3 Feb 2016

A4A : Searching For A Playmate

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If you are searching for a potential playmate you will often search for one with characteristics and desires similar to yours. However, sometimes you may want a playmate that is distinctly different because you want a new adventure with a fresh charge of sexual energy!

Many A4A members state their specific preferences while others leave much of their profile vacant suggesting the unknowns may discourage lengthy texting for basic information. Unknowns can be intriguing—or may not be worth the effort. Some guys don’t mind having conversation for long periods of time while others may want to get to a conclusive point of interest—or disinterest—with a minimum amount of time consumed.

2 Feb 2016

Gay Stuff : Cocks Have Their Own Personalities

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Cocks are like fingerprints; no two the same. Have you noticed that these cocks have their own personalities, too? They pay attention when they want. They respond when they want. The cock enters a guy’s ass and reacts differently to that inner space. That reaction is what eventually causes the body to quiver.

But what I find most fascinating about a cock is how it shoots its load. There is the lava flow…it just pours out of the top of the cock and runs down the side of the cock and over the fingers. There is the rifle shooter…it sends forth a shot of cum that goes up and arches before it heads to the face, the wall, the chest, the back…well you know what I mean. And sometimes the rifle becomes a semi-automatic…rapid successive shots into the air. (BTW when the rifle or semi is bare in your ass you can feel each and every shot!!!!!)

1 Feb 2016

Speak Out : How Long Is Too Long To Be Engaged?

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“Dear Dave,

Piggy-backing on one of your more recent posts “NYC FLASH-MOB PROPOSAL”, I wanted to ask a question that I’m sure many newly engaged couples are asking themselves: “How long is too long to be engaged before actually getting married?”

Some couples are engaged for a couple of months while others seem perfectly okay with being engaged for a year or two before they make the walk down the aisle.

I was hoping you could post this so the A4A community could way in on the topic and share personal stories, experiences, and give some practical advice to newly engaged couples we have here on A4A.

Just thought it would be refreshing to talk about something other than sex positions and cock sizes for once.


30 Jan 2016

Promotion : Get Your Free Bionic Auto Cock Stroker!

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It’s the weekend guys! Hope you all had a great week! I just want to inform you that we have this hot promo in our Sex Shop, we are giving away a FREE Bionic Auto Cock Stroker, a value of $74.99 with any purchase of $49.99 and up!

Simply add the Bionic Auto Cock Stroker in your cart, then add your regular items like condoms and lube or cock ring and enema kit and at checkout enter code “BIONICFREE16″. The Bionic Auto Cock Stroker will show at $0 as a gift from A4A!

Have fun with the Stroker!


29 Jan 2016

Speak Out : Gays & Politics

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Over the weekend I went to a local theater to see their presentation of “Bent,” a play about gays in the Holocaust. There is a movie based on the play with Clive Owens that I had seen a long time ago. The play was great and had some really amazing actors and some hard to look at scenes.

It got me to thinking about how little this was covered when I was in school. I remember learning about what happened to Jews in the Holocaust but never really learned anything about how the gays were treated lower than the Jews.