13 Feb 2015

Sex Toys : Get Your Free Valentine Gift!

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We are offering to all of our members a gift with purchase when you buy $29 and more in the toystore!

If you want something fun to do with your hookup, fuckbuddy, date or boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, the Double Hole Mystery Stroker Cup is the nicest sex toy ever!! Each end opens up into a differently contoured stroker tunnel, so your cock will pass, but not meet. Of course, you could also just enjoy it all on your own.

Offer expires February 16th, or when supplies run out. Click here to get it now!

Code at checkout : DOUBLETEAM2015


12 Feb 2015

Promotion : Valentine Sale

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242976 243003

A4A and Freshpair want to treat you for Valentine’s Day! We organized a big sale with this partner and are offering you guys a big discount on underwear. We thought it would be the perfect timing to spice up your Valentine evening with your next hookup or date!

I personally ordered the red Pistol Pete jock because I think it looks amazing! (Pictures above). What is nice with Freshpair is that you can sort them by colour so, I selected RED for Valentine’s Day.

Check out the sale here!

Happy shopping!!


11 Feb 2015

Pornstars : The Hunky Dex Hammer

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(Photo : Randy Blue)


Dex is a fun loving dude that loves to party, work out and fuck (especially in orgies). This exhibitionist likes to take off his shirt and show off his muscles to everyone. He quickly gets naked and shows us what he has got on RandyBlue. And what he has, we want in spades. He has a beautifully muscled physique that is covered in dark fur that accentuates his abs and pecs. He quickly pulls out his meat, and his hard cock bounces to attention. He pounds away at his cock for a while until he turns around and shows off his hairy bubble butt. That crack is just begging to be licked. He finally gets on his knees and busts a load for you.

Check him out on Randy Blue and let us know if you like!


(More photos after the jump)

10 Feb 2015

Gay Stuff : The Gay “Community”

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In the modern day we live in it’s hard to be alone, it’s hard to find yourself able to not be touched by the multifaceted tools of humanity. But if we’re so connected to society and the world as we know it, how is it so easy to feel alone? How is it so easy to not feel like a part of a true community?

This is a huge year for the LGBT rights movement, and I couldn’t feel happier for us Nationally, but at the same time horribly underwhelmed by the actions of local “communities”. To put things in an unflattering direct light here’s a classic definition of Community, in a sociological aspect that applies to us as LGBT. Community:

  1. a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.
  2. “the sense of community that organized groups can provide”
    • a similarity or identity.
    • “writers who shared a community of interests”
    • joint ownership or liability.
    • “a commitment to the community of goods”


The top being “A  feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.” Homosexuals all over the world can relate to that definition. We all want the same thing, the ability to openly and equally share our love that our heterosexaul bretheran have had since the dawn of civilization.

9 Feb 2015

Hot Or Not : Sam Smith

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Yesterday was the Grammy Awards, the biggest party in the music industry. Sam Smith was the golden boy of the evening. Some people even re-baptised the Grammys, “The Sammys”. He won almost everything he was nominated in. Best New Artist, Song Of The Year, Record Of The Year and Best Pop Vocal Album. We are all very proud of this fellow – openly gay – British singer.

When I posted about Sam’s victories on A4A’s Facebook page last night, many of you wrote that he was very handsome and it gave me the idea of asking everyone on the blog if you guys think Sam is hot or not? He is not necessarily my type physically, but he seem to be an handsome, intelligent and loving boyfriend material. Everyone in the music industry agrees that Sam is very humble about his success and is one of the nicest dude out there. He definitely looks handsome and genuine and he is extremely talented, that is for sure.

What you think of the man?

Oh, if you missed his prestation last night with Mary J. Blige, check it out below.


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