9 Jul 2014

News : 2 Gay Men Killed After Using Social App

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Hey guys, last week 2 gay men were killed through after meeting their murderer through a social app. Ali Muhammad Brown, a suspect in the murders of two gay men in Seattle on June 5, may have met his victims on a social networking app like Grindr, reports KIRO TV .

Ali has been on the run after being charged with the murders of 23-year-old Dwone Anderson-Young and 27-year-old Ahmed Said while the men were walking home from R Place, a gay nightclub at Boylston Avenue and East Pine Street on Capitol Hill, Seattle.

8 Jul 2014

Speak Out : Why Do Gays Take Drugs For Sex?

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One of our members contacted me on A4A who wish to stay anonymous was asking this question. If you too would like to ask other members for their opinion on a subject, please feel free to send it to blog(at)adam4adam.com (replace “at” by @)

“Why is it so hard to find gay men who are not high on drugs or into drugs at all. Are there no ordinary guys who can enjoy life and sex without chemical inducement of any kind – poppers to crystal meth – ?”

I personally don’t like to take drug and I definitely don’t drink much so I am not the right person to answer, please comment below. Do you take drugs to have sex? Why?



7 Jul 2014

Hot or Not : Double Penetration

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Hi guys, today I wanted to ask you “what are your thoughts on double penetration” ?

Do you find it Hot or Not? Have you ever tried it? Is it something you would like to try?

For me, it always was a fantasy but I never actually tried it. I’m sure it wouldn’t get in anyways. I might be 100% bottom, but I’m tight as fuck!

Might be fun for the tops though….or for bottoms with loose hole!  Tops we want to hear you on the subject too!

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5 Jul 2014

Jack-Off Material : Gay Of Thrones

Catégorie: Fantasy : Jack-off material




Here’s a little teaser from Gay of Thrones, the new Series by MEN.

Check out the video here and the images below. Pretty sure you will like it if you follow the series Game of Thrones on TV.

Enjoy your weekend!


4 Jul 2014

A4A : Happy 4th Of July

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Whether you are working or not today, I just want to take a few minutes of your time, to wish you all a Happy 4th of July, on behalf of everyone at A4A!

Most of you will enjoy a long week-end so have fun, celebrate, party, relax, or find a hot man on A4A!

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