4 Apr 2016

Stories : One Hell of Night

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 As I lay on my back on top of the crisp white bed sheets, my legs were opened and arched as I feel Barry’s thick fingers moving in and out of my asshole. At some point he began massaging my prostate which made my dick rock hard. Veins popped out of my bulging cock as I was extremely turned on from being finger fucked by Barry. I thought to myself that this was the release that I needed after a stressful 30 days of no absolutely sex, not even me jacking off, on top of working around the clock for my lazy fat ass bastard of a boss. I needed a good fuck and a good fucking. I needed to taste a dick or two, eat an asshole, get fucked by a huge dick, and fuck an equally willing ass. I needed it all and tonight I was determined to get that and a whole lot more. After finger fucking my hole until my asshole was wet, Barry then bent his head down and swallowed my throbbing cock. It felt so good feeling his thick wet lips swallowing my cock all the while feeling his wet tongue lick the tip of my cock. Too bad I couldn’t scream with pleasure because Dean’s 7 inch thick cock was rammed down my throat. I loved sucking Dean off because he always squealed with excitement. I always say suck Dean off really good, and his mind and body are yours to do with whatever you like.

3 Apr 2016

Fitness : What To Eat In What Amount?

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The amount of information regarding diet and nutrition on the Internet is overwhelming. Everyone has an opinion about how many calories you should be eating, which foods are the best, and which foods to avoid. It’s no wonder so many of us feel lost!

Although you may have already given up trying to wade through all the available material, I want you to know the facts. The truth is, that the rights foods eaten in the right amounts can do more than keep your stomach from rumbling between meals. Proper nutrition and meal planning will help fuel your body throughout the day, help boost energy levels in the gym, and be the primary way your body gains or loses weight.

Yes, good nutrition will require a little thought and preparation up front, but it’s essential for your fitness goals. In order to make those goals a reality, you’ll need to:

-Calculate how many calories you need to eat each day.
-Determine how much carbs, fats, and protein you should consume.
-Learn the easy way to measure your macros (Protein/Carbs/fat)
-Adopt a diet of moderation and sensibility.
-Getting a handle on basic portion sizes for your go-to protein sources, as well as key complex carbohydrates and healthy fats, gives you a great advantage when it comes to choosing and preparing meals. If you don’t have a scale readily available to weigh out your food, turn to your hand:

-Proteins: Use the size of your palm as a guide to measure out a 4-ounce serving per meal.
-Carbs: Use the size of your fist to estimate the amount of carbs you should be consuming at each of your main meals.
-Fat: For liquid fats such as oils, spreads, and butters, incorporate two thumb-sized portions 3-4 times per day, preferably not around your training session. For solid fats such as nuts and seeds, you’ll have to count out one serving, which you can often find on the label. For example, 24 almonds is equivalent to roughly one serving size.
Remember, you don’t need to memorize portion sizes for every food, just the basic ones that make up the core of your fat-loss or muscle-building goal.

2 Apr 2016

Love : From Married To a Wife To Married To My Man

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(This story was submitted to us on our Facebook page. If you too found love on Adam4Adam, feel free to get in contact with us and share your awesome story, we will publish it here)

Steven and I met on Adam4Adam almost 3 yrs ago. He messaged me asking if he had met me some places before…. Then once we figured out that we didn’t know each other, we started talking to one another. I was at the time still married to a women with 2 kids and custody of my nephew. Also in a relationship with a guy who at that point left me to be with someone else. I was online looking to see if I could catch him. Hoping that he would change his mind.

Steven was on looking for some one to chat with hopes of finding a friend. He was at the time with a baby and a girlfriend. After we started talking, we ended up getting along pretty well. We agreed to meet in person after speaking with each other for about two/three weeks. We spent a wonderful night together. We both were in the closet and weren’t looking for what came….

1 Apr 2016

Gay Stuff : Boxers or Briefs?

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(Photo : Dave wearing Garcon Model)

What are you wearing now? No, I mean under what you’re wearing? Are you wearing briefs or boxers? I’m wearing briefs. Classic black briefs, I’m in my classic black brief phase right now. I always though someone’s underwear is telling a lot about him. Like perfume or shoes, I think underwear can suggest a lot about a guy, if he is classy or has a great sense of humour, if he likes fashion or not, if he is sporty or not etc. Do you agree? Usually if someone wears Underarmour compression boxers, it usually means he is sporty. On the other hand, when a guy wears multi-coloured polka dots briefs, he usually has a good sense of humour.

My favorite Calvin Klein boxers are discontinued – I’ve been wearing these black boxers with red elastic band for over 10 years- so I had to find something else. I think I owned over 100 pairs in 10 years… The best boxers ever, perfect for Sports/gym and everyday wear. The most important characteristic for me is comfort, then how my butt and cock look in them.

31 Mar 2016

Jack-Off Material : Adult Cartoons/Porn Comics

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The second part of Batman V Superman is coming out Saturday and MEN created this hot cartoon as a teaser for the scene. I always liked cartoon, so I find it very interesting to see porn comics, don’t you agree? Check it out and let me know your thoughts!

The full scene is coming out Saturday by the way, so make sure to get your exclusive A4A 50% discount membership in order to view the full scene!