24 Mar 2014

Speak Out : Rejection On Dating Sites

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Rejection is something we deal with every day.  What we need to do is learn to deal with it and not take it so personally. 

Let’s say you are cruising on line and you come across Mr. Right Now.  You read his profile and it’s like he was looking for you all this time.  You read more and are sure he is talking about you.  You send him an email and wait, very sure he will read your profile and get back to you.  You wait and wait and wait. 

Finally you see he has looked at your profile, read your email and still hasn’t responded.  You wait a little while longer until you see he has deleted your email.

23 Mar 2014

Music : Lady Gaga’s New Music Video – G.U.Y

Catégorie: Music



Lady Gaga released her latest music video last night at 8pm for “G.U.Y”,  an acronym for Girl Under You. The 11 minutes “short film” is bizarre yet fabulous and features a resurrected Michael Jackson and few Real Housewives. The video is an epic parody of male dominated capitalism. Directed by Gaga herself, the video was shot at Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California.

I personally really like the video. It is visually beautiful and Gaga looks stunning with her long to-the-floor blonde wig, very Versace. Her outfits are all fantastic and crazier than the previous. Make me love the song, because I was not crazy about it and now, LOVE it!

Check it out below and let me know your thoughts.


22 Mar 2014

Stories : My Disney Blowjob

Catégorie: Stories



I was hanging out with a few buddies at what I like to call the biggest gay bar in Orange County: The Cove Bar at the Disneyland Resort. I counted 13 gay guys here that Saturday night; 15 if you count two of five bartenders. My two buddies and I were deep into our fourth drink and I was enjoying a good hard buzz. Four other guys joined us and we were having a great time talking about absolutely nothing as only a group of drunken men can do.


Some guy across the bar kept staring at me the entire time we were talking. He was wearing a black t-shirt and a grey baseball cap, and I really couldn’t see much through his sunglasses aside from the fact he looked Latin and roughly two hundred years younger than me. At one point, I was drunk enough to salute him with my martini and beckon him to join us, but he simply smiled and pointed to the girl sitting next to him who was animatedly talking with some other girl.


His sister? His girlfriend?

21 Mar 2014

Fashion : Underwear Trends For Spring

Catégorie: Fashion

It might still be a bit chilly outside, but while you’re trudging through the cold, you need to start planning your spring wardrobe! And it starts by new underwear!!!  For Spring 2014, there are great trends for men’s undies and socks and some “must-haves” for the hot season !

1-Burst Of Blue

From deep navy to aquamarine, blue is the new black. It is the symbol of “cool” and it is very sexy. Laser cool prints at 2XIST, classic polka dots at Armani, or plain at Calvin Klein, there’s something for every style and occasion. Shop “Burst Of Blue” here!

2xist 3-Pack Essential Slim Fit V- Neck T-Shirt 3102034103-12514 C-IN2 Pop Color Lo No Show Profile Brief 1713-011514 Hugo Boss 2-Pack Cyclist Boxer Brief 50239892



2-Electric Hue

High voltage, eyes catching hue, electric colours, the bolder, the better. From shocking pink to acid yellow or zesty green, bright pop colours is on top of the trends this season. Mixed with technical fabric, mesh and spandex, the 90s look is definitely back! Shop “Electric Hue” here!


2xist 3-Pack Essentials No-Show Trunk 3102033303-12514 2xist Turbo No Show Brief 3103882003-12514 Candyman Neon Mesh Boxer Brief 99016N



3-Graphic Prints

Bold and colourful prints that will put you in the spotlight is another big trend for spring. Camo, zigzags, plaid prints just to name a few, in bright colours and textures is the way to go. Very sexy! Shop “Graphic Prints” here!

C-IN2 Culture Club No Show Army Profile Brief 1413-V356 Clever Brasil Swim Brief 0568 Papi Brushstroke 2-Pack Trunk 626198


4-Step Out In Color

Put some spring in your step with bright colorful socks. Over is the time when men were “allowed” to wear only black, grey, navy or white socks. We also want bright pop colours, prints,  stripes and even fun designs. Shop “Step Out In Color” here!


Happy Socks Combed Cotton Faded Diamonds Crew FD01-025 Happy Socks Combed Cotton Zebra Crew ZE01 Papi Multi Stripe Crew Socks 739623


What do you think? Will you fall for these spring trends?

Let me know your thoughts!




19 Mar 2014

Sex Toys : Solo Anal Fun

Catégorie: Sex Toys


So I caught a Speak Out piece here the other week about how this guy just hated anal, and to be honest I could kinda relate. Growing up I wasn’t too interested in anal play while alone, I was having much more fun with my penis, so I never really bothered. High school and college it was all, “Whoa that’s a great dick, you’re a top, right?” so I just enjoyed the rides. Now at 27 I’m realizing that “Top Only” dudes, myself WAY included just may not have had the opportunity to be locked up alone with a good sex toy long enough.

Course through the years I’ve tried bottoming for guys, even have with a few. It was fun but took time and was plenty painful, so I shied away. Though I’ve decided that this year I’d make an effort to explore my bottom side and get myself a little anal starter kit for someone with my level of experience.

Going into this, it really seems clear to me now that the fear of the “pain” of anal sex is really over exaggerated.

So for my little kit I ordered a few toys, these consisted of:

The Devi Big Glass Plug – It was on sale, it was glass and it was a great size. So I thought it would make a good first buttplug. I went with a width plug, opposed to length due to I wanted to work on stretching more in my first phase.

The Manticore Anal Plug – Again, on sale. On top of that, I didn’t want your typical beads and the beads seemed like a good size and I loved their details and textures.

And last and once I got it, not least, The Veiny Victor (Ultra-realistic suction cup dildo) – AGAIN, it was on sale. I’m broke a lot of the time, so starter toys on sale sounded like a win to me. It was bigger than most wimpy started dildos and of course had a suction cup, which is important in my search.

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