5 Apr 2014

Stories : Horny For My Step-Dad – Part 2

Catégorie: Stories

It’s been two weeks since my step-dad walked in on my buddy giving me a blow job and he still hasn’t said a word about it. I’m not sure what to make of it, but he doesn’t seem to give a shit.

It’s 3:00 am on a Friday night and I’m laying here in bed on top of my sheets, trying not to think of my step-dad, Mitch. Thinking about him makes my dick hard, but I can’t shake the image of me running my hands down his ripped, furry chest. Mitch stayed out late tonight with his buddies, probably at some bar, but I heard him come home over an hour ago. The house is silent and I assume he is asleep.

I wonder if Mitch sleeps naked.

3 Apr 2014

Health : HIV Status Online

Catégorie: Health

Marketing is generally the driving force in all sales efforts; that includes the sale of one’s self.

Hooking-up online has it’s advantages: advantages that can get you laid quickly and matched with just the right guy. One of the advantages found in profiles are that they can tell you what a guy is into, where he is, what he looks like, and when he is available. Profiles are the online marketing tools of those seeking sex. When accurate and honest, a well written profile can reduce the talk required before meeting a sexual match to a couple of emails and help to ensure you have a great time with the right guy. When a profile is completed with detailed information, the information posted can effectively weed out those you are not interested in meeting, and invite those you want to meet. Profiles are great marketing tools!

When members join Adam4Adam seeking a sex partner, what goes in your profile—your marketing tool—will ultimately help to determine what happens sexually between you and other members of the site.

2 Apr 2014

Fantasy : Prison Sex

Catégorie: Fantasy : Jack-off material



MEN just released their 1000th scene this week, it is “part 2″ of their most successful scene where Johnny Rapid met Rafael Alencar and his hole was double penetrated by Rafael and a night stick in the prison shower.

In the new scene, Johnny is back in jail and he and Rafael pickup right where they left off but this time Johnny takes it deeper and harder!

Check out the photos of the scene below and let me know your thoughts!

Congratulations to MEN for their 1000th scene!


(To see the full video, click here!)

1 Apr 2014

Fantasy : What Is The Perfect Dick For You?

Catégorie: Fantasy : Jack-off material

photo 1

Everybody has different tastes, right?

Some like big cocks, some like smaller ones, some like cut cocks, some only swear by uncut and long foreskin, some guys like a huge mushroom head while others prefer curved cocks, smooth, hairy….. There’s cocks for every tastes on this planet (lol)!

Tell me what is the perfect cock for YOU? Or do you like all shapes and sizes?

My favourite cock is cut, it is around 8-9 inches, it is thick and straight, not curved. It is for me, the perfect cock to suck on and to slide in my ass without too much pain but still feeling it very well. (like the picture above)

To get you inspired, I have uploaded few pictures for you below the jump, check them out!


31 Mar 2014

Stories : Horny For My Step-Dad – Part 1

Catégorie: Fantasy : Jack-off material : Stories


My mom left Mitch, my step-dad, last week without much fuss or warning. She simply took a few of her things and moved to Utah to be with the asshole she met last year at some business conference, leaving me here with Mitch. I guess I should be more upset, but she’s been a total bitch these past few months and now the house is finally chill. I can’t help but suspect she has been planning on leaving for a long time and that she was just waiting until I turned 18 last month. I feel bad for Mitch, but he seems kind of relieved as well and said he has no problem with me staying here in his house until I finish High School and figure out what I want to do after that.

Mitch has always been cool and while he never seemed interested in playing the role of my father, he has always treated my like family. He feels more like a brother to me than a step-dad, but that is probably due to the fact he is only 16 years older than me. Mitch is also a fucking stud and I’m surer he can do better than my mom. He’s 5’11 with a worked out body, wavy brown hair, dark brown eyes and perfect teeth. He looks like a model yet makes bank as a stock. Mitch has been my jack-off material since he married my mom five years ago and I can’t even look at him when his shirt is off without getting hard.

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