2 Mar 2015

Speak Out : I No Longer Want To Be Gay

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I no longer want to be gay. I know that on the surface this statement reeks of the denial, self-loathing and internalized homophobia commonly associated with accepting and integrating ones gayness but truth is, I just don’t want to be gay anymore. It has outlived its usefulness. I have experienced all aspects of the life and can safely say that it no longer speaks to the person that I am or want to become. I didn’t always feel this way.

Initially I came to this community searching for love, intimacy and brotherhood. In return, I got shade, infidelity, loneliness and disunity. The self-loathing in this community forces you to encounter a series of broken men who are self-destructive, hurtful, cruel and vindictive towards one another. I have struggled to adapt my moral code to fit the behaviors concomitant with the lifestyle but it seems that the lifestyle is forcing me too far away from everything I love and value. No matter how many times I try to purge my perception of its firmly held beliefs and skewed biases, the same classic stereotypes of gay men keep rearing their ugly heads. The indiscriminate sex, superficiality, unstable relationships, self-hatred, peter pan syndrome, closeted connections, ageism, shade, loneliness, preoccupation with sex, prejudice, aversion to intimacy all seem to come out of the ground I thought they were buried under. Gay men just seem to find it difficult to transcend the stereotypes and clichés attached to the life and it is becoming disheartening.

28 Feb 2015

Fashion : Dave’s New Undies – Cocksox

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Once a month I try to buy 1 or 2 new undies because I get tired of wearing the same and they simply change color or change form when you wash them 1000 times in one year. So by buying a few every month, in one year my underwear drawer in fully renewed and I usually buy them when they’re on sale or in Freshpair clearance section. They always have a the clearance section up to 50% off so it never cost me more than 15-20$ per underwear. I like to have great undies with great color and even some designer undies for the price of fruit-of-the-loom. They are usually more comfy because of the fabric, nicer looking and the cut is nicer as well.

Last week I bought an awesome brief from Cocksox, do you know this brand? I never heard of it but the name sounded great to me so I bought them. They were on sale, nice color, great name and shipping is always free at Freshpair which is great. Also a small thing that I love is the seaming in the front for the cock pouch. The way it is done is very smart, it leaves your dick hanging in a natural way which is very comfortable. I wore them at the gym this morning. The 2 guys beside me in the locker room looked at me as I was changing because the bright blue color of these undies is very eye-catching. One of them even laughed when he read the name on the waistband. He said he liked the name…. I almost answered with a naughty joke about cocksucking but I didn’t. (lol)

Check out photos of me modelling my new Cocksox below…. you’ll see they look great. Sorry for the bad quality of image, I took the pics with my phone and computer. What is your favorite underwear brand?

Get your Cocksox undies here and check out the clearance section of our friends at Freshpair!


27 Feb 2015

Health : “On PrEP? HRC Wants To Know!”

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(This post was written by Noel Gordon at HRC)

Building on our endorsement of Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) late last year, HRC is proud to launch a new social and digital media campaign raising awareness about PrEP and encouraging people on PrEP to share their stories with friends, family and loved ones.

Participate in HRC’s #DailyBlue Instagram campaign with these three easy steps:

  1. Show Us: Take a picture of your life on PrEP. Be creative. Be silly. Be funny. Be SFW. Just be sure to include that little blue pill somewhere in the photo.
  2. Tell Us: Upload your picture to Instagram. In just a few words, tell us who or what encouraged you to go on PrEP in the first place. Be sure to tag @HumanRightsCampaign and use the hashtag #DailyBlue.
  3. Spread the Word: Share your photo with your friends, family and loved ones to raise awareness and end stigma.

PrEP is a new HIV prevention strategy that involves taking anti-HIV medication to significantly reduce the risk of contracting HIV. When taken as prescribed by a knowledgeable healthcare provider, and paired with other safer sex practices, PrEP can be upwards of 90% effective at preventing HIV. Several LGBT and HIV/AIDS groups have come out in support of PrEP since the Food and Drug Administration first approved it in 2012.

Interested in learning more about PrEP? Be sure to check out our “Six Must-Read Articles about PrEP” and tips for “How to Talk to Your Provider about PrEP.

Noel Gordon

26 Feb 2015

Watch This : Tiffany & Co. Same-Sex Couple Ad

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Few months ago, jeweler Tiffany & Co. featured a gay couple in their printed and digital ads. This time they are back with a video that celebrates diversity in love with a moving new ad. Entitled “Will You?”

The video is full of the best kinds of questions such as, “Will you let me be the guy who gets to make fun of you because you take three minutes to butter your toast in the morning?” and ends with a simple, four-word inquiry: “Will you marry me?”

The commercial features a variety of couples, including an interracial couple and a same-sex couple, on the road to engagement. Tiffany & Co. previously featured the same gay couple in an ad released in January.

“Nowadays, the road to marriage is no longer linear,” Tiffany spokesperson Linda Buckley said to CNN. “True love can happen more than once with love stories coming in a variety of forms.”

Once again, Tiffany & Co., I congratulate you. Your commercial is very moving. The music and beautiful images are amazing!

What do you guys think? Wanna marry me now? Lol


25 Feb 2015

Watch This : 10 Ways To Get Laid At The Gym

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(Photo : Randy  Blue)

Randy Blue has put together a video to help you guys at the gym. Well it is not exactly tips to help you gain muscles or give you better abs…It is a video about helping you pickup dudes at the gym. Caleb Strong and Scotty Marx are guiding you through their 10 tips to help you pumpin’ that “muscle” you have between your legs. Some tips are very interesting …

Check it out below and let me know what you think and if you’ll try these tips!

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