1 Sep 2015

Travel : Provincetown For Labor Day Weekend?

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Hi Guys, I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far. I will be in Provincetown this weekend and I was wondering if some of you might be around? It would be nice to go for a coffee or a drink or if we are a big group, we could all go for dinner. Nothing sexual don’t worry, it is not my thing to do an orgy anyways, but simply a get together and talk over good drinks and food!

Who’s in? Let me know in advance below in the comment section and if we are a large enough group, I’ll do the reservation. Please make sure to mention your username so that I can reach out to you on A4A to confirm everything!

Have you ever been to Ptown before? Do you live there?

Have a great day!

31 Aug 2015

Stories : The Boy Next Door

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(Photo : CockyBoys, click here to get  A4A exclusive promo, 50% off)

We all hear of the boy next door type, well, I had an encounter with the boy next door and it grew into several encounters of hot steamy sex.

Shortly after moving into my new home, a new neighbor moved in next door, as that house was empty at the same time that I bought mine. Well, it was a father and son and the son was early 20s and a basketball player. Tall, slim, dark hair, and a hot rocking body. We never conversed much; they seemed to stay to themselves, which is fine. Some neighbors choose to keep in their own business and I’m fine with that.

A few months pass, and one can’t help but occasionally be outside at the same time as one’s neighbor. This happened a few times with the son, who I finally learned his name is Scott. We said our hellos and such and that was about it. Then one early morning, Scott was a little friendlier than usual and was chatting with me. He knew I was gay, I could tell by the way he spoke to me and he was also cool with it. He asked if I ever went out and I told him very seldom these days. I find I enjoy staying home. He grinned real big and said, “Well, what about sex? If you don’t go out, how do you hookup?” I told him that I really didn’t hookup. He was still very shy and smiling, but, I could sense he wanted something. I said, “Hey, wanna come over and have a beer or something?” To which he replied, “of course!” We went inside my house and I went to the fridge and got us a beer and then we sat down in the living room. He sat on one couch and I sat on another. We talked about the neighborhood and watched some TV and just chilled. Then he came back around to the hooking up subject. He said, “you know since you don’t hookup very often, I might consider playing if you are discreet and don’t let my Dad know I do this…” I said, “Oh really?” as I was totally intrigued. Scott is hot as hell! Tall, cute, hot body, and I’m sure a rocking large cock as his nose is a little large (but still cute). He got up off the couch he was on and as he was walking toward me, I could tell he was growing hard in his basketball shorts. He got over to me and pulled his growing cock out of the side of his shorts. It was already a nice eight inches long and still not fully hard. I didn’t say a word, I just took his manhood into my mouth and started sucking him. He was loving it and started fucking my mouth with his big cock. I played with his balls, massaging them in my hand as I sucked him. He was moaning with enjoyment. Then he pulled out and said, “Let’s get more comfortable.” I got off the couch and started going to the stairs leading to my bedroom and he anxiously followed.

28 Aug 2015

Speak Out : I’m Black And Bottom And It Sucks!

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(Photo : GayRoom)

I received a message recently from a guy who said that “being black and bottom sucks”! I was moved by the message I received and wanted to get your opinion on the subject. I presume that being black and bottom WHEN you are surrounded by racist white people sucks, but if you live in a big multicultural city like NYC or L.A. or Miami, is it better? And what if you live in a city where the dark colour of your skin is not the minority? Is it still that bad?

I heard a lot from black people that the gay community fantasize about the “black top” or the “Big Black Cock”, leaving no space for the black bottom to exist. So guys I’d like to know your opinion. Tell me if you are white, black, yellow, green or what ever colour and tell me if you are bottom, top, vers or asexual and tell me how you feel after reading this blog post! Please be honest!

27 Aug 2015

Gay Stuff : Scared To Stay Single?

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Are you emotionally dependant? Many gay men around me are! I feel like many gay men can’t stay alone more than few months. Why? Is it because they don’t want to be seen as single? Is being single perceived negatively by society?

Recently I was asked by a Facebook friend “why are you single, is it by choice?”. He said that I was very beautiful and I shouldn’t be single…. That’s an odd observation. Like if being beautiful means it is easy to find a lover. It goes to say that this observation is also very superficial. Isn’t love about connection, sharing moments, similar interests and more? Nothing to do with beauty….

26 Aug 2015

Speak Out : Your Male Package

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Photo on 2015-04-01 at 3.37 PM #4

(This post was written by a member of A4A and reflects an opinion, if you would like to submit a post, please send it to blog at adam4adam dot com)

When you are surfing websites while sitting at a Starbucks or drinking at a neighborhood bar, you are subject to being observed by other guys who have their antennae up! Therefore, present yourself as a hot guy receptive to making new friends. Look at yourself in a mirror and maybe ask a friend to suggest what you might change in your overall appearance that would enhance eye appeal when seeking new friends.

We are becoming more aware of our male packages and the undergarments that cover those packages! Females have breasts that protrude outwardly and cause attention based on cup size! Males have similar situations with genitals that protrude outwardly from their bodies and noticed by other males who view the protruding bulges in their pants.

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