15 Jul 2015

Fantasy : “Fuck A Pornstar” With Billy Santoro

Catégorie: Fantasy : Pornstars


Do you remember a few weeks ago, GAYROOM created Fuck a Porn Star contest to find a porn fan that would anonymously become a porn actor for one scene? Fuck a Porn Star is a hot series where regular guys hookup with top porn stars and let you watch! Well Christian Taylor is the winner and he registered to the contest from my post right here, on A4A blog!

The winner of the contest was offered to choose with whom he would fuck. Christian decided to get fucked by Superstar Billy Santoro and also chose not to hide his face. The full porn star experience!

Check out the full scene by clicking here and get 40% on a membership at GAYROOM. Get ready for some steamy (and sticky) action! You can see Christian above thanking A4A for the opportunity and also after the jump with Billy Santoro.

Have a great day everyone!

14 Jul 2015

A4A : More than 1250 Blog Posts Later…

Catégorie: A4A



Hey guys, did you know that it’s been 5 years that I blog for you almost every day? Sometimes I get help from collaborators, to get a different opinion on things or write hot sex stories and some of you even send me texts to post which I really appreciate too. Over 1250 posts were written since A4A blog was created! It’s crazy. I just can’t believe it!

I’m writing this post because I’d like to ask for your help. Sometimes I have the blank page syndrome and I’d like to know what would you like me to write about? Or what subjects would you like me to write more or less about? Check out on top of the page and mouse over all the categories and let me know which ones you like the best. Do you want to see more porn? Stories? Contests? Fashion? Fitness and nutrition tips?  STDs/HIV posts? Discussions on “Gay Stuff”?

Also everyone who wants to become a collaborator, feel free to let me know here in the comment section, I will contact you. Just make sure to include your email in the appropriate section before leaving your comment. DON’T leave your email in the comment itself coz you will get lot’s of spams.

Also please make sure that you follow A4A on social media for all the news, messages when there’s problems with website/apps, for hot pictures, hot porn offers and many more. Simply click below:





Have a wonderful day and can’t wait to read your suggestions!


13 Jul 2015

Gay Stuff : Unlock Yo’ Pictures!

Catégorie: Gay Stuff


I came across this Rihanna “Bitch Better Have My Money” parody converted into “Bitch Unlock Yo’ Pictures” on Youtube and I had to share it with you guys. The Parody was created by Arron Malachi, check him out, he is a funny character!

The idea behind this parody is SOOO real though. It happened many times that I talked with dudes with locked pics and even after talking for a bit, no face or body picture was shown….and they keep on asking questions like it was normal: ” what are you into?”, “what cock size?” etc etc. Dude do you think I want to talk about these things before seeing your God damn face? What if you are not my type at all? Your pictures are my #1 priority. If I don’t like your face, you might have a 14 inches dick in your pants, it’s not gonna happen! I understand that you might still be in the closet, but do you really think I will suck your dick without seeing what you look like? Maybe some bottom whore will, but I won’t!

So “Bitch Unlock Yo’ Pictures”!



11 Jul 2015

Survey : One Sex Partner VS Sex Buddies

Catégorie: survey




Increasingly profiles indicate guys with partners are expanding their domains to include buddies! This pattern seems to fit with the concept that you may have a regular partner in bed most nights, but you may also have a stable of buddies to enjoy when opportunities present themselves for supplemental sex. When involving buddies, the matter of threesomes and foursomes may come into the picture too!

Sometimes partners display their relationships in joint profiles and at the same time open up their stable gates to include other hot guys who want to enjoy something extra. A4A survey results reflect the fact that variety is an important component to stimulating sex lives with nearly 60% of members.  Even the monogamous members seem to be divided into two groups: 1) One partner and no other players OR 2) Partners who agree to let other guys into their beds.

Do you feel the need for more than one playmate at a moment in time, or do you prefer to maximize your sexual activity with one single playmate?

DAVID M in Texas

10 Jul 2015

Fantasy : Voyeur Or Exhibitionist?

Catégorie: Fantasy : Watch this !



When you workout in a gym, you get to see hot men in underwear, wrapped up in towel or even naked. Many guys at my gym are not shy at all…some are maybe overconfident or simply like to show what they’re packing! At my gym I see naked hotties all the time and wow…. I like it a lot! I guess I’m a bit voyeur!

I have many fantasies in my head like this hot straight hottie that I see every day at the gym. I fantasize (and jerk off at night) thinking about having sex with him in the locker room. You know the saying “your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.” So who knows, maybe one day it will happen!

So in the comment section below, let me know if you are more voyeur or exhibitionist and give an example that explains your choice.


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