24 Jul 2015

A4A : What’s Your Opinion On This And This?

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(Photos : Copyright Lucas F Photo)

Hey guys, it’s the weekend, yay! I hope you all had a great week?!

Many of you know that I was in NYC few weeks ago to shoot with the amazing Lucas F, one of my favorite photographers and I finally received the photos yesterday. I have to tell you that I am very happy with the result. I think Lucas is very talented and I also worked hard too to be top shape for the shoot, so I wanted to share the photos with you guys!

To see the photos, you simply have to go on my personal Instagram Account or on A4A Instagram Account, I will post one or two photos on both pages, every day. Follow me and A4A on Instagram and I will follow you back for sure! So check the photos that are posted right now and let me know if you like them – or not. Some friends mentioned to me that I am not smiling enough on the photos… I agree, I think I should “smeyes” a bit more like Tara Banks says! FYI, In August, I will also shoot with Superstar photographer Pat Lee (OMG I know!!!!) and I will definitely show you those photos as well.

I also want to know if you would like me to post Fitness and Nutrition Tips once a week on A4A blog? With all my hard work, I learned a lot of things and would definitely like to share my nutrition and fitness tips with you and answer your questions here on the blog. But if you guys are not interested, I will not. Videos on how to do some moves, healthy recipes, how to track your calories, myths about some foods and many more, are all ideas I have in mind, what do you guys think? Would you like that?

So check me out on Instagram and have a great weekend!


23 Jul 2015

Fantasy : Gloryholes

Catégorie: Fantasy : Jack-off material


(Photo : Next Door Buddies)

I was always fascinated by gloryholes. I dont know if I’ll ever use one though?! It would scare me out a bit not to see the face of the guy I’m sucking… Personally, I rather have sex with a guy that has a cute face but average cock than having sex with a guy with an ugly face and big nice cock.

But I kinda like the anonymity of it and it turns me on to watch videos of guys having their cock blown through this dick-hole! What about you? Have you ever tried? Are you curious to try? Would you suck or get sucked? Would you do anal too?

Check out more pics of amateur glory holes after the jump!


22 Jul 2015

Stories : Still Hot In Toronto

Catégorie: Stories


(photo : High Performance Men)


After my first experience with an escort, I was so sexually aroused and satisfied, I decided to pursue this newfound delight just a little further. In fact, I was infatuated with the fact that I could be with such hot muscled men (who typically were way out of my league). Don’t get me wrong, I get plenty of hookups. But, they are very average guys (like me) and I discovered that I didn’t have to settle.


For those who may not have read the first installment, I am your very average 45 year old gay male. I’m 5’9, 200 lbs. (got a small gut – not obese), brown hair, green eyes, and a nice 7” cut cock. In fact, I’ve always thought that my cock is really my best feature. Most guys I hook up with are hooking up with me because of my cock pic. My best feature is hidden, so I usually haven’t much luck picking up guys in the bars or even in the baths. On my last visit to Toronto, I hooked up with a very hot escort who gave me the ultimate sexual arousal and satisfaction. I actually shot my load without any touch to my cock. I’ve NEVER had that happen before this experience. So needless to say, I was VERY aroused with this hot fucking man and after having him, I decided I wanted more.

21 Jul 2015

Health : Serodiscordant Lovers

Catégorie: Health


Are you poz? Neg? Is your BF poz? Is he neg?

If you are positive, does it makes you sad that some people think that being poz is being dirty, slutty, unhealthy or unclean?

Negative guys, do you know that poz guys are sometimes more healthy than other guys? Why? Because they get tested every 2-3 months by their doctor for everything. From anemia to hepatitis and other blood infection or STDs. Of course knowing your status is very important, because when you don’t know it, it can be very dangerous. When you know it, with medications, you become undetectable very quickly and therefore the virus transmission is almost impossible.

The short movie “Knowing” wants to spread the message of the importance of knowing your HIV status, telling and asking, and choosing love.

It is a beautifully shot short film about the early stages of a serodiscordant relationship (on poz, one neg) who manage the task of being tender, sexy and educational without being preachy or heavy-handed.

Impulse Group has followed that effort up with a second short film “Open”  which further explores the nuance of a sexually active, serodiscordant couple during moments of decision, revelation, frustration and, most of all, love.

By sharing these videos with you guys, I want you to educate yourself on the subject if you are not familiar with it. Watch these short 4-5 minutes movies, they are very well done and it demystifies the situation.

Let me know your thoughts and negative guys….don’t be scared of undetectable guys, they can love you too :)

If you’d like to learn more about what it means to be “undetectable”, click here!


20 Jul 2015

Health : Bug Chasing (HIV)

Catégorie: Health



So yesterday’s post on HIV got a lot of reactions and it gave me the idea to blog about bug chasing today. I’ve been thinking about blogging about it for quite a while, but I was scared that it would give the idea to some less informed guys to become bug chasers. I did a bit of research, watched documentaries and read blog posts about it and I have to see that I feel a bit dizzy right now and disturbed. Here is what I have to say about it.

Bug chasing is the practice of pursuing sexual activity with HIV-positive individuals in order to contract HIV. Individuals engaged in this activity are referred to as bugchasers. It is a form of self-harm. Bugchasers seek sexual partners who are HIV-positive for the purpose of having unprotected sex and becoming HIV-positive; giftgivers are HIV-positive individuals who comply with the bugchaser’s efforts to become infected with HIV. In some cases, people seek out AIDS in order to fit in, please a sexual partner, or simply for thrills.

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