23 Jan 2015

Fashion : Penis Is The New Black

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Rick Owens : Runway - Paris Fashion Week - Menswear F/W 2015-2016


World renown fashion designer Rick Owens sent models “bare cock” on the runway for his fall 2015 collection. The bisexual designer who is known for his eccentric work, went further than usual for his latest collection. Models were wearing garments with porthole over their groin with no underwear on. Some were even scooped high enough in the front that the audience was gifted with that surprising full-frontal eyeful.

The designer said “Boys with their dicks out is such a simple, primal, childish gesture. Let’s not forget a bit of cheerful depravity.”

Will you embrace this trend for next fall? You might freeze in the snow though….think about it!

Your thoughts?


(For all the pictures, click here)


22 Jan 2015

Stories : The Twins – Part One

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My highschool years were not a lot of fun.  My folks went through a divorce and my mother learned to love her little helper pills after work.  Rather than mellow her out they made her loopy and whining.  I ended up living with friends most of the time and ended up moving into my best friend’s house for a while at the end.  His older, gay brother initiated me into gay sex but personally he freaked me out.

School ended and I struck out on my own.  I did not have a car so I traveled on bicycle to a small town where I had relatives.  I got an apartment above a shop downtown.  It was small.  Hell, it was tiny!  The living room was only about seven feet wide but ran the length of the apartment. Off to the side was a small nook and then the kitchen in what looked to be a converted closet.  Upstairs was a loft with the bedroom and a bathroom.  The building had been built in the 20’s with tall ceilings and radiator heat.  But, it was cheap and I could walk to work.

I did not have a lot to do once I got settled in.  I worked and sometimes saw my aunt, but for the most part I was a new kid in town and didn’t know anyone.  So, with little else to do, I would walk through the downtown neighborhood.  With no particular purpose, I would just wander and look. I was looking for something. . . anything.  If you took my sexual experience in religious terms, I was one light bulb away from being Amish.

21 Jan 2015

News : Anderson Cooper Responds To Pastor Accusing Him Of Having A Gay Agenda

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Anderson Cooper has responded to the pastor who accused him of having a ‘gay agenda’. Pastor Larry Tomczak claimed that Hollywood is trying to turn kids gay and that Cooper is responsible for forcing boys and girls into embracing an ‘immoral’, ‘unnatural’ and ‘shameful’ lifestyle.

‘I’ve never actually been to the secret meeting where the gays plot their agenda, though I imagine the catering is quite amazing,’ Cooper said.

‘But thanks to someone named Larry Tomczak, my eyes have been opened. I don’t know what a gay lifestyle is, like I don’t know what a straight lifestyle is. Seems like all the gay people I know, just like all the straight people I know, live all different kinds of lives. I know gay police officers and doctors, gay marines and ministers, even a couple of gay TV news anchors believe it or not.’

Religion really starts to piss me off. From muslim extremists killing gays by pushing them out of a building to Christian pastors saying crazy things like these….Can everybody mind their own business? Jeez!

Check out Anderson’s video below, it is amazing, I love this guy!


20 Jan 2015

A4A : Face Pics/Body Pics

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(photo : copyright Adam4Adam)

Guys, do you think everyone should post face pics and body pics on A4A? But what about married men? Or attached men that want to stay discreet? What about guys who want to date and not hookup?

Below are 2 opinions I received from members in the last weeks….

“My name is Spencer. My question is more like asking for advice. I’m sure a lot of other members experience this, but I feel like people don’t talk to me because I’m not showing off my body in my pictures. It’s a personal preference of mine, not because I’m ashamed of it, but because I think that that will come if you show genuine interest in me before hand. I know I’m only 22 going on 23, but when did it become a requirement to see every part of my body before going to get a cup of coffee? Any advice you have would be very much appreciated. Especially if it will help me get more guys interested in me lol. My profile name is MonsterSpency.”


“As someone who works in a typically homophobic field, construction, I understand the need for discreetness. That being said I am baffled when the opportunity arises for a hook up and I am confronted with someone whom won’t share a face picture but wants all sorts of pictures from me. If we are going to hook up, I would see your face so where’s the harm in sending a face pic? Especially when I am not from your area, or you aren’t from mine? Where is the logic?”

What are your thoughts on this? Some straight websites require EVERYONE to upload a face picture before even have access to their site/apps. Should everyone on A4A be required to do so? Feel free to comment below and also to give your advice to our 2 members’ opinion above


19 Jan 2015

Fashion : When Tiffany & Co. Advertises For Gay Men….

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Jeweler Tiffany & Co. is featuring a same-sex couple in their latest ad campaign. “The ads are meant to broaden the 178-year-old jeweler’s portrayals of marriage”, Tiffany & Co. said.

Tiffany & Co. is the latest major fashion company to depict gay men in their ads. In recent years, several other major fashion companies have also featured same-sex couples, including GapBanana Republic,  J. Crew, Dolce & Gabbana and many more.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think it is a great progress? Or do you think some of these companies are only trying to get “pink money”  by showing gay men in their ads?

Let me know!


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