23 Apr 2016

Health : April, STD Awareness Month

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Did you know that April is national STD Awareness Month? There are lots of ways to celebrate – with condoms, lube, and an STD check of course! But before you break out the confetti and noise makers, you should know the facts about STDs among the gay, bisexual, and same-gender loving male community. Across the United States, there have been increases in syphilis and gonorrhea among men, especially men who have sex with men.

But don’t worry – there is good news! Many STDs are easily cured, often with a single dose of medication.

For most people, STDs have no noticeable symptoms. So if you are sexually active get checked every 3-6 months for STDs; don’t wait until you think something is wrong. Treatment for STDs is readily available and can prevent irreversible damage such as blindness, deafness, difficulty walking, and infertility. Getting screened (and treated if you need) is key to staying healthy. 

22 Apr 2016

Fantasy : Describe Your Ideal Man

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Today I’d like to know what is your type of man? Over the years managing the blog, I’ve read from many of you that you are “tired of the gay stereotypes”, that there are “not enough average guys in porn”, that “the gays are too plastic and all about the looks and muscles”, that “there isn’t enough diversity in the community” etc.

I want to know what gets YOU off? What kind of man do you like the most? I am not ONLY talking about looks here, both appearance and personality! His shape, his ethnicity, his size, his height, his sex role and age, but also his education, his values, his humour, how extroverted/introverted he is etc.

Is he short, Asian, bottom, shy and submissive? Is he a tall bear, versatile and goofy? Is he Black, with a nice bubblebutt and a big heart? What is your ideal, the man of your dream? Make sure to leave your username at the end of your comment, maybe your ideal man will read it and will want to chat with you or even meet you, who knows?!

Have a good day boys!


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21 Apr 2016

Music : Singer Prince Dies At Age 57

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Pop music Superstar Prince has been found dead at his home in suburban Minneapolis. His publicist, Yvette Noel-Schure, told The Associated Press that the music icon was found dead at his home Thursday in Chanhassen.

The singer, songwriter, arranger and instrumentalist was widely acclaimed as one of the most inventive musicians of his era, drawing upon influences ranging from James Brown to the Beatles to Jimi Hendrix. The Minneapolis native broke through in the late 1970s with the hits “Wanna Be Your Lover” and soared over the following decade with such albums as “1999” and “Purple Rain.”

On Friday, Prince was released from the hospital and returned to his Minnesota home after making an emergency landing in Illinois. Prince has been battling the flu for several weeks, even canceling two shows in Atlanta last week. Those shows were pushed to Thursday, and, although still not feeling well, he performed anyway for a packed Fox Theatre crowd.

After boarding his private plane to fly home, the singer’s condition worsened, and the pilot made an unscheduled stop around 1 a.m. at Quad City International Airport in Moline. After receiving treatment, Prince was back on the plane three hours later.

Prince died at his estate in Carver County, Minn., on Thursday. The Carver County Sheriff’s Office had been investigating a death at the estate.

He will be missed!


20 Apr 2016

Stories : The Northernmost Nag – Chapter 6

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(Photo : SeanCody)

Chapter 6 – Can’t Top This

The cool concrete floor had remnants of sand from the dunes. I was underneath the water’s spray looking down at three sets of bare feet. Thinking about our layers of skin that must have washed off, I hoped this could mean a smooth finish to the rest of our week. On my right side was a man who fell into my world easier than I could have expected with our diverse backgrounds. To my left his buddy, who knew how to calm the raging tides with a mixture of muscle and wit making me feel completely at ease. In between two hot men and trying to gain control, I turned the shower nozzle on both my new friends. The water in the outdoor shower was very cold and could make you jump when not prepared for it. Samson made me pay for that shock to his system by pushing me over into Marcus. He spanked my ass red hot while Hendrix grabbed my wet head smacking his semi-erect dick on my lips.

Caught in the middle was more than just pleasurable; it was downright gluttonous this close to lunch time. And I had forgotten that our three comrades we left behind because they did not want to do the hang gliding thing were preparing us a massive feast by the pool. Samson had decided to start with my ass as an appetizer. He spread my cheeks apart and spit cold shower water on my hole. Marcus leaned against the wooded wall and watched while his buddy stuck his long tongue deep inside my ass. He knew how to eat my ass sending shivers up my spine. I should have known Samuel would rim me with the same intensity that he performed on the football field. His fingers spread me apart wide and he buried his head in between my cheeks to go deep. Pushing back hard against Samson’s wet tongue inspired me to grab his smooth bald head and move my hips like I was a Salsa dancer. My asshole was hot, wet and weeping for more of his tongue lashing. Suddenly, he withdrew his long tongue and inserted two fat fingers with ease. I moaned loudly as Samson added a third finger, his teeth biting my cheeks lightly sending me over the edge.

19 Apr 2016

Fantasy : Double Penetration

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(Photo : MEN – Save 50% OFF here!)

Hi guys, today I wanted to ask you “what are your thoughts on double penetration” ?

Do you find it hot?? Have you ever tried it? Is it something you would like to try?

For me, it always was a fantasy but I never actually tried it. I’m sure it wouldn’t get in anyways. I might be 100% bottom, but I’m tight as fuck!

Might be fun for the tops though….or for bottoms with loose hole!  Tops we want to hear you on the subject too!

Check out that scene where Dato Foland and Damien Crosse fuck Donato Reyes. It is quite spectacular if you are into DP!