3 Nov 2014

Stories : Poolside Quickie

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(photo : Sean Cody)

I decided to escape reality for a day, so I drove the 90 miles to Palm Springs and got a room at one of the city’s clothing-optional gay resorts. The cute blond boy at the counter jokes about me having the resort to myself, as it appears I am one of only seven guests staying at this 30-room hotel tonight. That’s fine with me: It’s 112 degrees and I am more interested in relaxing by the pool than cruising random guys.


I step into my room and am blasted with the cool air of my large suite. I toss my bag on the dinning room table, peel out of my sweaty clothes and drop onto the large bed with a sigh.


I didn’t intend to take a nap, yet wake to the heavy shadows of sunset. Looking through the curtains, I see the place is still deserted: I’m guessing the few people staying here are probably at dinner. Dinner sounds good but the pool sounds better, so I step out of my room and jump into the pool. The water is warm and I float on my back to admire the sunset-streaked sky.

2 Nov 2014

A4A : New Design Feedback

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Hey guys,

You may have noticed that after you log in you have a choice to check out our new design.

Those of you who’ve been trying it out and have already sent us feedback: Thank you!!

We’ve been making some fixes and tweaks already and next week you’ll see some bigger changes based on what you’ve been telling us. We know that you’re passionate about our site and so are we. Thats why we wanted to offer you a preview of the new design so you could check it out. We’re a very small team who are committed to building the best free service possible for you and people like you, so you can meet guys and do your thing. As often as you’d like.

Here’s a quick mini-FAQ about the changes:

Why are you doing this to the site?

We have a lot of cool plans for the the future and we couldn’t make that happen with what we had in place. Most of what changed happened under the covers. We hadn’t given the site a visual update in a very long time and we wanted something fresh and exciting that would let us continue to evolve and improve.

Is this so you can start charging for memberships?

No. Our goal has always been to provide the best multi-platform gay experience for free. That doesn’t mean that we won’t be adding some premium/supporter-only features but we won’t be placing limits on what a free member can do. You can click here to learn more about Premium access.

I love the new design, where can I send you fan mail?

Cool! send us an email at feedback@adam4adam.com

I hate the new design, it looks stupid and doesn’t work!

Sorry you’re upset. Send an email to feedback@adam4adam.com and tell me what didn’t work for you or why you didn’t like it.

Every email will be read and while we may not have time to respond to every one we, as a team, will be paying attention to what you’re saying.

That’s cool but how do I switch it back to the old version?

Go to Mailbox -> Alert Settings and uncheck “Use new version of the site” and click Update Settings.

Thanks again


30 Oct 2014

A4A : Check Out Our New Redesigned Website

Catégorie: A4A



Hey guys, we are pleased to present a NEW version of Adam4Adam. We’ve made many improvements to offer you a better experience. We hope with time you will get accustomed to the updated look and improvements. Here are some things you have to keep in mind with the new version of the website:

1. Everything is where it was: all the buttons and sections are at the same place.
2. The account home page now has a preview of your profile and you can edit/upload pics from the buttons there.
3. Blocking now makes the blocked person INVISIBLE!!! (yayyyyy!!!)
4. There are hundreds of small fixes/improvements that you won’t noticed but you will surely enjoy them as you go through the website.
5. The iOS app was updated and went live yesterday, it also has hundreds of fixes and is now iOS 8 compatible.
6. There’s a native Android app coming very soon, we are just waiting for Google’s OK!

If you want to leave your feedback, or if you want to report a problem, on the website or the iOS app, send us a email at feedback@adam4adam.com and we will read ALL of them. We won’t necessarily reply though, so don’t send another email if you don’t get an answer.

Try out the new version of the website in “My Account” section and let me know here in the comment section below how you like it!

To switch back to the old version, you can go to Mailbox Alerts and uncheck “Use new version of the site” and click “update settings”.


*****Guys, ALL the comments that say stuff like ” you fucking morons why did you change it ?” will be deleted. I don’t need to see this!  Suggestions, tips, comments are welcome but for god sake, stay polite! Also the new version has been up for 24h, so we are making improvements when we receive a complaint or a report. Be patient!

30 Oct 2014

Speak Out : Queer Eye For The Straight Guy

Catégorie: Speak Out

(This post was submitted by a member of Adam4Adam.com. If you too want to share something with others, feel free to send your text to blog@adam4adam.com)

I can honestly say that I’ve never had a crush on any of my straight guy friends… until about a year ago. The majority of my friends are straight guys; partly because I have a hard time meeting gay guys organically, and partly because we have a very similar sense of humor. I’m very adamant about not blurring the line between friendship and attraction, and I’ve never had any issues in the past.

About a year ago, I became pretty good friends with this guy who moved from out of state. Physically he was definitely my type, I noticed this right away, but I knew he was straight so I let any hint of attraction fall away. After hanging out and multiple moments of platonic male bonding, I realized that our personalities complimented each other very well. I tend to be more logical and rational than emotional. In fact sometimes I’m completely oblivious to how I feel about certain things. It was by best friend since kindergarten that pointed out, after one too many casual statements beginning with my new friend’s name and ending with the phrase “if only he were gay”, that my feelings toward him were more than platonic.

29 Oct 2014

Stories : Alexander The Great

Catégorie: Stories

I’ll remember that spring day 5 years ago for the rest of my life.  My boss, our company’s CEO, called a meeting for the management team at 4pm that Friday afternoon…and here’s how it all went down.


We all suspected something was up because of the number of closed door meetings, so we were all hopeful that we’d find out what was going on.  I have worked at this company for ten years (ever since graduating college) and had just recently been promoted into the management ranks.  I knew that our CEO didn’t really owe anything to me at that point to let me in on what was going on, but damn, I was really curious. There’d been a bunch of new faces around the office, most of whom had been wearing suits and ties or sports jackets which is definitely not the norm around our mostly blue collar manufacturing company.  So 4pm came and we all assembled around the board table – present were our CEO Walt, David our Operations Manager, Steve in Quality, Laura in HR, Carl in Finance, and me, Avi, our Sales Manager.  And joining us were two of the new faces I’ve seen around the office the last month or so plus one new one.

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