9 Jun 2014

Gay Stuff : Can 2 Bottoms Have A Successful Relationship?

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(Photo credit : MEN)

You just met this guy who has the total package for you. He is handsome, genuine, athletic, he likes animals, sports, great food, has a sense of humor… After your first dinner date, he comes to your place for “desserts”. The clothes come off and then you wait for him to take control of the situation, but he doesn’t. He is bottom too! Despite his muscles, beard and manly look, he is a total bottom.

Can two men of the same position date? For many guys out there, unless your man is giving you what you need, a relation won’t last very long. Love is fine but it also has to translate in the bedroom. When I meet someone who is the opposite position as mine, It is a big relief. I won’t need to compromise comfort because we’re both going to fulfill our sexual needs.

Of course two bottom can have fun without penetration, with a double end dildo like in the image above from MEN, but at the end a bottom that never gets penetrated by a “real” cock might suffer in the relationship. Also, bottoms possess a need to please. Sometimes they get more pleasure from pleasing than being pleased, so it might take away from the experience when the other guy is in the same mindset.

What is your opinion about it?

Have you ever dated a guy that was in the same position as you?



5 Jun 2014

Sex Toys : Meet Victor!

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Hey guys,

So two months ago, I wrote about a journey into solo anal play and exploration with some toys that were on sale, and taking them at my own pace.

First there was the Devi, slowly and subtly opening you up. A lot a fun and great for just a nice session, or as an opening act.

Then last month I wrote about gaining those extra inches and loosening up inside for real penetration. The Manticore and it’s bumps and ridges was a happy act one finale, be it alone or with a friend on the handle.

So now I’m gonna talk about the show stopping awesomeness that is Victor.

4 Jun 2014

News : Obama Wishes You Happy Pride Month!

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Few minutes ago President Barack Obama posted this photo (above) on his wall with the sentence “Happy Pride Month” ! Don’t forget that not too long ago, a president would have never made this statement in public.

Whatever your political views, I think it is amazing that USA, first, has a President of colour and second, that he is so inclusive and communicate tolerance, love and equality.

Don’t you find it hard to believe? Think about other countries where it is still illegal to be gay or where you can be lapidated for having anal sex. I am very happy to live in a place where I can be myself and live my life the way I want!

Have a great Pride month guys and be proud of who you are. I know sometimes it can be hard and some people can be mean about it, but who cares? What matters is you right? :)


3 Jun 2014

Promotion : Free Porn Membership For First 50 Members!!!

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Hey guys, a porn site called 1GayPass was relaunched recently and it gives access to 6 amazing porn sites: Circle Jerk Boys, Extra Big Dicks, Men Over 30, Boyz Party, High Performance Men and Dylan Lucas.

Since Adam4Adam has been a long time partner with the studio, the owners gave us 50 free memberships for our members! With over 10,000 readers every day on blog.adam4adam.com, I’m pretty sure this will go very fast, so hurry and register on 1GayPass with promo code adamoffer for your free trial membership!

Being a size queen, my favourite of them all is definitely Extra Big Dicks but Men Over 30 is also a great one and features hot older men which I really like as well! Check them out and let me know your thoughts.

Again, this free membership is for A4A members only and you need to enter promo code adamoffer to get the FREE trial membership.

Let me know if you are one of the lucky guys who was able to get your membership for free!



2 Jun 2014

News : A Trans Woman On The Cover Of Time Magazine

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Orange Is the New Black actress Laverne Cox becomes the first openly transgender person to appear on Time’s magazine cover.

Titled “The Transgender Tipping Point,” Time‘s cover story relates the recent rise in transgender awareness by highlighting the work and journey of trans individuals like star Laverne Cox, app developer Teagan Widmer, 11-year-old Mac Davis, and 17-year-old Ashton Lee.

“Transgender people — those who identify with a gender other than the sex they were assigned at birth, are emerging from the margins to fight for an equal place in society,” said Time‘s Katy Steinmetz in a press release. “This new transparency is improving the lives of a long misunderstood minority and beginning to yield new policies. … As the trans movement has gained momentum, opponents have been drawn in to fight, many of them social conservatives who cut their teeth and fattened their mailing lists opposing same-sex marriage. But perhaps the biggest obstacle is that trans people live in a world largely built on a fixed and binary definition of gender. In many places, they are unwelcome in the men’s bathroom and the women’s. The effect is a constant reminder that they don’t belong.

Congratulations to Laverne for this cover and for rocking that Hervé Leger blue dress and thanks to Time for the visibility they are giving to the trans community!

Watch Time’s behind-the-scenes video of Cox’s cover shoot below.


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