2 Nov 2015

Contest : Halloween Costume Contest Winner

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This weekend for Halloween, we organized a Costume Contest on our Instagram account. Many A4A users submitted their photos and we reposted them on our page. Then, every other users (and people following us on Instagram) were voting for their favorite photo.

The winner of our 2015 Halloween Costume Contest, who got the most votes is user silky_caramel. His costume was a Police officer right from Zimbieland, all bloody with a zipper in his face….Very scary! But he is cuter without his costume don’t worry! Check him out on A4A!

Congratulations silky_caramel, you won 3 months of hot porn at GayRoom and 6 months of VIP membership at A4A so you’ll be able to have more photos in your profile, no ads on mobile website, unlimited blocks, priority support and more!

Everyone is invited to follow A4A on all social media for hot pictures and videos, news, porn promo discounts, gifts and contests!

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31 Oct 2015

Contest : Instagram Halloween Costume

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Hi guys, today is Halloween. For the occasion, A4A would like to see your hottest costume pictures! On Instagram, tag #A4AHalloween on your nicest Halloween costume picture along with your A4A username (so that we can reach you if you win!) and we will re-share your photo on our Instagram account. The user that will get the most LIKES will get a surprise Halloween gift!

The contest opens up NOW and will close Sunday night at 10PM (Eastern Time).

If you are not on Instagram, download the app now on the App Store or Google Play and make sure to follow A4A at @adam4adam_official !

FYI, the gift is awesome, and I will announce the winner Monday!

Have fun this weekend and be safe!



30 Oct 2015

Watch This : First 360º Degree Porn Scene

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(Photo : GayRoom)

Hi guys, what you will see is a Premiere in the porn industry. This is the first ever gay porn scene shot in 360º degree action.  Try it out yourself, you can use your keyboard or mouse to move the camera, and zoom in & out, like you are the cameraman!

And I have to say that the scene is fucking hot too. It is a Gay Casting Scene with a hot new guy named Alex Mason who during the scene puts on a cowboy costume for Halloween and get to ride the casting director’s big cock.

Since it is a new product, GayRoom partnered with A4A to offer you a super promo to try it out: 66% OFF!

Check it out and try it here! Make sure you use Chrome or Firefox as your web browser as it is not supported on Safari or Explorer. It’s really amazing! Let me know if you like!



29 Oct 2015

A4A : Sad Day At The Office

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(Photo : Me and Pnut last week)

Yesterday Marc (A4A founder)’s dog died tragically. Marc just got a place last week in NYC and brought his dog with him coz’ he wanted to live there few months per year because he really loves the city. Today in the morning, he had to fly to Montreal for meetings and decided last night to put his dog at a “air bnb” style service for dogs, where sitters keep your dog while owners are traveling. Marc loved his dog so much that he wanted her to be with someone who loves dogs too, not in a hotel where all dogs are treated like numbers. I usually was the sitter for Pnut, in Montreal, I kept her many times over the last few years, I loved her a lot and she was getting along with my dog as well.

To make a long story short, few hours after Marc dropped Pnut to this couple’s house, he received a call that the dog was dead. From what the couple told Marc, the dog went from their 6th floor apartment up to 7th floor (rooftop) where the door was open, was probably searching for her daddy and was running away from them. The dog fell off the rooftop and immediately died. I’m not sure I believe this story because it’s not Pnut’s style to escape. She was a very intelligent dog and VERY well trained and obedient. 

28 Oct 2015


Catégorie: Health
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This article previously appeared in HIV Update, a publication of aidsmap, here.

Several studies have shown that, thanks to modern HIV treatment, the life expectancy of many people living with HIV in richer countries is now close to normal. But this primarily applies to people who are diagnosed and begin HIV treatment with a relatively high CD4 cell count, before significant damage has been done to their immune system.

What about the life expectancy of older people living with HIV? In some countries, up to half of people living with HIV are over 50. Diseases of ageing (such as cancers and heart disease) are an important cause of health problems in people with HIV and these diseases may develop at a younger age in people who have HIV.