17 Apr 2016

A4A : Blog Code Of Conduct

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Somewhere along the way to finding hot sexy playmates, some A4A members have veered off the road into mud-filled ditches! Why? Apparently they have decided to throw mud and be critical of their playmates and everyone who writes on the blog, users and the blog moderator Dave, rather than to be friendly and cordialIsn’t it possible to criticize one another and at the same time express cordiality? Let’s have a code of conduct that is becoming to human males—not animals or robots.


We recommend the adoption of a Code of Conduct for submitting comments. All A4A members must make a special effort to be cordial and understanding—sometimes actually complimenting each other! Therefore, the following actions/reactions are needed:

-Avoid negative, caustic responses and comments.

-You are not the presiding judge—so avoid being judgmental.

-When offering an opinion that is not in sync with the originating blogger, offer a friendly alternative viewpoint to the original statement—don’t call the originator an “idiot.

-Couch your words in a way that is friendly—not demeaning or insulting.

-If you feel too angry or irritated to respond—cool off before submitting your response.

You may find the word “some” is more friendly than “always.” You may also discover “often” can be substituted for “without exception.” Our emotions are not set in concrete! Consider alternative language when responding.

We do not believe the majority of A4A members are caustic, negative persons. Apparently, negatively-induced blogs often result from failure to consider more than one viewpoint. The very essence of our sexuality is in the emotional involvement with each other. None of us wants to have a relationship with a playmate who demeans us or calls us an idiot!

We would also like to inform that the guys who ALWAYS bitch other users will be blocked and won’t be able to post comments in the future. Some users are already blocked, you probably know who you are. If you don’t see your comments posted, know that you are blocked.

Let’s keep the blog a great place to discuss, share and express different opinions while being friendly with each other. Agree?


A4A Team


16 Apr 2016

Gay Stuff : Tips For Online Dating/Hookup

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After spending many years on online gay hook-up sites, I believe I have finally learned some rules for successfully meeting up with other men. Gay men are a fickle bunch as a whole and in a perfect world probably none of these tips would apply. Although there can be many more added, following are some of the basic rules for making yourself more marketable online and getting those men to want to meet up with you:

1- Be witty and clever when describing yourself and why you are online in the first place. Don’t say you are online because you are “bored”.  No one really likes the idea that they are simply saving you from spending another tedious evening at home and you don’t want him to know the true reasons you’re alone anyway.  Be sure not to describe yourself as “down to earth”.  Instead of how everyone else might understand its definition, the actual meaning in gayspeak apparently is “high-maintenance”.

15 Apr 2016

Gay Stuff : 10 Things Gay Men Don’t Like to Hear

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1- “Oh, you’re dating someone? So who’s the woman in the couple?”

Seriously? By definition, being a Gay man in a relationship, a man dates another man or boy. They are both MEN, so why would one be a woman? Get it together people!

2- “Awe, I always wanted to have a Gay friend!”

That’s nice and all, but don’t confuse having a Gay friend with having a girlfriend. They don’t all carry around purses with little Chihuahuas in them.

3- “I bet you love this song! No? But don’t all Gay Men love Mariah Carey?”

Cher, Madonna, Mariah, Gaga, and the rest of them are awesome! They have a strong gay fan following, but that doesn’t mean all Gay Men lose their shit every time one of their songs come on.

14 Apr 2016


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Andy has received an offer from the biggest law firm in Los Angeles that he simply couldn’t refuse. As he and his wife get ready to leave to meet Adam Russo, the man who made their dreams possible, Andy begins to feel a little anxious.

In his office, Adam admits that he’s been watching Andy closely, impressed about all the hard work he’s been doing. As they continue to discuss about his past achievements, one of Adam’s employees, Billy Santoro, walks in to drop off some files. He looks over at Andy, and takes this occasion to introduce himself. Shortly after, Adam concludes his meeting with Andy.

One day, while working late at the office again, Andy hears a peculiar sound coming from the office across the hall. He makes his way to the window to have a look, and catches Adam making out with Billy.

Billy stands half naked in Adam’s office. He gets down on his knees, pulls his boss’s pants down and sucks on his big dick. Andy can’t seem to look away. He watches as Billy gets on a chair with his ass open. Adam stretches his hole with his hands and plays with it with his tongue. He reaches inside, tasting that hairy hole. After loosening him up, he takes his cock and pushes it inside of Billy’s ass, fucking him hard while pounding on those ass cheeks. Trying to get deep inside of Billy, he flips him over on his back, while holding his legs up. He thrusts his hot cock back in and fucks him harder than before, making Billy moan even louder now. Adam pulls his dick out and jerks himself off, while watching Billy do the same. They both shoot their loads on Billy’s furry body. Stunned with what he just witnessed, Andy leaves quietly and in a hurry before someone notices the Peeping Tom.


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13 Apr 2016

A4A : Messaging System Upgrade

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Hey guys, you probably noticed that we did an upgrade on the messaging system, we had to do it at night so it was down for few hours, it will still be partially down tomorrow and Friday during night time. We are upgrading our system because we have millions and millions of messages sent weekly so we needed to change something….

I’m not a pro but that’s what the developers told me. Don’t worry we won’t do these upgrades during rush hours! Just wanted to let you guys know. Everything will be smoother after and we do these changes to offer a better communication system between users. So please don’t contact our support team for that, they are aware of everything.



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