26 Oct 2015

Sex Toys : Free Ball Barrel For Everyone!

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Hi guys, hope you all had a great weekend?! We’re having a great promotion on the STORE this week for Halloween, we’re giving away a free Ball Barrel to everyone! The Ball Barrel is big and thick. You can easily stretch it around your balls. If you’re well lubricated it should pop your nuts right out through the bottom of the barrel. From there the divider will gently coax them apart. It will feel like someone has a firm, yet loving grip on your scrotum while you fuck. It’s an amazing item that we usually sell for $20 and this week, it’s FREE for all our members.

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24 Oct 2015

Speak Out : “What I Think Of PrEP”

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PrEP.  I honestly wasn’t sure which letters to capitalize, but it turns out it means “pre-exposure prophylaxis” so I guess the first P, then the E and the last P.  It’s something that’s getting a whole lot of attention and also a whole lot of criticism.  Every time I see an article on PrEP, I cringe.  I should be excited.  As someone who is HIV positive, I would think that something like this would be exciting.  The pill is Truvada, a medicine I’m familiar with because I used it until my strand of HIV mutated against it and I was no longer able to use it.

22 Oct 2015

Stories : First Contact

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At his mansion, wealthy celebrity Wesley Laurence Kelly is interviewing for the position of Chief of Security. On this particular morning, the first applicant is Antonio Miguel Rios, Jr. This is the future couple’s first contact.

 Y’all, Rios was a fuckin’ sight to behold! A ruggedly handsome brickhouse, he was 6’4”, 280 muscularly immense pounds.

Massively built and exquisitely proportioned, Rios was, hands down, a bodybuilder’s bodybuilder! Powerful, wide neck. Barn-door shoulders. Bowling-ball biceps. Horseshoe triceps. Chiseled, expansive, impeccable pecs. Narrow, firm waist.

And the way his jeans fit! Daymn. I could detect that he owned humungous glutes and calves…and (gleefully) something else. Sumthin’ else, indeed!

The stud was clad entirely in black—shirt, jazzy (but tasteful) tie, formfitting jeans, and kick-ass cowboy boots. Masculinity with touches of sensitivity oozed outta him. I was fuckin’ taken aback– which usually doesn’t happen often!   I felt I was losing control.   I had to regain it. Quick like.

21 Oct 2015

Jack-Off Material : Dolf Dietrich & Drew Sebastian

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Hey guys, I just saw this hot scene where Dolf Dietrich fucks a hot load in Drew Sebastian’s butt and Drew rewarded him by pounding the hell out of him with his monster-sized cock and shooting a huge load up his hole.

Check out more pics below or click here to view RawFuckClub’s website!


20 Oct 2015

Health : The Empowered Bottom: A New Kind Of Sexual Revolution

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Until recently, condoms were the only viable option for safe sex practices among gay and bisexual men.

When it was discovered that HIV was a sexually transmitted disease, condoms became the zeitgeist of safe-sex culture. Although this tool kept many gay and bisexual men HIV-negative through the worst of the epidemic, the use of condoms to prevent HIV created, or further perpetuated, rather, an inequality among gay men in their sexual relationships. Even within the gay community, the receiving partner in intercourse was looked upon as subservient and less than. In other words…

The tops had all the power.

Sure, many gay men often identify as versatile when questioned about sexual positioning. Even so, most usually have a general proclivity to one position or the other. Generally, some people are good at topping while others make for better bottoms. Yet, when it comes to mutual respect, sexual health, and protection, tops and bottoms aren’t, or weren’t always created equally.