20 Jun 2016

A4A : Members of A4A Donated …… (drumroll)

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Hi guys, I am EXTREMELY proud of everyone of you! In 24 hours, you guys raised $4,602! It is incredible. I then talked to Adam4Adam owner and asked him to double it up and he agreed to round it up at $10,000! Of course everyone at A4A was devastated by the tragedy, even more after receiving some messages from you guys telling us that some of the victims were members of A4A!

I contacted Orlando LGBT Center after seeing them on the news and talking about everything they were doing for the victims and families. I wanted A4A to help this small organization specifically. 100% of the money you guys donated + what A4A is donating will gee donated. We will even send them a check instead of using credit card or their GoFundMe page, to make sure no credit card fees or any charges are deducted from the amount we are donating.

Thanks to everyone who donated! Feel free to share the news on your Facebook timeline, I just posted the official announcement on our Facebook page so share it, like it and comment on it!


19 Jun 2016

Speak Out : We Have to Stand Up!

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(This post was written by a member of Adam4Adam. If you too would like to collaborate by writing an article or an opinion, please submit your text to blog at adam4adam.com)

Over the years, I have posted small random comments under the name Tiger. In light of everything that’s going on, I feel like it’s time I stood up. I will also be enclosing a photo to symbolize that I am not going to run or hide

My name is John, and I am a 30 year of male living in Houston, tx. I’m normally very shy and very apprehensive when it comes to approaching people. On top of that, I’m also very short, (5’3″) which combined with my demeanor makes me very easy to look over.

I have spent so much time trying to be politically correct in every sotuation, but no more. The shooting at Pulse has affected me in a way I could never have imagined.

17 Jun 2016

A4A : June 18th, Make a Difference!

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Today, June 18th, we invite all Adam4Adam members to be generous and donate to Orlando LGBT Center, a community center that helps the victims of Orlando’s attacks and their families.

Simply click this link to be redirected to our VIP Access page and select $10, $25, $30 or $75 and then click the green button “Upgrade to VIP now”! Not only you will have access to our VIP features, but you will make a difference in your community. Another way to donate is to click the link from the mailer we just sent in your A4A mailbox.

100% of the sales of today, June 18th, will be donated. Please be generous guys!

Thanks very much


17 Jun 2016

Health : Gay Blood Ban Petition – Sign Now!

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For a long history, there has been a blood donation ban on gay and bisexual men. Recently, the FDA has changed the law indicating the a gay man must remain abstinent and not engage in any sexual intercourse with other men for one year. This revision is a mockery of the LGBT community and it still promotes the ideology that being gay is transmittable through a simple blood transfusion.

Both the law and revision are absurd and only inhibits the amount of blood acquired for necessary operations. In light of the massacre in Florida, where over 100 gay U.S. citizens were either brutally killed or injured, many people in the community want to step and and donate to their friends and family. However with this regulation, they may be forbidden to do so.

If you live in the USA, please sign the petition right here so that all of us can donate to our brothers and sisters.

If you live in Canada, same regulation applies for gay blood donation. Sign the petition right here to end this now!

Thanks and please share these links on your social media using hashtag #SameBlood and #GayBloodMatters :

USA: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/lift-blood-donation-ban-gay-and-bisexual-us-citizens

Canada: https://www.liberal.ca/petitions/end-the-gay-blood-donation-ban/


16 Jun 2016

Speak Out : #WeAreOrlando

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Ryan Jason Collett, 34

That is my name up there with my age. Imagine that name or your name being in a list of 48 others being read by several people all over the country and world, much like has been done in the past few days for the Orlando Shooting Victims.

Imagine if one of those names was you and your friends. It shouldn’t be that hard because this could have happened to anyone, anywhere. That thought has hit close to home for me these past few days. Several of my friends on Facebook have expressed the same feeling…fear of leaving their house since there is no where that we can go and be safe.

The fabulous Candis Cox, a trans woman working with EqualityNC recently spoke at a candlelight vigil I attended the other night and she said something that I never considered before. She referred to our local clubs as our home, and she was right. The clubs that we go to are our homes, somewhere we go to feel safe, be who we are with our friends, partners, straight allies and more. This is one place we can let our guards down and not worry about the bad things in the world.

Not anymore.