28 Jul 2014

Speak Out : Younger And Older

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(This blog post was written by A4A member Love 102)

“I do like guys who are ages 28-40, abit older than myself. I tend to bond with them more . Maybe it’s their intellectual mindset,  their sense of humor or how romantic they are based on their level of experience.  From my experiences, the ones that I have dated in this age group don’t take me seriously when it’s time to talk about a relationship. It’s like they feel insecure with a younger man.
I am just wondering  what cause such anxiety with older men? Are they fearful of their assets as it relates to gold digger?  Just not ready? Or just can’t deal with the drama of a younger guy?

Putting all such fears behind, there are young guys who are genuinely interested in older guys for all the right reasons.

With that said I would like to hear what older guys like about younger ones.”


27 Jul 2014

Speak Out : Say Something…

Catégorie: Speak Out


Hey guys, I’d like to try this as a post, it was a suggestion one of you guys gave me last week:

Simply write whatever you want to talk about in the comment section below. Others can comment or simply write about something else. The idea is to share a thought you might have with other members. You can leave your A4A username at the end of your message so that other than connect with you if you want.

So what do you want to talk about? Love? War? Sex? Family relation? Animal cruelty? Fusion food? Fall 2014 fashion? You decide…

Ready? Set! Go!



25 Jul 2014

Watch This : Kicked Out For Being Gay

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ABC’s hidden camera show “What Would You Do?” took a look at how Mississippi locals would react to an act of blatant anti-gay discrimination at a restaurant in a recent installment.

Two actors portraying a gay couple visited a Mexican eatery, while third played a customer angered by the pair’s public displays of affection. The reaction from the legitimate customers in the restaurant is both eye-opening and (at times) inspiring.

When interviewed by the host of the show, many answered that “God doesn’t like this” ….but the most shocking reaction that gave me chills all over my body for a good 10 seconds was from 2 straight college guys. Check out the video after the jump!


24 Jul 2014

Fantasy : Do You Swallow?

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When it comes to cum swallowing, I’m very picky ! (lol) I mean for me, sex is not only physical, but also mental. I need to be fully aroused to swallow cum and this means that I need to be not only physically attracted to the guy but the sex needs to be like I want it to be. If the guy has a gorgeous body and face but acts in a way that I don’t like, I will not want to even touch his cum, funny eh? The same guy with very manly manners and with whom the sexual connection is perfect, could splash his load on my face, mouth or anywhere he wants and have me swallow it to the last drop.

But there is always a danger in cum swallowing though. One of my friends got infected with HIV doing oral sex. He doesn’t practice anal sex, so that’s why he knows he got infected by sucking cocks. I guess he went too hard or too deep and got small sores …. so you need to be careful dudes! Some do BJs with condom to be safe…but personally I’m not crazy about it.

So you had my opinion on cum swallowing, now I want yours. Tell me if for you cum swallowing is cool or if it’s not your cup of tea. Do you like to swallow or have someone to swallow you, or both? Also tell me if you are top, vers or bottom. That way we will know who likes what….


(hot images after the jump)

23 Jul 2014

Photography : Your Favorite Athletes In The Nude

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ESPN celebrates athletes at the top of their physical game with its annual ‘Body Issue’. Included in this year’s edition are talents ranging from Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps and Australian yachtsman Jimmy Spithill to soccer player Omar Gonzalez. The athletes pose nude for ESPN and dish on how staying fit is important to their sport. Gonzalez shares, “If I get too muscular, I won’t be able to move as well. I like being a little smaller up top and a bit more agile for my height. I have to be able to change direction a lot. Maybe I’ll bulk up when I’m done with soccer, but I’ll probably just end up getting fatter and enjoying my downtime.”

Check them out after the jump!


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