4 May 2016

Watch This : The Bear-Naked Chef’s Meatballs

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The Bear-Naked Chef is back with this first of 3, 10 minute episodes to kick his european culinary quest as he travels abroad to Madrid, Spain and prepare a popular and traditional plate called “Albóndigas En Salsa Española”, aka Meatballs in Spanish Sauce.

The sexy muscle bear Chef will show you step by step how these balls are made. I’ve got to say that I like to hear him pronounce the word “meatballs”, so sexy in his mouth! You will definitely want to watch him do the whole recipe and you might be a little bit horny because he wears nothing but his itty-bitty apron and gym socks.

Check out the video below and try the recipe!


3 May 2016

Speak Out: Gays & Friendship

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(Photo : Active Duty)

Hi guys! Today I would like to know your opinion on a delicate subject, friendship with other gay men. It is something that I personally have a hard time with. I mean I have a hard time to find TRUE gay friends. I’m not talking about party friends, or friends to go for a coffee with, I’m talking about real friends. Friends that you know more than their name, friends that you can share happy or sad things with, friends that you can have a real connection with, friends that inspire you.

Over the few last years, I did a huge cleanup with my gay “friends”, simply because I didn’t feel authentic with them, I didn’t feel like I wanted to be around them. As some of you know, I changed my lifestyle a lot, started to be very dedicated to my fitness, nutrition, wellbeing, I stopped drinking, stop taking drugs and partying. I found out that most of my gay friends came from the party scene, which is no longer my thing, so there is no connection whatsoever with most of them. Last time I went to a party was last year and I brought my sparkling water but after 30 minutes, I left. I was like an alien with all these coke heads around me. All that to say that I don’t fit with this lifestyle anymore and that my “friends” were actually not real ones, but simply party buddies.

2 May 2016

Gay Stuff : Pushing Your Buttons

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Sexually, guys are sometimes displeased with their playmate choices after surfing online, arranging to meet one another, and then discovering that they were misunderstood somewhere in the communication process. WOW! After going to the effort to meet, realizing you and your potential playmate are not in sync is very irritating. How could your potential playmate have misunderstood what you wanted, and the compromises you were willing to make?

So, do you feel that someone seems to be pushing your buttons?

Yes, you are probably right! Someone somewhere is always pushing our buttons….in all the wrong places.

1 May 2016

Health : Syphilis In USA

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Late last year the Center for Disease Control (CDC) released the national rankings for sexually transmitted diseases and we thought we would bring all of you up-to-date with some statistics on STD’s in the United States that are specifically relevant to the men who have sex with men population.

The graph below shows the top 10 ten counties for primary and secondary syphilis. There are four stages of syphilis. The primary (characterized by a painless sore at the site of transmission) and secondary (multiple symptoms; however, the most common is a rash on the palms of hands and soles of feet) are the most contagious. Syphilis is passed through intimate skin to skin contact. Typically one person presents with a sore (painless and can be unseen – located in the anus or vagina) and the other person will unknowingly come into contact with the sore. The second person will then develop a sore in the location where the first person’s sore touched him/her. The sore can be present anywhere from 7days to 6 weeks. It is really important to see a doctor and request syphilis testing if you think that you may have a sore or if you think you came into contact with a sore on a partner.

30 Apr 2016

Health : Confidential Partner Notification

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I wanted to say “Hello” and introduce myself to The Community.

My name is Steve and I have worked in public health for almost 16 years.

I am a Disease Intervention Specialist (DIS) in Raleigh, NC. Other states have DIS, and other states may refer to their DIS as CDS (Communicable Disease Specialists), PHAs (Public Health Advisors), or PHRs (Public Health Representatives). A running joke is that we are the “Sex Police.” I hope I can convince you that we are not.

When I applied for this job, I did not know that this job existed. I was not surprised, as I understood the need for the job. The job description mentioned educating people about STDs and drawing blood. I figured since my degree was in education and I had learned how to draw blood on dogs and cats (during my time as a veterinary technician) that I could do this job.