11 Nov 2014

Gay Stuff : Welcome To My Profile…

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Personal ads have been around since the dawn of the newspaper. From GWM in lonelyhearts print to Craigslist and every dating site imaginable, the personal ad has been through a great evolution. But have we reached such a point that it’s stopped being a personal ad? Has an advertisement for you become a list of demands?


The most traditional definition of a “Personal Advertisement” is pretty simple, “a short advertisement about yourself that you put in a newspaper or magazine in order to meet a romantic partner


The keywords in there should be, “About yourself”, but today, as the times have changed and a generation of entitlement has set in, we’ve strayed into making it about what we’re searching for, not why they should pick us.

The whole point of advertising is to sell a product. If Mad Men has taught us anything, it’s that style and sexy can be made to fit ANYTHING. With the right use of words, photographs and statistics, it’s all about branding and showmanship. But the root of it all is self confidence and self worth.

10 Nov 2014

Hot or Not : Bears

Catégorie: Hot or Not



Hey guys, I hope you all had a great weekend, it was beautiful in Montreal!

Today is a cold day… what else is better when it’s cold to cuddle with a hot muscle bear? I want to know who likes bears here? We have many bears member on Adam4Adam and I want to give them a shout out! Hi guys!!!

I personally love furry men, especially beefy muscle bears. There’s one at my gym that I would like to have in my bed, maybe one day I’ll invite him over… I would definitely like to cuddle all night with him and I’d gladly be his little spoon!

What about you? Like’em furry or smooth? Find them Hot or Not?

If you like bear porn, my favorite website is BearBFs! You can watch manly amateur cumstuds in solo or hardcore action. They’re hot, hairy, and totally hung! Love it!


8 Nov 2014

Speak Out : “Fitness Is A Must”

Catégorie: Speak Out

(If you want to submit a blog post too, please send it to blog@adam4adam.com)

I know staying healthy is something everyone wants and there’s nothing wrong with it, but for a while I’ve been seeing people putting in their profiles that others must either be perfectly fit and hit the gym at least 4 to 5 times a week, have a noticeably built body or be as masculine as possible to even bother speaking to them…..

Now I know people have their preferences, but are we, as a community, so judgmental to the point we won’t even speak to someone of a different “group” unless they pass the requirements? is it taboo to be a chubby chaser? or to NOT have a six pack? what’s wrong with just being an average Joe? is sex and lust what the gay life is all about?

7 Nov 2014

Travel : Beautiful Chicago By Eric Hines

Catégorie: Travel : Watch this !


This timelapse video of Chicago took photographer Eric Hines 2 years to film. It captures the city in a unique way from new perspectives. The sequences in this video were all shot with a Canon 5D Mark III and the music is “Signaling Through the Flames” by ‘The American Dollar’.

I have to admit that this video really makes me want to visit Chicago. I’ve never been but many friends told me it is a beautiful and fun city. It looks beautiful for sure!

Have you guys ever been? Are you from there? Chicago is one of the cities where we have the most members. So shout out to everyone in Chicago!


6 Nov 2014

Celebrities: Nick Jonas First Sex Scene

Catégorie: Celebrities : Fantasy



Nick Jonas was trending last night on Twitter during Kingdom’s episode thanks to his first sex scene on the small screen. Sadly for us, it was with a girl:(

A while ago, Nick teased that his character might be bisexual or even gay….and he said that he filmed 3 or 4 more sex scenes. So let’s hope the next one will be with a man!

Check out the scene below!


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