27 Mar 2014

Contest : #CockInASock

Catégorie: Contest : Health


Thank god for #CockInASock! I’m in love with this new trend on Twitter and Facebook.

Men from all over the world are posing naked aside from their genitals shoved roughly into a sock to raise awareness about testicular cancer!

How cool is that? Makes me horny to browse on Twitter….

So what I want to do is have you participate! Take a selfie with your cock in a sock and send it to me -blog@adam4adam.com. I will post all the pictures received before midnight tonight on our blog tomorrow with your username. Please make sure you show a bit of body as well and also let me know your username!

The owner of my favorite picture will win a full year of Supporter Extras on A4A!

Ready? Set! Go!


(photo credit : MEN)

26 Mar 2014

Would You Do Him : Jared Leto

Catégorie: Would You Do Him?


Jared Leto’s popularity skyrocketed after he won an Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role last month.

He is on every magazine covers, his Twitter account got hundreds of new fans and everyone is talking about him!

My question to you today : Would you do him?

Do you find him sexy? If he was on A4A, would you want to meet him?


25 Mar 2014

Hot or Not : Gaping Holes?

Catégorie: Hot or Not


If you are into fisting and anal toys, you’ve heard the word “gaping holes” before….

“When an anus stretches past its physical limit, causing it to gape” is one of the definition by the Urban Dictionary.

Gaping holes create lot’s of attention on the web and within the gay community because there are blogs and websites devoted to them.

How to get a gaping hole, how to stretch it, how to please your man with it…

But the question is, do YOU like gaping holes? A red hole that is wide open, ready to “eat” your cock? Or do you prefer tight pink holes?

Let us know why you like or not, and if you bottom and like to have a gaping hole, why do you like it and how is it to have one?


24 Mar 2014

Speak Out : Rejection On Dating Sites

Catégorie: Gay Stuff : Speak Out

Rejection is something we deal with every day.  What we need to do is learn to deal with it and not take it so personally. 

Let’s say you are cruising on line and you come across Mr. Right Now.  You read his profile and it’s like he was looking for you all this time.  You read more and are sure he is talking about you.  You send him an email and wait, very sure he will read your profile and get back to you.  You wait and wait and wait. 

Finally you see he has looked at your profile, read your email and still hasn’t responded.  You wait a little while longer until you see he has deleted your email.

23 Mar 2014

Music : Lady Gaga’s New Music Video – G.U.Y

Catégorie: Music



Lady Gaga released her latest music video last night at 8pm for “G.U.Y”,  an acronym for Girl Under You. The 11 minutes “short film” is bizarre yet fabulous and features a resurrected Michael Jackson and few Real Housewives. The video is an epic parody of male dominated capitalism. Directed by Gaga herself, the video was shot at Hearst Castle in San Simeon, California.

I personally really like the video. It is visually beautiful and Gaga looks stunning with her long to-the-floor blonde wig, very Versace. Her outfits are all fantastic and crazier than the previous. Make me love the song, because I was not crazy about it and now, LOVE it!

Check it out below and let me know your thoughts.


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