10 Jul 2015

Fantasy : Voyeur Or Exhibitionist?

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When you workout in a gym, you get to see hot men in underwear, wrapped up in towel or even naked. Many guys at my gym are not shy at all…some are maybe overconfident or simply like to show what they’re packing! At my gym I see naked hotties all the time and wow…. I like it a lot! I guess I’m a bit voyeur!

I have many fantasies in my head like this hot straight hottie that I see every day at the gym. I fantasize (and jerk off at night) thinking about having sex with him in the locker room. You know the saying “your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.” So who knows, maybe one day it will happen!

So in the comment section below, let me know if you are more voyeur or exhibitionist and give an example that explains your choice.


8 Jul 2015

Speak Out : Non-Monogamous Relationships

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YOU SAID IT: “What about non-monogamous relationships?” Since A4A is first and foremost a hookup site, the subject of monogamy is not a serious consideration for more than 59% of all members. But for those romantics who are looking for MR. RIGHT, the matter of sustaining a long-term relationship includes whether or not a playmate is satisfied sexually with a single playmate or wants variety to reign—thus an open relationship!

Let’s consider some of the variables: 1) Commitment limited to a single partner, 2) Need for intimacy and familiarity that encourage mountaintop climaxes, 3) Ability to sustain relationships without losing arousal and sexual interest, 4) Desire for playmate variety through trysts with other guys. Some monogamous guys may enjoy having the same partner each time they shoot a massive cum load while others may want the opposite.

7 Jul 2015

Celebrities : Justin Bieber Shows His Butt

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Last night, Bieber decided that it was time to show his butt to the world on Instagram! With his 32.2 million followers, Bieber certainly got them to smile or …..get a hardon! Do you enjoy the view? Would like to see the front? It might be his next selfie, who knows…

At 10 am this morning, Justin Bieber’s butt had 1.6 million likes on Instagram.

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6 Jul 2015

Speak Out : A Change In Attitude

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Illustration depicting a sign with a change attitude concept.


(From Positivelite)

Life with HIV, I am learning, is a lesson in understanding the struggles that others are facing. Why? Because, I know that other people can be struggling on the inside or have issues that have no “public face.” Yes – I have HIV. But unless I’ve told you, you cannot tell by looking at me (or any HIV-positive person).

I think for a long time, people around me who don’t know about my status have sensed that something is off. Indeed, my best friend told me that one of the things she found hard is when our friends would ask her about me – not to be nosy, but out of genuine concern – and she had to cover for me, saying “oh, he’s just going through some stuff.” I feel a bit of guilt for making her do that, and it brings up the feeling of hiding that I’ve discussed before.

It became stark that I had perhaps been off for some time when I was at work yesterday. Of course, anybody is going to be a little more perky when it’s Friday, but I did something that made a co-worker laugh. When our manager overheard, she said (somewhat jokingly): “What has you in such a good mood lately?”

3 Jul 2015

Gay Stuff : Bareback?

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(Photo : Sean Cody, check out their $1 Promo here!)

There seems to be more and more of the old time porn stars being lured into do bareback porn. What is it that is making them decide to do this all of a sudden: the money or the notoriety? I read a story where Lucas Ridgestone was brought out of retirement to do a new film, a bareback film.  

Interesting enough but what I found more interesting was the comments people were leaving. One poster was disgusted by the fact he would consider doing bareback porn, really? I bet he downloads the first copy.

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