29 Oct 2015

A4A : Sad Day At The Office

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(Photo : Me and Pnut last week)

Yesterday Marc (A4A founder)’s dog died tragically. Marc just got a place last week in NYC and brought his dog with him coz’ he wanted to live there few months per year because he really loves the city. Today in the morning, he had to fly to Montreal for meetings and decided last night to put his dog at a “air bnb” style service for dogs, where sitters keep your dog while owners are traveling. Marc loved his dog so much that he wanted her to be with someone who loves dogs too, not in a hotel where all dogs are treated like numbers. I usually was the sitter for Pnut, in Montreal, I kept her many times over the last few years, I loved her a lot and she was getting along with my dog as well.

To make a long story short, few hours after Marc dropped Pnut to this couple’s house, he received a call that the dog was dead. From what the couple told Marc, the dog went from their 6th floor apartment up to 7th floor (rooftop) where the door was open, was probably searching for her daddy and was running away from them. The dog fell off the rooftop and immediately died. I’m not sure I believe this story because it’s not Pnut’s style to escape. She was a very intelligent dog and VERY well trained and obedient. 

28 Oct 2015


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This article previously appeared in HIV Update, a publication of aidsmap, here.

Several studies have shown that, thanks to modern HIV treatment, the life expectancy of many people living with HIV in richer countries is now close to normal. But this primarily applies to people who are diagnosed and begin HIV treatment with a relatively high CD4 cell count, before significant damage has been done to their immune system.

What about the life expectancy of older people living with HIV? In some countries, up to half of people living with HIV are over 50. Diseases of ageing (such as cancers and heart disease) are an important cause of health problems in people with HIV and these diseases may develop at a younger age in people who have HIV.

27 Oct 2015

Speak Out : Hooking Up With Pure Strangers…

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(photo : Raging Stallion)

I have a hard time to meet a stranger and fuck with him as soon as we meet. I used to be able to do that when I was a horny young chicken, but at 33 years old, I need more than sex in my hookups. I was in NYC last week and I have to admit that meeting hot guys is easy. So many gays in this city! My RADAR app was gonna explode….

I talked with an handsome man who invited me over. I told him I would rather know him a little bit and spend time with him before we fuck and he totally understood. We went for coffee and walked on the high line for few hours then got to his place and had awesome sex. I feel like when you “know” the person a bit, you can share more intimacy. I also feel like when you kiss and look at each other, it is more real… I don’t know if you get what I mean? Maybe I’m crazy and in need of affection and love lol!

Let me know if you too like to spend time with your hookup/date before having actual sex.



26 Oct 2015

Sex Toys : Free Ball Barrel For Everyone!

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Hi guys, hope you all had a great weekend?! We’re having a great promotion on the STORE this week for Halloween, we’re giving away a free Ball Barrel to everyone! The Ball Barrel is big and thick. You can easily stretch it around your balls. If you’re well lubricated it should pop your nuts right out through the bottom of the barrel. From there the divider will gently coax them apart. It will feel like someone has a firm, yet loving grip on your scrotum while you fuck. It’s an amazing item that we usually sell for $20 and this week, it’s FREE for all our members.

We are also offering 20% OFF on all selected items in our scary sale! Check it out here!


24 Oct 2015

Speak Out : “What I Think Of PrEP”

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PrEP.  I honestly wasn’t sure which letters to capitalize, but it turns out it means “pre-exposure prophylaxis” so I guess the first P, then the E and the last P.  It’s something that’s getting a whole lot of attention and also a whole lot of criticism.  Every time I see an article on PrEP, I cringe.  I should be excited.  As someone who is HIV positive, I would think that something like this would be exciting.  The pill is Truvada, a medicine I’m familiar with because I used it until my strand of HIV mutated against it and I was no longer able to use it.