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Julian Serrano posted a video of himself dancing on his favorite song “Booty” by J-Lo and Iggy Azalea. It is becoming viral on gay blogs and social media all across the web. Do you like his rendition? He is definitely jiggling his jelly out there! I think that the girls in the video should have been boys though!

Check out the video and let me know your thoughts!

10 Dec 2014

Jack-Off Material : Bubble Butts!!!

Catégorie: Jack-off material


Hey guys, it’s been a while since I post pictures for you to enjoy. If you like bubble butts, well, you will love what I will show you below!

Oh, Try to find mine  ….  :P



8 Dec 2014

Health : Dating An Undetectable Man

Catégorie: Health


(This is an article I wrote a year ago, and got over 225 comments. One year later, what is your position on this?)

Today’s topic is a bit serious but so important.

I have few friends around me that are HIV positive and it brought me to want to learn more about it, learn more about them, their relationships, love, dating, sex. I asked them questions to find out that it was not easy for them to meet guys. And for my friends who are openly out about their status, it’s even harder even if they are all undetectable. They told me that as soon as they mention their status to a guy, some of them get automatically rejected. Only few seronegative guys seem to be “educated” enough on the subject to accept to go on a date and have sex with them. I say “educated'” because I think what makes people fear HIV postive guys, is thast they don’t know much about the virus and how controlled it is today with medications.

There are many myths about HIV and a good article I read last week was mentioning some of the biggest and I’d like to share some with you:

7 Dec 2014

Gay Stuff : The Gay State of Things

Catégorie: Gay Stuff

Your average gay person might know the name “Stonewall” but they have no idea where to find it in history or where to find it in real life.  The New York City based bar was the catalyst for what we recognize as the beginning of the Gay Civil Rights Movement, a “movement” that has spanned nearly 50 years.  With so many states in America changing their positions on gay marriage and other important issues, one has to wonder what we will do once we “have it”; that is…what do gay people do once the fight is over?


Our mental state is often a source of amusement and horror to me.  The way that gay men treat one another can be kind, compassionate and benevolent but more often than not we do things in hopes of getting something in return and therefore even our kindness can easily turn to vicious, combative behaviour.  I understand; the worlds we live in have not always been kind to us and the gays we’ve associated ourselves with have not always been loyal friends.  It seems to me that the more gay people I meet the more I wonder, “who raised these people?  What happened to basic manners of society?”  I wonder that our own coined terms don’t match our behaviours.  I’ve met some very rude, crass, self-serving men who insist that they are “classy”.  I wonder where our mentors are.  I wonder where the older men who have walked down this road and paved the way for us are.

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