26 Aug 2014

Gay Stuff : Long Distance Relationship

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Two weeks ago was Montreal Pride and I met a very cool dude in the VIP section. Open bars always get me more “social” and less shy than I usually am. So this guy lives in Vancouver and Toronto (he is a pilot) and I live in Montreal. We clicked very well and met few times before he left for Toronto, where he works 15 days per month.

Yesterday he came to Montreal and we spent the whole day together, that’s the reason why I didn’t post on the blog. I was busy. We went to the pool, we went to eat, we talked, we biked, went to the park and no, we didn’t fuck. I want to get to know him first. Usually when I fuck in the first few dates, it never lasts. Maybe you’ll think I’m crazy….yes maybe I am.

Last night he sent me a cute text msg saying “You are a nice man and you are very very very sexy”! I was blushing when I read this…

What do you think. Do you think our relation could last if it goes further? Since he is a pilot he flies for free and obviously would fly for free as well. So the problem is not the cost of the plane tickets, only the distance….

Let me know your thoughts!

22 Aug 2014

Hot or Not : Bondage

Catégorie: Fantasy : Hot or Not : Jack-off material

I have to admit that this is not my thing (probably because I’m claustrophobic) but there’s a lot of guys out there that seem to like this practice of restraining a partner to a bed, from ceilings etc.

For those of you who like me, are not very familiar with this practice, here are few things you should know :

Bondage is not to be confused with the more specific practices of B&D, the practice of restraining and then dominating or humiliating a partner or S&M, the practice of hurting one’s patner in order to achieve sexual climax. Bondage enthousiasts generally prefer the more docile form. Porn sites usually blend all these practices in their content though, I guess bondage, B&D and S&M go well together…

Would you experiment ? Personally, I would not, even if I tend to like brutal tops… being tied up would freak me out!

Do you find bondage hot or not? Feel free to leave a comment below…


Photo : BoundGods

21 Aug 2014

Jack-Off Material : Hot Sexy GIF

Catégorie: Jack-off material



Hey guys, I know that many of you like the GIF that we put on our blog sometimes…

So here is a compilation of amazing GIF that I found on the web for your pleasure!

Fucking, sucking, pissing, licking, spiting, masturbating, cumming, touching…. There’s something for everyone!

Check them out after the jump and let me know if you like!


20 Aug 2014

Gay Stuff : “ManPussy”

Catégorie: Gay Stuff



(The post below is the most popular entry on our blog, so I thought about sharing it again with you)

There are very few things in this online world that really bother me. Here is one of them: I was chatting with this really hot guy the other day on A4A, having a really great conversation and getting down to business when he asked me:  Are you looking to get your man-pussy pounded?  My man-pussy?

Now I’ve heard guys joking about this and I’ve used the term before but to use it this way was a real turn off for me. Do I want my man-pussy pounded?  I really didn’t know if I wanted to laugh or shoot him. For future reference, it’s not attractive and it’s certainly not a turn on.

18 Aug 2014

Photography : My Review Of McDermott’s Book

Catégorie: Photography



Few weeks ago I posted about Kevin McDermott’s book called Virgin Island that he was finishing and printing last time I was in NYC.

I finally got my own copy last week. Kevin chose model Todd Sanfield for his latest photography project. The combination of Todd and the scenery is completely outstanding. I mean Todd is gorgeous, definitely one of the hottest man alive in my opinion, but the scenery….O-M-G!

Crystal blue water, amazing luxuriant plants and flowers, waterfalls, white sand and rocks…it literally took my breath away when I opened the book!

On top of it, Kevin and Todd signed my copy!!

Anyways all that to say that it is a lovely table book and I couldn’t help but play with myself looking at some of the nude pics of Todd Sanfield! (As shown below)

Order your copy here and check out some of my photos after the jump!


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