22 Mar 2015

A4A : Your Profile & Sexual Interests

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(Photo: Randy Blue)

Males who establish profiles on Adam4Adam have desires for sexual contact with other males! Therefore, assume physical contact is important in the quest to establish relationships between males on this site. Whether males are str8, bisexual or gay is not subject to debate in profiles. The basic intent is for sexual contact between two or more males who are attracted to each other—emphasis on “attracted!”

Your sexual desires, interests, and practices should be stated in your profile, and elaborated on in later communications with your potential playmate. Some males want very passionate encounters while others are more reserved and even avoid kissing—although the lips have erotic appeal to many. Whether to take cum into your mouth may be a turnoff to YOU, other males may find it very appealing. Although safe sex practices are advocated, it may not occur between monogamous partners.

20 Mar 2015

Music : Tom Goss Is Back With “Wait”!

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A few years ago I was introduced to the musical talents of Tom Goss who, raised in Wisconsin but hails from Washington DC, originally was studying to be a priest when he felt a different calling to be a singer.

I’ve been to 2 of his concerts, the first being in the backyard of someone’s home and the second being held in a coffee shop. His music is fun, quirky and meaningful. From songs about bears to a song where people paint him while he’s laying down and my personal favorite, “Lover” where he plays as a man waiting for his soldier to come home from war.

His new video, “Wait” stars Tom who has met a new manager who loves him but there’s just one thing…Tom needs to make some changes. Watch the video from his upcoming album of the same name as he struggles to make the changes the manger wants.

He also stars in the film “Out to Kill” which was recently released on DVD and Netflix.

It’s also an interesting note that Tom supports everything financially on his own. He recently released a kickstarter project to raise money for his upcoming projects. He tours around the country not in a tour bus, but in a car and just him, no band.

Check him out out on social media and watch the video below!


19 Mar 2015

A4A : To Block Or To Respond – Civil Behavior

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The Adam4Adam site does not sensor the behavior of its subscribers regarding civility! Some subscribers respond cordially—whether or not they are interested in the person who is inquiring. Other subscribers respond in a caustic, negative way as if insulted that the inquiring party would even suggest a liaison. Sometimes the only response from a negative person is to BLOCK the inquirer’s profile. That brings us to the matter of civil behavior.

Cordiality is part of being human—not an animal! (Are we more sensitive in the way we speak to our pets than we are to humans?) When you are NOT interested in the inquiring profile at least respond politely with 1) “No Thanks;” 2) “I am not interested;” OR 3) “I don’t believe we are a match.” The fact that you are still an anonymous person should not allow you to be rude and insensitive to other persons. Blocking profiles should be applied sparingly as a last resort.

18 Mar 2015

Fantasy : Teacher/Coach/Daddy

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(Photo : IconMale)

“Lucca is in the change room at the school gym and runs into his beefy coach, Rock. Lucca can’t help but watch his hot, older coach undress and hit the showers. He nervously steps into the showers and starts soaping up his body as well, and gets caught sneaking a peek. Embarrassed, he turns away until he feels a tap on his shoulder. Lucca turns around slowly, frightened of what he might see, but soon he is grabbed into a hot kiss under the shower stream. In seconds both guys are rock hard, kissing up against the wall. R

Rock grabs Lucca’s wet hair to pull him in deeper. Rock pins Lussa against the shower wall and starts teasing his hole and stroking his dick from behind. Lucca spins around, drops down and starts worshiping his coach’s cock. The coach and his student start fucking standing up in the shower, and reaching back to meet each others lips under the water. Lucca lays back on a bench near the lockers and Rock drives into him over and over until they’re practically both falling off onto the floor.”

That is a great story right? I remember when I was younger, I had a crush on my phys.ed. teacher. Oh how I wish this would have happened to me at the pool, when I saw him naked in the locker room…. Damn, gets me hard to think about it! Have you ever fantasized about a situation similar to this one? Do you like hot older men?

(Click here for the video and more photos)


17 Mar 2015

Gay Stuff : Sexual Interests And Energy

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When you surf the Adam4Adam site you will find a wide variety of sexual offerings from which to make selections—like a restaurant menu! One element in common is the mutual desire for a stimulating sex partner who desires the same pleasures and is in sync with you. Sometimes, your surfing produces quick results—other times it can be a start and stop experience as you begin the process of determining what the other guy wants in the sexual adventure—whether for a single event, or for a possible LTR (long-term relationship).

If your profile is clearly defined, you will have less confusion finding a compatible playmate. If you are a defined top then state that fact! If you are not a versatile/top, then avoid that notation in your profile. From my review of the site over several years, there appear to be more bottoms and versatile/bottoms than there are tops and versatile/tops. Clearly the tops are in demand by guys who want to be penetrated!

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