17 Jan 2015

Stories : The Straight Boy Next Door

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All right, I’ll be honest about this part. I am between apartments at the moment, and its driving me nuts. The guy I am staying with is a good friend from the early days of me living here and he is like family. But not having any privacy but for the few wee hours of the morning when I get home from work, thats all the quiet time I have to myself. This being said, I have a high sex drive to begin with and this is frustrating not having time to have the time I need to get a good finish.

Frustrated, I took a walk for a pack of smokes last night and came back. Upon my return, I find the next door neighbor and a guy whom I haven’t met before. The new guy was totally handsome, tall, long thick hair tucked beneath his ball cap, and a very fitted pair of jeans that drew the attention painfully and longfully downward…I didn’t even catch his name because I couldn’t stop staring at his eyes, they saw something, carnal. I said my goodnight and thought ‘Damn, that is FIIIIINE standing on the porch, something a schmo like me can’t even get. Cause he’s straight. I sat back down, wondering what stayed zipped behind his fly…but alas, I reminded myself the moment had passed. So few and far…but I turned my fingers to the web and struck up a conversation with a very local guy who was interested in getting sucked. We met in this car, which he had kindly warmed up before texting me to come find him, and he was sitting in the front seat kneading this crotch as I walked up…I sat in the passenger seat and turned. It was the guy I had been staring at earlier on the porch, and he greeted me with “so you wanna choke on some nutt boy?”. I sat momentarily, frozen and aroused like never before…I looked him on, and without pause, I deepthroated him down to his balls. I came up after a few seconds for air and pause, and replied to the earlier question with “I think the real question is, are you ready to know how a guy does it, straight boy?”

16 Jan 2015

Sex Toys : Inception Fuckhole Sheath

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So most of the comments below this article will probably claim that nothing is better than the real thing, but let me assure you the Inception Fuckhole Sheath is a pretty damn good way to take a dick. I bought my Fuckhole Sheath on a Black Friday sale in the A4A Store over the holidays – a “from me to my ass” gift if you will.I am not the best at bottoming, primarily due to the fact that I don’t last long when I am having sex. However, the Inception Fuckhole Sheath makes for a more comfortable experience and one that will allow me to last as long as my top partner. Since most guys I chat with online don’t know what the Fuckhole Sheath is, I’ll attempt to illustrate what it is and my experience.

The Inception Fuckhole Sheath is a very soft, but strong butt plug that combines the fucking feature of a jack-off toy. With a lot of lube (inside and outside the sheath), I use a 7 inch dildo to insert the sheath in my ass until I feel the knotted base. I slowly remove the dildo and with my hands push the knotted base in my ass until the soft sheath is completely inserted and the opening is firmly fixed in place. If you’re tight like me, then you may find it is best if you stretch out your asshole with a normal plug or dildo to allow the knotted base to insert comfortably. Now you’re ready to go make some lucky guy’s day.

15 Jan 2015

Watch This : Twins Coming Out To Their Dad, Will Break Your Heart!

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I need a moment….pass me the kleenex please…. you’ll need some too!

Austin and Aaron Rhodes have a YouTube page and they decided to come out as gay to their father in their latest clip. At the beginning of the clip, they both seemed fine, but when they dial the dad’s number, they both start to cry and can’t even talk on the phone, too overwhelmed. I’m sure that if you came out to your family, it is a feeling that you can relate too.

They finally said what they had to say to their dad and he is very cool with it and he reassures them by saying “you know I love you both and that’ll never change” ! Awwwww so cute! :’)

Check out the video after the jump and let me know if you cried watching it!


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14 Jan 2015

Watch This : Chris Hemsworth Gets Wet

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Last night Chris Hemsworth was invited to Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show to promote his latest film Blackhat. The sexy Aussie actor engaged in some watersports with Jimmy. The People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive played Water War and lost to Fallon, who drenched him with 5 glasses of cold water and soaked him with the water canon at the end. And you thought Hemsworth was sexy shirtless, but wait until you see him wet with his white shirt on, it is quite something!

I have to admit that Thor’s actor is definitely my man crush. I would definitely like to get into some watersports with him too…. :P

Check out the video after the jump!


13 Jan 2015

A4A : Dave’s Tan Lines…

Catégorie: A4A


Hey guys, I’m back! My vacations was amazing. St Martin is an amazing small island, it’s paradise. White sand, blue water, nice yachts, charming people, beautiful beaches all around the island. St Martin is half French and half Dutch. On the french side there is little shops, cafés, bakeries and french/creole restaurants, and on the dutch side, it is more american. Casinos, Burger King and Mcdonald’s and a lot more touristy ….Guess which side I like the most? Yes, french side. It is way more relaxing and different.

I rented a nice condo in front of the Ocean (Nettle Bay) on the french side and also a small car to be able to travel easily from beaches to beaches. Bay Nettle is located very close to the dutch border so it was the perfect place to be. I also met a beautiful man, Hadeer, a handsome arab man, student at the medicine school. We spent the whole week together, like boyfriends. We were going to the beach, eating fancy dinners, drinking Champagne at sunset, had sex many times every day, it was fabulous. He likes me and I like him, so we’ll see where it leads….

So, many of you wanted to see my tan lines, check them out below. Hope you like my other photos as well!

Take care guys!


(all photos are copyright Adam4Adam)

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