16 Jun 2014

Stories : Erotic Moment Not Involving Sex

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This has got to be one of the most erotic moments in my life, and its a long one.  I’m in my 50′s, look younger.  Honest.  I live in a small community where there are university students and some of them share a house up the hill.

I was in my front garden minding my own business when up comes a really hot hunky young boy whose got to be in his 20s on his way to the local gym.  He was wearing those nylon gym shorts along with a tank top.  His skin was tanned and glistening with sweat on that bubble boy body.  The weather was in the high 80s. He came to me to welcome me to the neighborhood.  I mean he just came up to me with a killer smile and we were “conversating.”  Yes, conversating.  Thats new vernacular for having a spirited conversation.  We were talking about my battle with crabgrass and we talked about plants.  He was a botany major at one time.  We went further into the yard and talked about the different types of flowers.  ”Is it carnivorous or is it just a lily?”

12 Jun 2014

Speak Out : “I’m Shy With Men”

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If you’re not outgoing or eager for the spotlight, most of the time you’re considered awkward or pretentious. Being shy in the gay community can be one of the hardest things to deal with. Shyness is not always related to a lack of self-confidence, but it can be for these people. And trying to convince themselves that someone will like them for who they are can be a hard task. Because of this, they usually stay in their shell until they feel it is appropriate to talk.

Believe it or not, I’m a shy guy if I don’t feel 100% confident in a situation. Probably because of things that happened when I was younger. Whether it was my appearance that got me teased by others and left me alone without friends, or the fact that I was a gay boy who grew up in the 80s-90s at a time where it was not “ok” to be gay or because I was beaten up by my brother and dad…

11 Jun 2014

A4A : Why A Gay Parade?

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So yesterday’s post about LA Pride got few comments like ” Why the fuck do we need a parade? We can all marry in LA!” or “Why do gays have a parade in 2014, straights don’t have a parade?”.

Ok let’s do some education 101 here.


The parade has become a vehicle to showcase LGBT pride, a celebration, a manifestation of the “out-and-proud” mantra to put the lights on the LGBT community. But the history of the parade comes from less celebratory roots tied more towards political activism and protests.

On June 28, 1969, a riot broke out at the Stonewall Inn, a gay club in downtown Manhattan. Police had been known to raid the club from time to time, but on that night, the patrons fought back. A protest broke out, with police and community members clashing through the night, and for the rest of the week.

10 Jun 2014

Travel : L.A. Pride

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One of the many benefits of living in Southern California, especially during pride month is the number of options you have for letting your pride shine. 

I’m in LA every couple weeks but WEHO is not the draw it used to be for me so going to LA Pride is an excuse for me to check out the old neighborhood and chat with a few old friends.   

We get to the parade route early so we can watch them set up and practice their routines.  We get to our favorite watering hole which is situated a few blocks from the start of the parade.  Not as many people at the start so it’s still manageable to see what’s going on.  LA Pride does not disappoint.

9 Jun 2014

Gay Stuff : Can 2 Bottoms Have A Successful Relationship?

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(Photo credit : MEN)

You just met this guy who has the total package for you. He is handsome, genuine, athletic, he likes animals, sports, great food, has a sense of humor… After your first dinner date, he comes to your place for “desserts”. The clothes come off and then you wait for him to take control of the situation, but he doesn’t. He is bottom too! Despite his muscles, beard and manly look, he is a total bottom.

Can two men of the same position date? For many guys out there, unless your man is giving you what you need, a relation won’t last very long. Love is fine but it also has to translate in the bedroom. When I meet someone who is the opposite position as mine, It is a big relief. I won’t need to compromise comfort because we’re both going to fulfill our sexual needs.

Of course two bottom can have fun without penetration, with a double end dildo like in the image above from MEN, but at the end a bottom that never gets penetrated by a “real” cock might suffer in the relationship. Also, bottoms possess a need to please. Sometimes they get more pleasure from pleasing than being pleased, so it might take away from the experience when the other guy is in the same mindset.

What is your opinion about it?

Have you ever dated a guy that was in the same position as you?



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