30 Nov 2014

Stories : Kneading What You Want

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There have been several, he said feigning modesty, occasions of note in my sexual history; like the time I spent part of a summer as a caretaker in a gay nudist colony, or the guy I picked up by leaving a note on his car windshield wiper,  or the twins whose natural body tempt was 100 point 5  (talk about a hot lover), but I think the best example would be to tell you about Ward.


I guess I should preface this by telling you that although I had had sex with other males since I was 13,, it was not until I was 25, in college, still having sex with men while dating a wonderful girl, did I decide to finally face who I was.  I was engaged to a wonderful woman and could not go through with it, as much as I really wanted to.  I knew I could never love her in the way that she needed to be loved.


I graduated college with my new self-accceptance (kind of) and made my way to a job in Chicago that was almost too good to be true — and it was.  I was soon unemployed and later found a job at a radio station in a suburb.  I was making friends, being new in town and got invited to a party by one of my recent acquaintances.  When I walked in, there, slouched in an easy chair, was an extremely handsome, black, to-the-point-of-nubian-blue stud with a crotch that looked like someone’s fist was stuffed in his Levi’s.  He had a scowl on his face that looked like he was ready to rip off someone’s head so I didn’t try to engage him in conversation.  It was just a straight, friendly get-together, bar-b-que kinda thing and I went to mingle with the few I knew and maybe meet a few others.

28 Nov 2014

Music : Madonna’s New Leaked Song

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Guys, a new song from Madonna has leaked, she is working on an album and It sounds great! The song in question is called “Rebel Heart”. The track was produced by Avicii, and recorded few months ago!

Check it out under the jump by clicking the “play” button and let me know your thoughts. Oh and it,s a demo version, not a finished track, so keep that in consideration!


27 Nov 2014

Promotion : Up To 70% OFF!!!

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Freshpair is doing its annual BLACK FRIDAY sale giving all users of Adam4Adam up to 70% OFF on everything on their website starting today. It is the best time to stock on your favorite underwear like I ALWAYS do during their Black Friday sale.

What is nice is that they even pay shipping to your door, so no need to stress with that, why wait in line at the stores when you can have it online for as cheap?

So click here, select your undies and SAVE $$$ !!! A4A is always happy to provide its members with amazing offers like this!

Get to our twitter account to see what I personally ordered :))) It’s a bit sexy and …sweaty but, I went to the gym soooo…. You might see a wet bulge…



26 Nov 2014

Health : Protect Your Penis!

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Protecting your penis is important, he is your best friend after all! These tricks below will help to keep testosterone level healthy, ensure your erections continue to run on full and will also protect you spermatozoids, if ever you want to have kids :



Start your day with an egg to end it on a high. Eggs’ B vits are essential for sex drive and erectile strength but stress can deplete your levels, says Dr Paul Lachance. Scramble before you hit the office.

-Not just Soy!

Soy milk isn’t better than cow juice, despite what the hipsters say. A Harvard study found the sperm counts of men using soy were 41m/ml lower than normal. That’s a lot of little yous to lose over your cereal.

25 Nov 2014

Jack-Off Material : Belami’s Kris Evans & Brandon Manilow Scene

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(photos: Belami)

If you like Belami’s models/actors, you will certainly love this new scene. Kris Evans and Brandon Manilow are two of BelAmi’s most famous stars and this scene between the two of them was saved for a special occasion. Well that occasion has arrived!

This BONUS scene in the FUCKING KRIS SERIES starts with some innocent after gym time between two friends but turns out to be much more. Kris appears nervous but Brandon takes the lead and instantly takes Kris’ shyness (and his clothes) away.

After some hot kissing and sucking of each others big uncut dicks, Brandon finally bends Kris over and gives him what he (and BelAmi fans) have been waiting for!

Click here to see the video and below for more images!


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