4 Jan 2016

Watch This : The Bear-Naked Chef

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(photo : Brandon Roberts)

Do you cook at home? Do you use recipe books to help you out with your cooking? Well, you might no longer need them… Chef Adrian De Berardinis just launch his website and YouTube channel and he is not like any other Chefs : He cooks naked! He only wears an apron to protect his private parts. Why naked? “Cooking naked sets me free. When I cook I’m in my most primal state of mind so it made total sense to execute it in the buff” says De Berardinis.

Needless to say that he became instantly popular throughout the web. In less than two weeks, De Berardinis already has around 350,000 views for his first video and over 10,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Not only he is handsome, furry and chiseled but he is single! I definitely need him in my life!

Check out his first video below and let me know your thoughts!


2 Jan 2016

Gay Stuff : Daddy-Son Sex Play and More

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Age differentials have always existed in personal relationships, and currently sex partners born decades apart are active and flourishing! Age disparity also reflects on the high number of young males today who are either unemployed or under-employed and have feelings of despair. Thus, young guys may need assistance in many ways: physical, mental and financial. Some also feel the absence of biological fathers in their lives.

In the absence of employment, young adults are often turning to whatever source of existence they can find. One source for young gays and bisexuals is supplied by older males who desire the company of sexy, young male playmates who have lots of energy, enthusiasm and vitality. Older males offer opportunities for support through counsel, companionship, habitation, and financial aid. In a loving, caring relationship the idea of $ for sexual favors is not an issue.

31 Dec 2015

A4A : 5-4-3-2-1 Happy New Year!!!!

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Hey guys, I hope you are having a fantastic day! It’s that time of the year again, a new year is about to begin and it’s time to take new resolutions! What are yours? Spend more time with your family? Stay fit at the gym? Quit smoking? Help others?

Well this year we have lots of resolutions at A4A, you saw few changes in 2015, but there will be more in 2016!

But most of all, I just want to thank you all for being part of A4A and making A4A the biggest and most popular gay dating/hookup website/app in the world !

Have a very Happy New Year with friends and family and see you all on A4A!

Big kisses!

Dave and everybody at A4A!

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30 Dec 2015

Fitness : 6 Tips To Control Your Weight During The Holidays

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Hey guys , I hope that the Holidays are fun so far and that you enjoy every single minutes of it with friends, family or by taking care of yourself. Today I’d like to give you fitness tips on how to control the weight you put on during the holidays.

1- If you have a New Year’s Eve dinner, make sure to eat many small meals and snacks during the day. That way you won’t be so hungry to eat bad food at night. I eat 6 small meals per day, So the 31st, I will eat my #1 breakfast, #2 then my shake and green veggies, #3 my lunch, #4  my nuts, fruits and fat free cheese, #5 my New Years Eve meal and I will probably take a protein (casein) shake at night before bed.

29 Dec 2015

A4A : Top 6 Resolutions for Gay Men In 2016

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Whether you get into resolutions or think they are total bull, the New Year represents new beginnings, new possibilities and the chance for a new you. And no matter who you are or how last year was, everyone has room for improvement. So polish those dancing shoes and get ready to pop some bottles. It’s time to say goodbye to 2015 and resolve to get it right in the New Year.

These are the six resolutions all gay and bisexual men should make.

Cut negative people out of your life

This year, don’t sacrifice your own peace and wellbeing just because you are too nervous or intimidated to drop the hammer on toxic relationships. It isn’t about the quantity of friendships you have, but the influence they have on your life. If you have someone who is always bringing you down – and we all do – cut the chord and make room for people who inspire you instead.