12 Mar 2014

Watch This : Strangers Kissing In “First Kiss”

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There’s something great about seeing people kiss and something more when these people are strangers.

Since posted on youtube monday, artist Tatia Pilieva’s short video, ‘First Kiss,’ has been viewed millions of times!

The idea behind her video, ask 20 strangers to kiss for the first time.

And you will see, stranger-to-stranger kiss is gorgeous and unexpectedly heartwarming!

Kissing is beautiful! Let me know your thoughts on the video!

Check out the video after the jump!


11 Mar 2014

Watch This : “Marry Me”

Catégorie: Watch this !



Sydney Mardi Gras closed with a great video called “Marry Me”, a look at a gay surfer’s life and his quest to find love.

With Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s soundtrack “Same Love” the video will surely make your eyes tear a bit.

So grab a tissue and click play to watch this great video!


(Video after the jump)

10 Mar 2014

Stories : Celebrity Hookup

Catégorie: Stories

We have all heard the stories or know someone who knows someone who slept with a celebrity.  For some of us this is a reality.

Last year I was cruising around on one of the apps when a guy from thousands of miles away hits me up.  Nice looking guy, great profile and could carry on a conversation.  He told me he was going to be out my way in a few months and would I like to go to dinner. 

My first thought was, this guy is crazy. Dinner? Since he was so far away and my track record for hooking up with someone within 10 miles was hopeless I said yes.  We continued texting here and there and then one day I got a message that he was coming to town.

I freaked a little but was ok with it. He said he had something to tell me but asked me to look up a name on line first.  I did and was surprised at who it was.  I asked why I was looking up this person and he told me because it was him.  He had given me a fake name on line and since we were going to meet, he wanted to show me who he was.

9 Mar 2014

Speak Out : I Don’t Like Anal Sex

Catégorie: Speak Out


Hi Guys, I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far! I received an email from one of our members and he wanted me to publish it on the blog. If you would like to submit a text, a blog post, a sex story, ask a question to other members etc, feel free to send me a note at blog at adam4adam dot com. See Shaun’s question below!

“It kind of feels like I’m the only one who is gay and not into anything anal.  Like all the other stuff, sucking, kissing, touching, masturbating but anal doesn’t turn me on at all.  Is there anyone else out there that feels the same way?

8 Mar 2014

Member Of The Week : Christendale

Catégorie: Member Of The Week



Christendale messaged me last week because he wanted A4A to talk about Fem Guys on the blog. Because of his email, I blogged about Fem Guys And Love and how it can be more tricky or even hard sometimes for them to meet and have a love relationship with a man.

From our little exchange by email, I can say that Christendale is a smart guy and a confident one! He is beautiful in his way with his long hair and slim athletic body and for that, I’d like to feature him as the Member Of The Week!

Christendale is from Philippines, he is 19 and he is ideally looking for a long term relationship. Check him out and send him a note, I’m sure he will be happy to chat with you guys.

Oh and for those who are thinking about writing some bitchy comments below, you won’t be published. Yes, I know, we are in 2014 and some people still  bully other guys from the same community because they are different…. Be cool guys! RESPECT!

Have a wonderful weekend guys!



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