7 Feb 2016

Health : This Can Definitely Help You Be More Happy!

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Have you been procrastinating for a long time? Thinking “oh, it’s too hard” or “It will never happen” ? I have a tendency to do that too. In many things: In love, at work, at home, with friends…. All my life I dreamed of singing professionally, been taking singing lessons for more than 15 years now, took piano lessons.

2016 is the year that I decided to really focus on this dream that I had all my life. I’m recording an EP (short album) that I will put on iTunes and see where it will bring me. I started working on it already with talented musicians and producers and I can’t wait to hear the final result, hopefully before the end of the year! I will gladly share it here when it is ready to come out.

It makes me feel alive to work on this project. I’m happy that this will finally happen! Sometimes we don’t realize that when we push things aside, it can affect how we are feeling and our level of happiness.  And working on projects we like, can definitely help us gain back the smile that was stolen by our everyday life.

Have a good Sunday guys :)



5 Feb 2016

Speak Out : I Lost My Partner To Cancer :(

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“I lost my partner of almost 24 years to complications of his cancer treatment in November. I find myself very alone even though I have a good number of straight friends. Coping has been difficult as we did everything together. I’m told counseling can help but with limited free time (I work long hours) that has not been an option. I’m moving out of the larger home we rented and going thru things has been quite a hard chore for me, what to keep and what to sell.

Anyone gone through something similar with advice for someone like me?”

David H (trimnhairy4me on A4A)

4 Feb 2016

Gay Stuff : Fellatio Focus

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Some profiles focus on Fellatio as the sexual activity they enjoy. For whatever reasons, the profilers don’t want to engage in anal action and instead want to get off with playmates limited to explosion of passionate streams of cum from hard cocks!

Limiting sexual activity to cock sucking is like a half a loaf of bread to some guys—but is all other guys want to experience. The reasons may be many, but the first thoughts about the limitation is that the profilers place restrictions on their sexual activity because of factors such as wives/girlfriends, same-sex partners with whom they are having anal, or simply they don’t enjoy it!

A4A members, what are some of the reasons you limit activities to oral without anal?


3 Feb 2016

A4A : Searching For A Playmate

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If you are searching for a potential playmate you will often search for one with characteristics and desires similar to yours. However, sometimes you may want a playmate that is distinctly different because you want a new adventure with a fresh charge of sexual energy!

Many A4A members state their specific preferences while others leave much of their profile vacant suggesting the unknowns may discourage lengthy texting for basic information. Unknowns can be intriguing—or may not be worth the effort. Some guys don’t mind having conversation for long periods of time while others may want to get to a conclusive point of interest—or disinterest—with a minimum amount of time consumed.

2 Feb 2016

Gay Stuff : Cocks Have Their Own Personalities

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Cocks are like fingerprints; no two the same. Have you noticed that these cocks have their own personalities, too? They pay attention when they want. They respond when they want. The cock enters a guy’s ass and reacts differently to that inner space. That reaction is what eventually causes the body to quiver.

But what I find most fascinating about a cock is how it shoots its load. There is the lava flow…it just pours out of the top of the cock and runs down the side of the cock and over the fingers. There is the rifle shooter…it sends forth a shot of cum that goes up and arches before it heads to the face, the wall, the chest, the back…well you know what I mean. And sometimes the rifle becomes a semi-automatic…rapid successive shots into the air. (BTW when the rifle or semi is bare in your ass you can feel each and every shot!!!!!)