31 Mar 2016

Jack-Off Material : Adult Cartoons/Porn Comics

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The second part of Batman V Superman is coming out Saturday and MEN created this hot cartoon as a teaser for the scene. I always liked cartoon, so I find it very interesting to see porn comics, don’t you agree? Check it out and let me know your thoughts!

The full scene is coming out Saturday by the way, so make sure to get your exclusive A4A 50% discount membership in order to view the full scene!








30 Mar 2016

Music : Steve Grand & Eli Lieb’s New Duet

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Two of our favorite gay singers created this wonderful song “Look Away” and the music video just came out yesterday. Eli Lieb and Steve Grand wrote the lyrics and music of the song and magic happened. The VERY emotional song will surely give you chills and make you think about your last relationship. The music reminds me a bit of “Say Something” by band A Great Big World.

The story of the song is about a breakup and is very poignant. Eli and Steve play the role of two ex-lovers singing about the pain that they have of being apart and separated.

Check it out below and let me know your thoughts!

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29 Mar 2016

Health : How One HIV-Positive Man Overcame His Own HIV Stigma

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The original story was written in Spanish for imaginamas.org and was translated by Matthew Morris. 

I hate selfies.

The selfies where it’s just me, I mean. I take a ton of selfies with friends, family, and my husband.  My Facebook page is full of these photos. However, taking pictures of myself has always terrified me because I don’t feel at all comfortable in front of a camera. I start to make weird gestures, my jaw takes on a life of its own, I close my eyes at the exact moment they have to be open. Same with my ID photos, same with professional photos.

So that’s why I hate selfies.

However, during the months that followed my HIV positive diagnosis, I was taking selfies compulsively. I took selfies in front of the mirror (the picture from Grindr that I posted a few weeks ago is one of them), naked ones, A LOT of naked ones, in the bedroom and in the bathroom.  I had a standing mirror that I carried around the whole house and I used it to take selfies. I took pictures of my face, my cock (with and without a condom), my back, my legs, my ass.

28 Mar 2016

Stories : The Northernmost Nag – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 –  Catching My Fall


Hang gliding was a hoot. Marcus did not have any fearful hesitations partly due to the huge amount of pot we all smoked and the shots of tequila we consumed after breakfast. Our scheduled time to glide was ten in the morning. Thank God nobody lost their eggs and bacon while harnessed to the manmade wings. These gliders were made from parachute style fabric and reminded me of a huge kite. They carried us high enough in the sky to have both ocean and sound views. When it was time for our last flight, I gave up my turn so Hendrix and Samson could kiss the sky with reckless abandonment.

Left alone with Konni was strangely uncomfortable this morning. I sensed some negativity aimed at me. I felt we were trying to keep our footing on sinking sand like the time we had played tennis on clay courts. Timing is everything when hitting on clay. Sliding can be a constant handicap if you don’t prepare for it. When it came to Jimmy, I was not that good at preparing for his mood swings. Chancing it I tried to use humor to get Konni to brighten up a bit. With my acting skills in tow, I faked a tumble down the dune and did my best I Love Lucy slap stick routine back up beside him. He didn’t even offer me a hand. Nor did I get a chuckle out of him either. The only option left was to ask him a loaded question, “Marcus and me want to challenge you and Jordie to a doubles match. Are you guy’s game?”

27 Mar 2016

A4A : Happy Easter

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Hey guys, Happy Easter!!!!

I hope you are all having an excellent long weekend. Have fun with family and friends, I know there’s many parties all around the world for this long weekend so enjoy and be safe!


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