7 Oct 2014

Hot or Not : Nick Jonas

Catégorie: Hot or Not



Nick Jonas is a singer – popular with younger girls and younger gays – I heard one of his song while driving in my car this week and it was the first time I actually heard him. I knew his name of course because he’s been around for a bit (with his brothers) but his music is simply not my thing.

Last week, the 22 years old revealed a spread in Flaunt magazine where he surely grabbed gay men’s attention, after exposing, crotch, butt, abs and all the rest. Is he building a gay fan base?

My question, Nick Jonas, Hot or Not?


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6 Oct 2014

Speak Out : Date Uh?

Catégorie: Speak Out



I met a guy at my gym a while ago. We added each other on FB and we chatted and texted for over 6 months. We even met several times casually and one time for sex. I suggested to him that we should date and start being lovers since we had this great connection. He was hesitant but liked the idea to go slow and see where it would lead us.

He is a journalist and was assigned to Paris for one month. I was a bit pissed but what can I do?! We kept on chatting on FB and texting each other we even “camed” on Skype. When he came back I suggested to meet for dinner and I added ” if you are still single ” …

To my surprise, he was no longer single… But what happened in Paris or since he came back? He said he would like us to stay friends and see each other for fun etc.

“Will you still talk to me?” he said.



Ever had a bad experience like this?


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5 Oct 2014

Stories : Deep Breeding

Catégorie: Sex



Before I moved to Kansas City, I lived on a farm. My parents bred and raised Arabian horses, they also had a few cows in the back pasture and several pigs in the pen. At the time I did not realize it, but I had a great childhood. I loved the horses and would ride every chance I could get. My mother was into Dressage, and she would try to get me to ride English, pushing me to use an English saddle and post when I rode but I hated it, and intentionally made myself look bad when I did, so that she would give up and just let me ride Western. One of my favorite things to do was to lie on my horse’s back and just look up and watch the clouds pass by.

As I got older my interests changed, all I wanted to do was party, have sex and “get the hell off that damn farm”.   My parents let me sell my horse to get my first car, after that I was never around, always going into town, cursing for guys and sneaking into the local bar with my fake ID to suck a couple of straight guys that would let me go down on them around the back once they were drunk enough.

3 Oct 2014

Fitness : Few Tips For A Better Body

Catégorie: Fitness : Health : Sports


Hey guys, many of you send me emails asking me about tips to get a better body. Many of you noticed that I workout a lot and also pay attention to my health and what I eat so I’d like to share some of my tips. These tips won’t make you a fitness model, but can certainly help you eat differently, better food, pay attention to what goes in your belly versus the energy that you spend doing fitness activities.

If you are not into it, simply don’t read it, I don’t wanna read comment like “oh gays are so shallow we should accept ourselves like we are blablabla”!

Tips #1: Drink at least 1 gallon of water every day
Our body is made with 65% of water. Water helps maintain bowel function, helps keeping nice skin, helps get rid of fat etc. Don’t drink soft drinks like coca cola it is sooooo bad for you. SUGAR in your body translate to fat. Cold water for me is the best drink!

2 Oct 2014

Speak Out : Why So Many Gays Do Coke?

Catégorie: Speak Out



“Why So Many Gays Do Coke?”

I don’t take drugs so I am not in the best position to answer and I did a big cleanup in my friends recently too. I don’t want to be associated with people who are doing coke from Monday to Sunday and every time I do a little casual dinner at home. Last week, I invited 2 friends and they were in my bathroom all night doing lines after lines. I prepared a beautiful healthy dinner and they barely ate it, because they were not hungry (because of coke). I wanted to kick them out and found them very disrespectful. Last time I was inviting them…

I open my A4A app and all the hot guys I was clicking on were into PNP or other crazy drug shit. Where are the “healthy” gay guys? Where are the guys into nature, sports and fitness? I feel like many gay guys are hiding behind these drugs to be “cool” or to be part of the group or to raise their self esteem… I don’t get it!

What’s your thoughts on this?


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