28 Sep 2014

Health : Let’s Talk About HIV

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As gay and bisexual men, it can be overwhelming — and in some cases, downright exhausting — to keep HIV at the front of our minds and on the tip of our tongues. But talking about it, with a friend, a doctor or a potential partner, can ease our anxieties and potentially change our thinking and our actions for the better.

Starting the conversation is often easier said than done, which is why I’ve listed four conversation-starters for gay and bisexual men, developed by gay and bisexual men**:

1. With a Partner: “Have you ever been treated for a sexually transmitted infection (STI)?”

Much has been written about the harm in asking a potential partner if they’re “clean,” when what you really want to know is whether they have an STI. Not only does the “clean” question stigmatize those living with HIV (or some other viral infection), it may not yield particularly helpful information for managing your sexual risk. Many STIs, including HIV, may not show discernible signs or symptoms, which might cause someone to answer your question earnestly, but incorrectly. Additionally, we now know that people living with HIV who consistently take their medication can significantly reduce their risk of transmission by as much as much 96 percent. This means there’s no need to call it quits simply because someone you like may have HIV. Instead of declining that second date, you might ask the person about their HIV treatment instead. It will show that you’ve done your homework and that you are willing to take the conversation to a place beyond “drug and disease free.”

27 Sep 2014

Hot or Not : Hairy Crack

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Light post for today, I want to know if you guys like hairy butt cracks. I don’t like asses so I am not the right person to comment on that post…I never touched, rimmed or fingered an ass hole. I’m fully bottom and love cocks!

So is a fully hairy bushy crack wins or you prefer a shaved smooth hole? Hot or not : Hairy cracks ?

And let me know why you like it or not?!


25 Sep 2014

Health : Anal Sex

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(Photo : Belami)

Anal sex is not just for gay men and not all gay men do it in the butt, but most gay men will have butt sex sometime in their life.

Anal sex is not just about pleasing the top, your anus and rectum have tons of nerve endings and pleasure from anal sex can come from simple penetration and/or the stimulation of the prostate gland.

Taking care of your butt is an important part of taking control of your overall health but it is not always easy to talk about with your doctor about your ass. As gay men we need a doctor we can talk to about anything especially your sex life and your ass. Your doctor need to understand the health concerns that are unique to gay men. If you do not have a doctor that you can be honest with the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association can help. Now back to your butt…

Anal hygiene is important but you should not use enemas (douche) as flooding your rectum with water can dehydrate your colon, making you more likely to get an infection. To be as safe and clean as possible, you should first, wipe your ass with a moist cloth to clean the outside, avoid eating a few hours before anal sex to help ensure your bowels are empty, and then before bottoming, fill an ear syringe with warm water and gently squeeze the water into your rectum, learning out any feces that may be lingering.

23 Sep 2014

Gay Stuff : Any Sexy Photos On Your Phone?

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Gay men, we usually have sexy photos on our phone. Whether it’s our dick, our ass, our chest, or someone else’s penis, ass, chest lol.

Why is that? My straight brother doesn’t have that on his phone, my sister doesn’t have this on her phone…..Are gay men obsessed with sex? Do we need to have an easy access to xxx material? Personally,  I would say that half of my photos are sexy photos of me or other guys…. what about you?

I’m sure you experienced showing your mom a photo from your phone, like the last pair of shoes you bought or your dog’s cute face… but you don’t want her to take the phone, or touch the screen, because you KNOW that on either side of that photo, there is a penis or an ass pic, right?

So tell me, do you keep tons of sexy pics on your phone? And why?


22 Sep 2014

Movie : The Normal Heart

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If you were an adult in the 80s, you were probably hit by the HIV storm. Nobody knew what was happening, people were dying one after the other…. I even heard that some gay men lost 15-20 friends in just few years…. It was probably really hard for gay men to live in the 80′s at the beginning of HIV when it wasn’t well known and everybody used it to discriminate gay men.

The Normal Heart is a 2014 American drama television film directed by Ryan Murphy and written by Larry Kramer, based on his own 1985 play of same name. The film stars Mark Ruffalo, Jonathan Groff, Matt Bomer, Taylor Kitsch, Jim Parsons, Alfred Molina, Joe Mantello, and Julia Roberts. It was released on DVD and Blu-ray on August 26, 2014.

The film depicts the rise of the HIV-AIDS crisis in New York City (among gay people) between 1981 and 1984, as seen through the eyes of writer/activist Ned Weeks, the founder of a prominent HIV advocacy group. Weeks prefers public confrontations to the calmer, more private strategies favored by his associates, friends, and closeted lover Felix Turner (Bomer). Their differences of opinion lead to arguments that threaten to undermine their shared goals.

Have you seen the movie yet?

Check out the trailer below!


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