4 Aug 2015

Gay Stuff : How To Be a Better Bottom

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First of all if you guys want to have the “how to be a better TOP” version, one of you should submit the blog post to me, because I am 100% bottom. I could suggest “how to please your bottom” though….

Prepare that ass!

So first of all bottoms, it is important to be prepared. What I mean is that you need to douche and shower before getting the cock inside your hole! Now I won’t be discussing this here, because it is kinda gross, I don’t wanna talk about how to evacuate the meat pie and Strawberry shortcake you ate last night. If you don’t know how, simply google “anal douche” and it will show you how to do it.  Then click here to get all the tools you need to do it in our store!

3 Aug 2015

Gay Stuff : Edgiest Place You Had Sex?

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(Photo : MEN)

Hey guys, I hope you all had a great weekend? It was gorgeous in Montreal so I went to the public pool and was outside all weekend! It actually gave me the idea of today’s topic:

Today I want to know where is the edgiest place you had sex. Don’t tell me in my bedroom or in my car… this is not edgy! I want to hear answers like at church, in a restaurant, at the public pool or in the army camp! Feel free to let us know the entire story too, we’re all very curious and would like to hear it!


31 Jul 2015

Speak Out : Are You On The Right Spot?

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Do you sometimes think that you might not be doing what you were meant to do? That you’re not with the right lover? That you don’t live in the right city? That your life is not in alignment with the size of your ambitions? That you’re not surrounded by the right friends?

Or are you on the right spot? With the right career, with lot’s of good friends and most importantly “realizing” yourself to your fullest potential?

Let other members know your thoughts on this. Maybe you have tips on how to be “on your spot”? Maybe you are not on your desired spot but you are ok with it?


30 Jul 2015

Stories : Ginger Spice

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(photo: NextDoorBuddies)

I was on A4A cruising the ads for a possible hookup, when I came across one for a sexy hot redhead who just happened to be online. I started chatting with him and he was looking for a hookup, too, so we worked out the details and he was coming over to my place for a little play.

I tidied up my bedroom and got the lube, condoms, and towels ready for our session. I was freshly showered and douched, so everything was ready for his arrival.

It wasn’t long until I heard him pull up in the driveway, so I went to the door to greet him. Talk about a hot fucking ginger! Damn! He came inside and I extended my hand to shake his, and said, “Hello, I’m Kevin,” and as he shook my hand, he replied, “I’m Chris.” I then started walking back toward my bedroom and he followed. We entered my room and I began undressing and so did Chris. He was not only very handsome, but, a nice stocky body. I love stocky men. He was about 5’10, 190, and a nice 7” cut cock that was “as big around as a toilet paper roller,” according to Chris. We both kept our underwear on, as he told me that was a fetish of his.

29 Jul 2015

Style : Diesel Hero Fit

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Diesel presents the Hero Fit, a new collection of men’s underwear with a focus on form and comfort. From boxer briefs to classic briefs, each underwear is made in breathable, natural cotton fiber, and feature new contour-defining panels that enhance the front, and lifts and defines the back. The brand just unveiled its campaign last week, check it out below, after the jump!

For the launch of this new collection, Freshpair is doing a promo strictly for A4A members! They are offering 20% OFF on everything on their site, including the new Diesel collection and even clearance items using code “BALLSDEEP“.


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