29 Mar 2014

Contest : And The Winner Is…

Catégorie: Contest



After 24 hours of voting, it’s clear…the winner is ….. (drumrolllllllll) :  Collegerubber

I didn’t even count the votes I think it was pretty clear right? Everybody loved him! Such a sexy smile….and a nice bush too:P

Collegerubber will get the Supporter Access for 1 year, which will allow him to upload more photos in his profile, get more emails, bigger track list etc…

Congratulations to Collegerubber and thanks to everyone who participated by sending their pics!

The message with this contest guys, check your balls, it will prevent testicular cancer!

Oh and thanks for the comments on my #CockInASock picture too, greatly appreciated!


(If anyone of you guys want to get the Supporter Access like Collegerubber, click here!)


28 Mar 2014

Contest : #CockInASock Vote!

Catégorie: Contest


Ok I received approximatively 30 pictures, some guys were barely showing the sock or the body or the cock itself so I am choosing these guys (below)

Our dear friend Hunter0500 didn’t want me to choose the winner so you guys will vote!

Oh, Ryan, you didn’t provide your username I need that if you want to win…. send me an email! (blog@adam4adam.com)

Guess who’s pictured on top of the post? Yeahhhhh that’s me baby…I don’t participate though, it’s just to be fair with my people and show that I’m not shy to do it myself!

In the comment section below vote for your favorite now, photo 1 starts under the jump, photo 2 is under and so on…so just tell me the # you prefer!


(photos after the jump)

27 Mar 2014

Contest : #CockInASock

Catégorie: Contest : Health


Thank god for #CockInASock! I’m in love with this new trend on Twitter and Facebook.

Men from all over the world are posing naked aside from their genitals shoved roughly into a sock to raise awareness about testicular cancer!

How cool is that? Makes me horny to browse on Twitter….

So what I want to do is have you participate! Take a selfie with your cock in a sock and send it to me -blog@adam4adam.com. I will post all the pictures received before midnight tonight on our blog tomorrow with your username. Please make sure you show a bit of body as well and also let me know your username!

The owner of my favorite picture will win a full year of Supporter Extras on A4A!

Ready? Set! Go!


(photo credit : MEN)

26 Mar 2014

Would You Do Him : Jared Leto

Catégorie: Would You Do Him?


Jared Leto’s popularity skyrocketed after he won an Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role last month.

He is on every magazine covers, his Twitter account got hundreds of new fans and everyone is talking about him!

My question to you today : Would you do him?

Do you find him sexy? If he was on A4A, would you want to meet him?


25 Mar 2014

Hot or Not : Gaping Holes?

Catégorie: Hot or Not


If you are into fisting and anal toys, you’ve heard the word “gaping holes” before….

“When an anus stretches past its physical limit, causing it to gape” is one of the definition by the Urban Dictionary.

Gaping holes create lot’s of attention on the web and within the gay community because there are blogs and websites devoted to them.

How to get a gaping hole, how to stretch it, how to please your man with it…

But the question is, do YOU like gaping holes? A red hole that is wide open, ready to “eat” your cock? Or do you prefer tight pink holes?

Let us know why you like or not, and if you bottom and like to have a gaping hole, why do you like it and how is it to have one?


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