24 Jun 2015

Health : What’s Your Status In Your Profile?

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Marketing is generally the driving force in all sales efforts; that includes the sale of one’s self.

Hooking-up online has it’s advantages: advantages that can get you laid quickly and matched with just the right guy. One of the advantages found in profiles are that they can tell you what a guy is into, where he is, what he looks like, and when he is available. Profiles are the online marketing tools of those seeking sex. When accurate and honest, a well written profile can reduce the talk required before meeting a sexual match to a couple of emails and help to ensure you have a great time with the right guy. When a profile is completed with detailed information, the information posted can effectively weed out those you are not interested in meeting, and invite those you want to meet. Profiles are great marketing tools!

When members join Adam4Adam seeking a sex partner, what goes in your profile—your marketing tool—will ultimately help to determine what happens sexually between you and other members of the site.

23 Jun 2015

Survey : Hookups VS Dating

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After few days, the survey told us the truth: You are all sluts! No I’m joking guys… But nearly 59% of you are using A4A for sex. Around 27% are using A4A for love and dating and 14% had other answers but mainly for friendship. The “uncertain” category also includes those who responded with comments that did not clearly define their own desires.

At the end of the day, A4A is what you make of it. Whether you are looking for love, sex or friends, just know that there are thousands of other guys like you looking for the same exact thing.

Enjoy A4A and most of all, have fun:)

Hookups:  58.9%
LTRs:  26.7%
Other:  14.4%
19 Jun 2015

Survey : Hook Ups or Relationships

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(Photo: MEN)


Some A4A members are online to connect with their next “hook ups”while others are online to find special guys to begin the next chapters of their lives. Thus, A4A serves distinct sexual interest categories for gays and bisexuals.

DEFINITIONS: “Hook ups” are online searches for immediate contact and sexual activity. “LTRs” are defined as searches for playmates/partners whose personal desires and philosophies are in sync for a long-term relationship.

Some members become self-defensive and critical of other subscribers whose ideas on sexual encounters are not similar to theirs. (Sometimes “put a sock in it” should be stated when unthinking, insensitive bloggers deride views not in sync with their own.)

18 Jun 2015

Speak Out : Couch Surfers

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Handsome man sleeping on his couch


“Couch Surfing” describes a condition that exists in present-day America. It is a condition that reflects on the lives of young adults—male and female—who have come upon hard times and are basically homeless! They are often unemployed or without full-time employment, no health insurance and insufficient income to afford an apartment of their own—even sharing costs with a roommate. Many times they are also without transportation—having lost their vehicle to foreclosure or a wreck that totaled it out. Some of the surfers are gay males.

“Couch surfers” often have lots of friends and acquaintances that provide places where they can stay the night armed with their back packs. However, their friends usually do not have the space to accommodate them with more than a couch to sleep on, and maybe a cup of coffee the following morning. Often this means a surfer must be looking for a different place night after night as they try to improve their situations. Surfers also have difficulty establishing a permanent address for mail delivery.

17 Jun 2015

Speak Out : We Built This City On Glitter and Apps?

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I live in a small town surrounded by a large military base here in Texas.  When I first moved here, there was no existing gay community at all, although many gay, bi, questioning and curious people lived amongst us.  Some of the older, more established gay guys realized that we knew one another and we had a small-to-medium sized group of guys that gravitated toward us for whatever reason (some of us had houses, most of us had good jobs and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say all of us were pretty fun).  At some point we realized that if we joined all of our forces together we could, in fact, build a community here.

“Here” includes about seven small cities that basically grew into one another, creating a stretch of cities that include Kempner, Copperas Cove, Killeen, Nolanville, Belton and Temple, Texas.  If you start in Kempner and drive down the highway you’ll drive through every one of those cities without a break in between. At the time we didn’t have all the apps that we have now so the actual “gathering” of these gays wasn’t an easy task.  We utilized a lot of social media and finally built what would become the community in this area.

In building anything you often run into all kinds of problems.  We are gay men, but we are a diverse group of people and the way we’ve trained ourselves to act around one another is often hateful, cruel and competitive.  Also, we’re a military environment so we found that we might have a large group of people for a short time, then the Army would deploy troops to the Middle East or South Korea, Africa, Hawaii, Europe…all over and then our community would shrink.  Because of this transitory environment, a lot of guys in this area are primarily concerned with just getting laid.  The average life span of a relationship is a month or so, if it survives past the week.  It seems like there are a lot of open relationships in this area and the ever elusive “straight” guy is hardly elusive.  After a while, the “I fucked a straight guy!” trophy seems over-won.  Everyone around here has fucked a straight guy.

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